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Lean Bean Female Fat Burner Review

Lean Bean Female fat BurnerLean Bean is a diet pill designed to help women “harness the power nature” and burn their fat.

The company marketing the product is called Ultimate Health Limited. The registered office is in Leeds, England, but the pills are manufactured in FDA registered facilities located in the USA.

Ultimate Health is a relatively new company, that was first incorporated in 2015, and Lean Bean appears to be their only product. As is often the case with diet pills that are intended for women.

There’s a lot of pink going on. The label on the bottle is predominantly pink and the Lean Bean website has a lot of pink too, but we’re not seeing any ingredients that are likely to make the pills work better for women than men.

rejected diet pillClaims: Helps you to target stubborn fat without side effects

Positives: Nice looking brand, good ingredient profile (if a little heavy)

Negatives: Guarantee is misleading.

Lean Bean Benefits and Main Selling Points

  • Helps you to target stubborn fat without side effects
  • Easy to use formula
  • Vegetarian friendly diet pill
  • Includes 12 of nature’s most effective fat burners

Use Lean Bean with diet and exercise to:

  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Get a flatter, firmer tummy
  • Tone your arms and legs
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem

What is Lean Bean and How Does it Work?

Lean Bean is marketed as a fat burner. Supplements of this kind encourage the body to get to work on its stores of fat and use it as a source of energy or, in the case of thermogenic fat burners, loose calories from the body in the form of heat.

However, the claim that the pills contain 12 of nature’s most effective fat burners is not strictly true. Not all the ingredients have this ability. Glucomannan is a good example. It’s an appetite suppressant. It does not directly encourage the body to begin burning fat.

Key Ingredients

Four capsules provide:

  • Vitamin B6 (3.72mg), Vitamin B12 (6.4ug): B Vitamins help to support a healthy metabolism so most diet pills contain one or more forms of Vitamin B.
  • Chromium (120ug): A mineral that is good for preventing fluctuating blood sugar levels (can trigger hunger).
  • Green coffee (600mg): Green coffee provides a fat burning chemical. It’s called chlorogenic acid and, like chromium, it is also good for keeping blood sugar levels under control.
  • Acai berry (800mg): A nutrient-rich fruit extract that boasts hunger suppressing capabilities and can also give the metabolism a boost and get it burning some extra calories.
  • Green tea extract (200mg): A proven metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner. Most diet pills contain green tea, so it’s not a surprise to see it here.
  • Turmeric powder (200mg): A versatile spice that can reduce the inflammation that is sometimes caused by obesity.
  • Glucomannan (500mg): A natural fibre that is taken with water and swells up inside the stomach to create a feeling of fullness. It’s a good ingredient, but the recommended dose is 3,000mg per day, so it is hindered here by a low inclusion rate.
  • Garcinia cambogia (400mg): A respected diet pill ingredient that provides a fat busting chemical called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). For good results garcinia needs to provide at least 60% HCA. The HCA percentage here is not disclosed.
  • Cayenne pepper (60mg): A chilli extract that appears to have appetite suppressing abilities, but is generally more valued for its prowess as a fat burner.
  • Black pepper (20mg): The distinctive taste of black pepper is provided by a compound called piperine. Black pepper extract is added to supplements because piperine helps other ingredients be absorbed more easily.
  • Raspberry ketones (8mg): Research conducted in Korea suggest raspberry ketone’s reputation as a fat burner is built on solid ground.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is needed four times each day and should be taken with a meal or snack. Good results will require the capsules be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Lean Bean Customer Feedback

The only customer feedback we could find was posted on the Lean Bean website. Testimonials placed at such a biased source cannot be relied upon for accuracy, especially bearing in mind the fact that customers are offered “rewards” in exchange for their Lean Bean success stories.

Lean Bean Side Effects & Health Issues

Ultimate Life say the formulation does not cause side effects, but they stress the product is only intended for adults. People who have any medical conditions or are using medication are advised to consult a doctor before commencing use of the pills. We would further suggest that any woman who is pregnant or nursing a child get their doctor’s approval as well.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Lean Bean is only available from the official website and customers who purchase a one or two month supply are looking at paying £35 per bottle.

This is not unreasonable, but customers who buy three bottles of pills for £105 get a fourth bottle thrown in free of charge and are provided with a free e-book workout guide. They are also eligible for Lean Bean money back guarantee. Customer who order fewer than three bottles are not.


The guarantee is a little confusing because it appears to be good for 90 days. This is not the case and anyone who glances at the “90 Days” emblem, but does not read the companying text could be in for a shock.

