Thrive DFT Duo Diet Patch Review

DFT Duo patchDFT Duo is a weight management patch produced by Thrive. The company is based in the USA and distributes several other health and wellness products via a network of Multi-level marking partners.

As is normally the case with businesses of this type, Thrive distributors are offered generous commissions and other incentives that make them very motivated to sell and any time a customer posts a negative comment about a Thrive product via social media there will usually be 10 or more replies posted by distributors who claim the customer has not used the product in the correct way, for long enough, or in conjunction with the correct companion products.

This the case with DFT Duo. However, although the patches are intended to be used alongside two of the company’s other supplements—a health shake and some capsules—the official documentation clearly states: “DUO’s purpose is to support lipid metabolism, providing all-day weight management and appetite support”.

rejected diet pillClaims: Thrive DFT Duo is a diet patch that is intended to suppress hunger urges and improve the body’s fat burning ability

Positives: Some good ingredients (although inclusion rates are hard to fathom)

Negatives: MLM type marketing, a lack of customer reviews, nothing new.

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What is Thrive DFT Duo and How Does it Work?

DFT Duo PatchThrive DFT Duo is a diet patch that is intended to suppress hunger urges and improve the body’s fat burning ability.

Diet patches can be more powerful than other types of supplement because the ingredients are delivered to the blood via skin absorption and are, therefore, not weakened by the digestive enzymes.

A lot of options are available, but not all of them work. Thrive DFT Duo is a little different from competing products because two patches are used together, rather than just one—hence the name “Duo”.

Key Ingredients

The official documentation says the product contains:

  • Forslean
  • Chlorogenic Acid (Green Coffee)
  • Satiereal
  • Guarana
  • Green Tea
  • White Willow Bark
  • Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • CoQ10
  • Cosmoperine
  • L-Arginine,
  • Limonene
  • Aloe Vera

It’s unclear if this is a complete list and their are no inclusion rates provided, so it is impossible to predict the blend potential. However, green tea is a proven fat burner and the chlorogenic acid provided by green coffee bean extract also has a lot of respect in this regard and may help provide some of the promised appetite suppression as well.

Guarana is a popular ingredient. It provides caffeine, which can boost energy levels and may help take the edge off the appetite. Caffeine also boosts fat burning abilities, but some people do not tolerate caffeine well, so Thrive DFT Duo won’t be suitable for all.

Forslean is patented form of coleus forskohlii. Some studies suggest it supports weight loss, but other suggest it does not. Cosmoperine is patent-protected black pepper extract that may assist ingredient absorption. Aloe Vera is a strange choice and is unlikely to further the aims of the blend.

The value of some of the other ingredients is also questionable, but if the patches provide enough of the better ones, like green tea, it is possible they may work.

Usage Instructions – intended to be used alongside Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules and Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix (health shake). Diet and exercise is also recommended.

Two patches have to be used in unison, one on each side of the body, and they need to be placed onto clean, dry skin. The suggested areas are the biceps, shoulders, inside forearms, and upper buttocks.

The patches must be left in place for 24-hours. When they are removed a fresh patch has to be applied and the application area should be rotated. So if you use the buttocks one day you will need to use the shoulder blades or another designated area the following day.

Thrive DFT Duo Customer Feedback

As is the case with MLM products, there are so many distributors placing fake reviews the water has become very muddy and it is hard to find genuine feedback for this product.

Thrive DFT Duo Side Effects & Health Issues

Thrive DFT Duo is not intended for anyone who is under 18 years of age. A small print disclaimer in the product documentation states women who are pregnant or nursing a child should not use Thrive DFT Duo without first getting a doctor’s approval.

It offers the same advice to people who are using medication or have existing health issues. Bearing in mind the fact that the patches are intended to be used alongside other supplements, we feel all potential users should speak to a doctor before usage is commenced.

The Thrive DFT Duo documentation does not mention if side effects are likely, but many past users report they felt drained of energy.

Other reported side effects include:

  • Feeling weird
  • Sweating
  • Feeling hot
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Feelings of weakness

However, the fact that people are using several products at once means these side effects can probably be better attributed to their combined use.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

DFT Duo is only available via Thrive distributors. This is pretty common with MLM products, but it makes it hard to find out the costs involved. However, MLM products are usually expensive, and DFT Duo is intended to be used in conjunction with two other Thrive supplements, so this is likely to be a very costly way to lose weight and/or improve the health.


The 30-day return policy on the official website states a 90% refund will be issued for unopened products. If the product is “partially used” customers can claim a 50% refund and will have to pay the cost of shipping.

In Summary

The lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to evaluate the blend potential. The lack of (honest) customer reviews makes it equally difficult to discover how the patches have performed for past users. We cannot say for certain that this product will work, nor can we say it does not, but it is likely to be pricey option, and side effects may be an issue for some users, so Thrive DFT Duo is not one of the better options available.

Recommended Diet Product

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillDiet patches are unique and novel way of introducing weight loss ingredients into your system – unique and novel doesn’t equate to most effective though!

A diet capsule is by far the simplest, most effective and cost effective method weight loss. Our recommended capsule is PhenQ. If you have not yet read or heard about the benefits of PhenQ we suggest you start here

Skinny Sprinkles – Gastric Band In A Glass

Skinny Sprinkles drinkSkinny Sprinkles! It sounds like something you might throw on top of a fairy cake, doesn’t it? Or possibly some form of sugar alternative dieters can sprinkle in their tea.

It’s neither one of those things, but it is something that has been attracting the attention of a lot of people who want to get rid of their excess fat because Skinny Sprinkles is a diet drink and the fact that a few celebrities favour its use has also allowed the product to capture the attention of the paparazzi.

The newshounds are always sniffing for a good story and the ways celebrities lose weight has audience pulling power.

The fact that someone has decided to liken the product to “a gastric band in a glass” has only served to fuel further interest in Skinny Sprinkles, but not all media coverage is favorable.

Skinny Sprinkles in a Nutshell

Buy PhenQSkinny Sprinkles is basically a low dose of Glucomannan – a natural appetite suppressant that is used in many of today’s weight loss products. Glucomannan can swell to many times it’s original size when in contact with liquid (in your stomach for example).

Without wishing to dismiss Skinny Sprinkles it’s marketing and advertising is far better than the actual product is. PhenQ on the other hand hasn’t got the Holly Hogan’s or the TOWIE people behind it but it is a multi benefit diet product that does what it says on the tin – it can burn existing body fat, stop new fat from accumulating and suppress appetite.

Read more on PhenQ here

Metro reporter, Helen Scott, says the product should not be seen as a “magic health fix” and states people would be better of sticking to healthy foods and stopping eating when they are full. She then goes on to say, “you don’t need a pink drink promoted by reality TV stars to do that”. Life is not that simple though.

A lot of people who are overweight don’t feel full until they have consumed far more calories than they need. Perhaps such people don’t need a pink drink, but it’s pretty clear they need some kind of help.

Skinny Sprinkles resultsSkinny Sprinkles is granule-type supplement that comes in one-serving sachets and is mixed with water to make a weight loss drink, and the fact that it’s a pink drink probably suggests it’s intended to be more attractive to women.

The granules contain a number of ingredients, including caffeine, but the driving force is a plant extract called glucomannan. It’s one of the few weight loss ingredients that is scientifically proven to work and it has even won the favour of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

glucomannan appetite suppressantGlucomannan is an appetite suppressant that fills up the stomach and makes it feel full. The EFSA state the ingredient should be used before mealtimes, three times per day, and further state a 1g dose will be required each time and should be taken with plenty of water.

The good news is, the makers of this pink drink have got everything right, so it should be good for preventing overeating and making hunger pangs go away. The caffeine content is not strictly needed though, and may make the drink unsuitable for anyone who has a problem handling stimulants.

If there is a problem with Skinny Sprinkles it could probably be the manufacturer has made the product more complicated than it needs to be.

The Skinny Sprinkles Celebrity Buzz

Skinny Sprinkles Holly HoganA number of celebrities endorse the use of Skinny Sprinkles to lose weight. Geordie Shore star, Holly Hagen, loves it and claims it was the secret weapon that allowed her to drop four dress sizes from a 16 to an 8.

Fellow Geordie Shore stars Sophie Kasaei and Chloe Ferry also say they are tickled pink because the drink has helped them to lose a few stone. Skinny Sprinkles isn’t just a big hit on Geordie Shores though.

TOWIE star, Billi Mucklow became a fan after it helped her to shed the extra three stone she put on during her pregnancy. She used Skinny Sprinkles to back up her existing efforts with diet and exercise and successfully returned to her target weight of nine stone 10lbs. Her love of the product became a paying gig in January 2016, when Skinny Sprinkles announced they had signed her to front one of their ad campaigns.

Should You Sprinkle?

As far as natural appetite suppressants go, glucomannan has some pretty impressive credentials and Skinny Sprinkles contains the exact right amount, so anyone who uses it with diet and exercise should lose weight faster. However, most other glucomannan providing supplements are pills.

They are swallowed with water instead of being mixed with it. Glucomannan works so well because it absorbs water and forms a gel in the stomach. It is this that creates the feeling of satiety.

glucomannan appetite suppressor

Mixing the grains with water before drinking them will cause the viscosity of the liquid to change and one customer likened the taste and texture to “strawberry vomit”.