Customers actually have a full four months to ask for a refund, but the only people who will actually get their cash back are the ones who have placed a first order for three or more bottles, used the product four times per day for a full 90 days, alongside diet and exercise, and found it does not work. However, a £35 processing fee (plus shipping costs) will be deducted from any money that is returned.

The Bottom Line

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillThe Lean Bean formulation contains several respected ingredients, so this should be quite an effective weight loss pill and don’t be fooled by all that pink, men should be able to use it as well.

Lean Bean won’t be able to provide the same level of all around support as the top diet pills, like PhenQ, but Ultimate Health have succeeded in coming up with a pretty good flagship product.

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Goop High School Genes – Gwyneth Paltrow Diet Pill

High School GenesHigh School Genes is a dietary supplement for women. It was launched by Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand Goop and is marketed as part of the company’s “wellness” range of products.

High School Genes is not the average run-of-the-mill diet pill. Customers who purchase the product receive a box that contains 30 sachets of pills. There are six pills per sachet and they are all taken at once, so if you find it hard to swallow pills this one probably won’t be for you.

Although the name suggests the pills will help users to lose so much weight they will be able to fit back into their old high school jeans, a disclaimer in the marketing material states “This product is not a weight-loss product, is not meant to be a sole source of nutrition, and is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.”

rejected diet pillClaims: Goop High School Genes is intended for women who entering a menopausal state or have been going through the menopause for at least a year

Positives: Has got some good ingredients listed

Negatives: Very gimmicky in our opinion

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What is Goop High School Genes and How Does it Work? 

Goop High School Genes is intended for women who entering a menopausal state or have been going through the menopause for at least a year. Weight gain is just one of several health problems that often affect post-menopausal women. All of them are the result of lowered oestrogen levels.

According to the High School Genes sales page, the product “addresses numerous system in the body that may contribute to weight gain when not functioning properly”.

It achieves this by providing the body with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients, many of which are housed in proprietary blends.

Each sachet contains:

  • 1 x PhytoBlend Multi tablet
  • 1 x Omega-3 EPA-DHA 1000 softgel capsule
  • 2 x Metabolism Boost Tablets
  • 1 x Gut Balance Tablet
  • 1 x Free Radical Scavenger Tablet

The formulations were created by Sara Gottfried, M.D. She’s a graduate of Harvard Medical School and MIT, and is also the author of the New York Times bestselling book Younger, The Hormone Reset Diet. As a supplement creator she is more credible than Gwyneth Paltrow and she certainly has good credentials as an expert on hormones, but that does not mean the pills will definitely work.

Goop diet pills

Key Ingredients

Anyone who uses this product will be bombarding their body with a lot of ingredients:

Blend Potential

It’s impossible to predict the benefits and/or interaction issues that may occur when such a large quantity of ingredients collide. However, the formulation contains several form of Vitamin B, including Biotin, Riboflavin, and niacin. B Vitamins are known to be necessary for a healthy metabolism.

The metabolism governs how fast calories are burned to provide energy. For this reason, most diet pills contain one or more forms of Vitamin B.

We also see a little bit of green tea is included. Green tea is good because it has proven metabolism boosting abilities. However, the amount provided here is likely to be too low to offer much benefit. Green coffee bean extract is also a good addition because it helps suppress sugar urges and gives the metabolism a boost but, again, it is questionable if enough is incldued.

goop diet pills

Bitter Melon is a bit of a stranger these days, but it is still used in supplements from time to time. It contains an insulin-like chemical that can help reduce blood sugar levels. Bitter melon is also used as a natural remedy for a number of conditions, including constipation, liver problems, and for bringing on mensuration.

Iodine is also included in the line-up. The thyroid gland uses this to make the hormones necessary for regulating the metabolism, so it is a good addition to a blend such as this.

Usage Instructions  – One sachet of pills is required per day and the contents should be taken together.

High School Genes Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any customer feedback for High School Genes

High School Genes Side Effects & Health Issues

Goop provides a telephone number for customers to report side effects. We’ve never encountered this before and have to admit this is a very responsible marketing feature.

However, it does not inspire confidence. Especially bearing in mind the unusually high number of ingredients involved. We suggest all potential users visit their GP and get some expert advice before using High School Genes or any of the other products in the Goop health and wellness range.

Where To Buy High School Genes

You can only buy High School Genes from the Goop website. Each pack contains a 30-day supply of sachets and the price for a one-off purchase is $90 (£69).

There is also an auto-ship option that brings the price per month down to $75 (£57.50). At the time of this review the Goop shipping and returns page stated the company had decided to “pull back on shipping internationally” because they had been “unable guarantee great customer service”. So, if you live in the US you can buy Goop products. If you don’t, you cannot.


High School Genes does not have a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillGoop High School Genes is designed to help regulate the hormonal changes that can lead to post-menopausal weight gain.

It is entirely possible the pills may do this, but its a lot of pills to take each day and, unless a doctor has told you your hormones are the problem, you will not be able to be certain why you have gained weight.

With this in mind, it would make more sense to choose a respected supplement, like PhenQ, that covers all the bases and works for everyone, not just people who are having problems with their hormones.

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Over the Counter Diet Pills in the UK and Ireland

OTC DIET PILLSThere is a certain amount of stigma attached to the use of over the counter diet pills. A lot of people lack faith in the ability of such products and give them a wide birth. In a world where obesity continues to be on the rise, this is a great pity because some of today’s top diet pill options have the ability to accelerate weight loss and in a safe and natural way.

One of the biggest problems is there is a misguided belief that the only diet pills that work are those that come courtesy of a doctor’s prescription.

However, although it is true to say some prescription weight management medications can influence body weight in a positive way, it is equally true to say they all carry the risk of unpleasant and/or dangerous side effects. In fact, some of today’s best over the counter diet pills, such as PhenQ, Phen375, and Phentaslim were created specially to provide dieters with a safe alternative to the prescription drug Phentermine and the fact these alternatives contain natural ingredients means they are not addictive.

Why Many People Believe Prescription Diet Pills Work Best

The fact that doctors prescribe certain drugs, such as Phentermine, Xenical, and Contrave is often seen as being an endorsement of the power of such drugs. A lot of people have had good results using these drugs and when word gets round it only serves to increase the demand for such products, but prescription weight loss drugs are not as good as they appear to be.

Why Prescription Diet Pills are Overrated

diet pill prescriptionPeople fail to realize one of the reasons weight loss drugs like Phentermine are only available on prescription is because the risk of side effects is so high their use requires professional medical supervision. Some drugs, such as Phentermine, also pose the threat of addcition.

The other problem is, when people hear stories about people who have successfully lost weight using prescription drugs, they tend to get the idea the weight loss was achieved solely by using the mediation.

This is far from being true. All of the prescription medications available today are intended to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Doctors are legally bound to ensure their patients are aware of this fact, and generally provide diet plans, exercise suggestions, and other relevant advice intended to help smooth the process of losing weight. Prescription medications only support existing efforts, they do not replace them.

Another problem with prescription medications is they are only made available to people who have an unusually high level of obesity.

They also tend to be restricted to short-term use so, even if someone is “big” enough to qualify for a prescription, they will become ineligible for further prescriptions as soon as their weight drops below the threshold level or after they have been in receipt of a prescription for a number of weeks. Patients may also find they are refused further prescriptions if they don’t show a sufficient level of weight loss between visits to their doctor.

Why Non-Prescription Diet Pills Have a Bad Reputation

diet pills bad repThe non-prescription diet pills that were available to buy a few decades ago were not nearly so advanced as their modern day counterparts. Many often offered little or no benefit at all. A lot of people were disappointed by these products and the idea that non-prescription weight loss options don’t work has carried forward to the present day.

The fact that there are so many rogue diet pill distributors is also a problem. The diet pill industry is worth billions of dollars per year. A lot of people want to cash in on it, and the lust of money encourages them to make ridiculously bold claims for products that are incapable of delivering the goods.

How to Find a Diet Pill That Works

Fortunately, most of the non-prescription diet pills that do work are sold with a money back guarantee. The presence of a guarantee shows the manufacturer has confidence in their product.

It also means customers have nothing to lose by trying the product. However, a guarantee alone is not enough. Customer reviews are also important.

When present and former users of leading weight loss supplements, such as PhenQ and Capsiplex, leave reviews that affirm the product’s power, it is one of the best indications of what the formulation can do. Reviews show today’s top over-the-counter diet pills don’t just match the abilities of prescription only weight loss medications, they leave them in the dust by providing better results without the same risk of side effects.

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Thrive DFT Duo Diet Patch Review

DFT Duo patchDFT Duo is a weight management patch produced by Thrive. The company is based in the USA and distributes several other health and wellness products via a network of Multi-level marking partners.

As is normally the case with businesses of this type, Thrive distributors are offered generous commissions and other incentives that make them very motivated to sell and any time a customer posts a negative comment about a Thrive product via social media there will usually be 10 or more replies posted by distributors who claim the customer has not used the product in the correct way, for long enough, or in conjunction with the correct companion products.