Complaints about the taste are quite common, so this is an option that is obviously not suitable for all. People who don’t mind the taste and texture may find the pink drink is right up their street, but Skinny Sprinkles is unlikely to do anything that a good glucomannan powered diet pill won’t be able to do equally well.

Which diet products are most effective

EvoTea Teatox from Evolution Slimming

Evo Teatox ReviewEvoTea Teatox is a herbal tea produced in the UK by Evolution Slimming. The company markets an impressive number of weight management products and is one of the most respected supplement manufacturers in the UK.

Although diet pills are probably the most popular option with dieters, weight loss teas like EvoTea Teatox can provide similar results and are a particularly good option for people who have difficulty in swallowing pills.

recommended diet productsClaims: To aid appetite suppression, increase metabolic rate and increase the conversion of food to energy rather than excess body fat.

Positives: There does not appear to be a history id adverse reactions or side effects.

Negatives: Not much in way of positive customer feedback, manufacturer is mysterious.

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What is EvoTea Teatox Tea?

Evo TeaEvoTea Teatox is a herbal tea that contains ingredients that have been chosen to provide a 30-day detox.

The human body can accumulate a lot of toxins that may impair its natural function. Some of these toxins, such as free radicals, come from food; others from the environment; and still others grow and multiply within the body (a classic example being the deposits of faecal matter that often build up in certain areas of the bowel). For this reason a regular detox can be advantageous for the health. Evolution Slimming claims their detox tea can help the user feel brighter and healthier and can also boost weight loss when used as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The detox process can improve metabolic function, so Evolution Slimming’s claims carry a lot of weight and the formulation also contains an ingredient with proven fat burning abilities—green tea.

Advertised Benefits

  • 100% natural supplement
  • Supports energy, fat loss & contributes to a normal macronutrient metabolism
  • A powerful but natural herbal teatox formula
  • Ideal for a morning boost to provide energy
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Easy to use

Key Ingredients

  • Green Tea (350mg): Green tea is a proven fat burner and its reputation for providing safe weight loss has succeeded in making it one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the world.
  • Horsetail (350mg): An ancient herb that is known to date back to prehistoric times, horsetail is used to treating a variety of illnesses. Horsetail is a powerful astringent and its diuretic qualities can be invaluable for treating urinary tract and prostrate disorders.
  • Dandelion (350mg): A potent diuretic that can be useful for purging toxins from the liver and urinary tract. Dandelion also assists correct bile flow, so supplementation with dandelion can also aid the digestion.
  • Peppermint (350mg): A versatile herb that offers numerous health benefits and leaves your breath smelling minty fresh as well. Peppermint is an antibacterial agent that can function as a decongestant, and aid the digestive process. It is also known to revitalise the mind and shows promise as an appetite suppressant.
  • Vitamin B6 (0.105mg): Like all B vitamins, B6 assist metabolic function, so it can be very useful as an energy provider and also has the potential to encourage fat burning.
  • Biotin (3.75mcg): Also called Vitamin H. Biotin helps the body metabolize fats and carbohydrates, encourages the growth of healthy hair, and is good for the nervous system.

Teatox tea bags

How to Prepare EvoTea Teatox

  • Cup: Steep one EvoTea Teatox teabag in a cup of water and allow to brew for three minutes.
  • Teapot: Allow two teabags for each litre of boiling water.
How to use EvoTea Teatox – can be consumed hot or cold. The recommended dose is two cups each day and Evolution Slimming suggests the first cup be consumed first thing each morning. The second cup of the day should be consumed during the afternoon (between lunch and dinner).

Weight loss results can be enhanced by combining use of the tea with a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is excellent and in plentiful supply.

A few sample customer comments read:

“Tastes great and really works for weight loss. It is also really good for perking you up. I feel like a new woman.”

“I’ve only been using EvoTea Teatox for a week, but my stomach is already starting to go down. I feel a lot better in myself these days as well and am no longer as tired as I used to be (obviously the detox). The taste is quite pleasant too, so no complaints from me.”

“I wish I’d found this years ago. It is really helping me get the most out of my calorie controlled diet. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a way to lose weight.”

Side Effects & Other Considerations

Side effects are unlikely, but Evolution Slimming states their detox tea is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers.

The Verdict

EvoTea Teatox is a recommended product. The blend contains a decent mix of ingredients that should be more than capable of producing the promised results. Customer feedback also suggests a powerful blend. The pricing is fair and a guarantee is in place. It would be hard for us to fault the product or the manufacturer, so top marks all the way.

Highly Recommended

Where To Buy – Purchasing Options & Considerations

Evo Teatox ReviewEvoTea Teatox is only available from the Evolution Slimming online store.

At the time of this review it was possible to purchase 30 teabags for £19.99. This is not unreasonable for a product of this nature, especially given the fact there is a 30-day money back guarantee, and customers who want to do so can secure significant discounts by adding an extra box or two of teabags to their orders.