This the case with DFT Duo. However, although the patches are intended to be used alongside two of the company’s other supplements—a health shake and some capsules—the official documentation clearly states: “DUO’s purpose is to support lipid metabolism, providing all-day weight management and appetite support”.

rejected diet pillClaims: Thrive DFT Duo is a diet patch that is intended to suppress hunger urges and improve the body’s fat burning ability

Positives: Some good ingredients (although inclusion rates are hard to fathom)

Negatives: MLM type marketing, a lack of customer reviews, nothing new.

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What is Thrive DFT Duo and How Does it Work?

DFT Duo PatchThrive DFT Duo is a diet patch that is intended to suppress hunger urges and improve the body’s fat burning ability.

Diet patches can be more powerful than other types of supplement because the ingredients are delivered to the blood via skin absorption and are, therefore, not weakened by the digestive enzymes.

A lot of options are available, but not all of them work. Thrive DFT Duo is a little different from competing products because two patches are used together, rather than just one—hence the name “Duo”.

Key Ingredients

The official documentation says the product contains:

  • Forslean
  • Chlorogenic Acid (Green Coffee)
  • Satiereal
  • Guarana
  • Green Tea
  • White Willow Bark
  • Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • CoQ10
  • Cosmoperine
  • L-Arginine,
  • Limonene
  • Aloe Vera

It’s unclear if this is a complete list and their are no inclusion rates provided, so it is impossible to predict the blend potential. However, green tea is a proven fat burner and the chlorogenic acid provided by green coffee bean extract also has a lot of respect in this regard and may help provide some of the promised appetite suppression as well.

Guarana is a popular ingredient. It provides caffeine, which can boost energy levels and may help take the edge off the appetite. Caffeine also boosts fat burning abilities, but some people do not tolerate caffeine well, so Thrive DFT Duo won’t be suitable for all.

Forslean is patented form of coleus forskohlii. Some studies suggest it supports weight loss, but other suggest it does not. Cosmoperine is patent-protected black pepper extract that may assist ingredient absorption. Aloe Vera is a strange choice and is unlikely to further the aims of the blend.

The value of some of the other ingredients is also questionable, but if the patches provide enough of the better ones, like green tea, it is possible they may work.

Usage Instructions – intended to be used alongside Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules and Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix (health shake). Diet and exercise is also recommended.

Two patches have to be used in unison, one on each side of the body, and they need to be placed onto clean, dry skin. The suggested areas are the biceps, shoulders, inside forearms, and upper buttocks.

The patches must be left in place for 24-hours. When they are removed a fresh patch has to be applied and the application area should be rotated. So if you use the buttocks one day you will need to use the shoulder blades or another designated area the following day.

Thrive DFT Duo Customer Feedback

As is the case with MLM products, there are so many distributors placing fake reviews the water has become very muddy and it is hard to find genuine feedback for this product.

Thrive DFT Duo Side Effects & Health Issues

Thrive DFT Duo is not intended for anyone who is under 18 years of age. A small print disclaimer in the product documentation states women who are pregnant or nursing a child should not use Thrive DFT Duo without first getting a doctor’s approval.

It offers the same advice to people who are using medication or have existing health issues. Bearing in mind the fact that the patches are intended to be used alongside other supplements, we feel all potential users should speak to a doctor before usage is commenced.

The Thrive DFT Duo documentation does not mention if side effects are likely, but many past users report they felt drained of energy.

Other reported side effects include:

  • Feeling weird
  • Sweating
  • Feeling hot
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Feelings of weakness

However, the fact that people are using several products at once means these side effects can probably be better attributed to their combined use.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

DFT Duo is only available via Thrive distributors. This is pretty common with MLM products, but it makes it hard to find out the costs involved. However, MLM products are usually expensive, and DFT Duo is intended to be used in conjunction with two other Thrive supplements, so this is likely to be a very costly way to lose weight and/or improve the health.


The 30-day return policy on the official website states a 90% refund will be issued for unopened products. If the product is “partially used” customers can claim a 50% refund and will have to pay the cost of shipping.

In Summary

The lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to evaluate the blend potential. The lack of (honest) customer reviews makes it equally difficult to discover how the patches have performed for past users. We cannot say for certain that this product will work, nor can we say it does not, but it is likely to be pricey option, and side effects may be an issue for some users, so Thrive DFT Duo is not one of the better options available.

Recommended Diet Product

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillDiet patches are unique and novel way of introducing weight loss ingredients into your system – unique and novel doesn’t equate to most effective though!