There are special offers and discount pricing available

Click here to visit Evolution Slimming and see offers

Adonia Tummy Tone Serum – Billie Faiers is now the new face ‘and tummy’

Adonia Tummy Tone SerumAdonia Tummy Tone Serum is a “natural oxygen-based” body wrap treatment that can be applied at home and is marketed with the promise of a 2″ reduction in waist size within an hour of application.

The serum is part of range of popular beauty-enhancing potions and lotions developed by Adonia Organics. Like all of the company’s products, Adonia Tummy Tone Serum contains only natural ingredients. It has also passed all the safety and regulatory tests necessary for its sale in the US and the European Union.

So far the serum appears to have been received well in the US and it became an instant hit with consumers when it was recommended on the Rachel Ray Show.

Adonia-Sam-faiersUK reality TV star Billie Faiers (The Only Way is Essex), is also a big fan of the product. Faiers apparently uses the serum before attending red-carpet events and, in an interview with the Daily Mail, admitted: “It’s what got me into a bikini this summer. I took some to Marbs [Marbella] and was telling the girls about it. I would recommend it to anyone who needs that extra bit of help.” Her enthusiasm for the product is apparent and is probably one of the main reasons Adonia Organics chose her to be the serum’s UK ambassador.

Scientific Opinion

The abilities of Adonia Tummy Tone Serum have been scientifically tested at AMA Laboratories (New York). The serum was applied to the test subjects in the recommended way and, when the tests were completed, the scientists recorded a 2″ stomach/belly reduction after 43 minutes. No side effects were noted, but the study was financed by Greek Island Labs (owners of the Adonia Organics brand); so although very positive in nature, the study would demand more recognition if it had been conducted independently.

Key Ingredients

The serum contains a total of 15 ingredients. The quantities involves are not specified.

Organic Capsaicin Organic Dandelion
Organic Ginger Oil Oxygenated Plant Stem Cell Culture Blend
Lemon Oil Cypress Oil
Cinnamon Bark Oil Juniper Oil
Organic Geranium Oil Evening Primrose Oil
Peppermint Oil Fennel Oil
Orange Oil Clary Sage Oil
Grapefruit Oil

Blend Potential

Although some of the ingredients have a reputation for improving the skin, none of them have been proven to be effective for weight loss when applied via skin absorption. Capsicum is often used as a fat burner, but its fat burning abilities are apparently not the reason for its inclusion here. The medical expert on the Rachel Ray Show states the capsicum content is included to increase circulation in the belly area, which then results in a loss of “water weight”. Capsicum’s reputation for improving circulation is as renowned as its reputation as a fat burner but, when used to increase circulation, it is generally taken orally rather than applied to the skin. The other ingredients have been included to provide essential oils to improve the quality of the skin.

Adonia Tummy Tone serum

How to Use Adonia Tummy Tone Serum

Using Adonia Tummy Tone Serum involves a five-step process and will probably require the help of a friend.

  1. Using circular motion, apply a generous amount of the serum to the tummy area and rub it in.
  2. When the serum appears to have been absorbed a second application should be applied and Adonia Organics recommend being “extra generous” with the amount used, but it should not be rubbed into the skin.
  3. Plastic wrap is then applied to the midsection (here’s where a friend comes in handy) and must be pulled tight as the waist is wrapped three to four times.
  4. It is then necessary to lie down for 55 minutes (60 minutes maximum), covering the midsection with a blanket to keep it warm and help activate the serum.
  5. Remove the wrap.

Customer Feedback

Adonia Tummy Tone Serum is a relatively new product, so customer feedback is limited. Reviews so far suggest the serum may work better for some people than others.

A few average customer comments read:

“Well they said it would make me lose 2″ from my waist and it did. Nothing more I can say really.”

“I had high hopes when I placed my order, but my dreams of a sexier midriff were just wishful thinking. I applied the serum in the recommended way and it made no difference at all.” 

“No change whatsoever. I thought it seemed too good to be true.” 

“Totally FANTASTIC! I rubbed it on, wrapped myself up like leftovers and 45 mins later I’d lost 2 ½ inches from my waist!”

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

No side effects have been reported, but people who have especially sensitive skin, or have any concerns about using the serum, are advised to discuss the matter with their doctor before applying the serum.


A 60 day money back guarantee is offered.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

A (5.3 oz) tube of Adonia Tummy Tone Serum costs £49 when purchased directly from the Adonia Organics website and worldwide shipping is available. Customers who opt to purchase two tubes of the serum on a single order receive a third tube for free. Adonia Organics also operates a (30, 60, or 90 day) autoship program and customers who choose to purchase this way can secure a further 20% saving on the normal retail price.