A diet capsule is by far the simplest, most effective and cost effective method weight loss. Our recommended capsule is PhenQ. If you have not yet read or heard about the benefits of PhenQ we suggest you start here

Skinny Sprinkles – Gastric Band In A Glass

Skinny Sprinkles drinkSkinny Sprinkles! It sounds like something you might throw on top of a fairy cake, doesn’t it? Or possibly some form of sugar alternative dieters can sprinkle in their tea.

It’s neither one of those things, but it is something that has been attracting the attention of a lot of people who want to get rid of their excess fat because Skinny Sprinkles is a diet drink and the fact that a few celebrities favour its use has also allowed the product to capture the attention of the paparazzi.

The newshounds are always sniffing for a good story and the ways celebrities lose weight has audience pulling power.

The fact that someone has decided to liken the product to “a gastric band in a glass” has only served to fuel further interest in Skinny Sprinkles, but not all media coverage is favorable.

Skinny Sprinkles in a Nutshell

Buy PhenQSkinny Sprinkles is basically a low dose of Glucomannan – a natural appetite suppressant that is used in many of today’s weight loss products. Glucomannan can swell to many times it’s original size when in contact with liquid (in your stomach for example).

Without wishing to dismiss Skinny Sprinkles it’s marketing and advertising is far better than the actual product is. PhenQ on the other hand hasn’t got the Holly Hogan’s or the TOWIE people behind it but it is a multi benefit diet product that does what it says on the tin – it can burn existing body fat, stop new fat from accumulating and suppress appetite.

Read more on PhenQ here

Metro reporter, Helen Scott, says the product should not be seen as a “magic health fix” and states people would be better of sticking to healthy foods and stopping eating when they are full. She then goes on to say, “you don’t need a pink drink promoted by reality TV stars to do that”. Life is not that simple though.

A lot of people who are overweight don’t feel full until they have consumed far more calories than they need. Perhaps such people don’t need a pink drink, but it’s pretty clear they need some kind of help.

Skinny Sprinkles resultsSkinny Sprinkles is granule-type supplement that comes in one-serving sachets and is mixed with water to make a weight loss drink, and the fact that it’s a pink drink probably suggests it’s intended to be more attractive to women.

The granules contain a number of ingredients, including caffeine, but the driving force is a plant extract called glucomannan. It’s one of the few weight loss ingredients that is scientifically proven to work and it has even won the favour of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

glucomannan appetite suppressantGlucomannan is an appetite suppressant that fills up the stomach and makes it feel full. The EFSA state the ingredient should be used before mealtimes, three times per day, and further state a 1g dose will be required each time and should be taken with plenty of water.

The good news is, the makers of this pink drink have got everything right, so it should be good for preventing overeating and making hunger pangs go away. The caffeine content is not strictly needed though, and may make the drink unsuitable for anyone who has a problem handling stimulants.

If there is a problem with Skinny Sprinkles it could probably be the manufacturer has made the product more complicated than it needs to be.

The Skinny Sprinkles Celebrity Buzz

Skinny Sprinkles Holly HoganA number of celebrities endorse the use of Skinny Sprinkles to lose weight. Geordie Shore star, Holly Hagen, loves it and claims it was the secret weapon that allowed her to drop four dress sizes from a 16 to an 8.

Fellow Geordie Shore stars Sophie Kasaei and Chloe Ferry also say they are tickled pink because the drink has helped them to lose a few stone. Skinny Sprinkles isn’t just a big hit on Geordie Shores though.

TOWIE star, Billi Mucklow became a fan after it helped her to shed the extra three stone she put on during her pregnancy. She used Skinny Sprinkles to back up her existing efforts with diet and exercise and successfully returned to her target weight of nine stone 10lbs. Her love of the product became a paying gig in January 2016, when Skinny Sprinkles announced they had signed her to front one of their ad campaigns.

Should You Sprinkle?

As far as natural appetite suppressants go, glucomannan has some pretty impressive credentials and Skinny Sprinkles contains the exact right amount, so anyone who uses it with diet and exercise should lose weight faster. However, most other glucomannan providing supplements are pills.

They are swallowed with water instead of being mixed with it. Glucomannan works so well because it absorbs water and forms a gel in the stomach. It is this that creates the feeling of satiety.

glucomannan appetite suppressor

Mixing the grains with water before drinking them will cause the viscosity of the liquid to change and one customer likened the taste and texture to “strawberry vomit”.

Complaints about the taste are quite common, so this is an option that is obviously not suitable for all. People who don’t mind the taste and texture may find the pink drink is right up their street, but Skinny Sprinkles is unlikely to do anything that a good glucomannan powered diet pill won’t be able to do equally well.

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