Ageless Kiss, Weight Loss, Thyroid Support, Anti Ageing And More

Ageless KissAgeless Kiss is a dietary supplement intended for women.

It’s marketed by a company called Raw Synergies.

Although the company has an official website, the site does not provide any company information or state where the pills are produced.

Nor does it have a contact form and the fact the company does all its selling via Amazon makes it even harder to discover who runs it or where it is based.

Claims: To give women complete female optimization. Weight loss, antioxidant, skin care, thyroid – all taken care of with the formula.

Positives: Some good ingredients used in the formula.

Negatives: Nice idea – but supplements that are designed to do too many things end up compromising on the benefits.

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What Is Ageless Kiss and How Does it Work?

The marketing material makes Ageless Kiss sound like a wonder pill for women that provides numerous benefits, some of which have nothing to do with weight loss.

A few of the main benefits promised are:

  • Weight loss for women
  • Anti-ageing skin care
  • Improves hair and nails
  • Thyroid support
  • Natural fat burner
  • Manages cortisol
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Improves the mood
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps you lose belly fat
  • Incredible brain boosting abilities
  • Enhances the memory
  • All-in-one beauty solution
  • Protects against wrinkles and fine lines
  • Provides anti-oxidant support

There are so many claims being made for this product, the best way to move forward is to take a look at the ingredients and see what they are capable of doing.

Key Ingredients

All of the ingredients used in Ageless Kiss are proprietary blends. According to the label, two capsules per day provide:

  • Sensoril (250mg): An ashwaganha root extract that’s been added to control the appetite and relieve stress. It’s not normally used as a hunger reducer, but providing stress relief is just one of many things ashwaganha is alleged to do.
  • Cognizin (150mg): A citicoline provider that’s often added to nutropic supplements and appears to have the potential to offer hope to the cognitively impaired.
  • Careless Mango (100mg): A mango fruit preparation. Mango is a healthy ingredient with a good reputation for helping people to lose weight.
  • MicroActive (100mg): Provides a grape extract called resveratrol that may be good for warding off some age-related diseases.
  • Spectra Antioxidant Fruit Blend (100mg): A blend that mostly consists of fruit extracts, including apple and acai, but it’s even got some broccoli and carrots thrown in for good measure. In fact, there are over 20 different extracts involved, all of them provide antioxidants, and antioxidants help protect the body from disease. They are also believed to prevent premature skin ageing, but people who eat more fruit and vegetable per day, as part of a healthy diet, would likely obtain superior results.
  • Paradoxine (50mg): A ginger extract that may have value as a fat burner. There’s not a lot of proof that it woks, but the results of one study suggest that it might.
  • Cocoabuterol (50mg):       A patented cocoa extract. The manufacturer alleges it boosts energy, burns fat, improves the mood, and provides other benefits, but the official Cocoabuterol website fails to provide any proof that it works.

Usage Instructions – New users are advised to take one capsule, two times per day, with meals. If there are no tolerance issues things change slightly from day thee onwards because two capsules are required once per day. Taking the capsules on an empty stomach should be avoided and they should never be taken within four hours of bedtime.

Ageless Kiss Customer Feedback has a lot of customer feedback and most of it appears to be good. However, there is a suspiciously large number of 5-star reviews that contain pictures and one even has a promotional video. This is not normal reviewer behaviour and may indicate feedback tampering.

However, two sample 5-star reviews read:

“This is a truly phenomenal supplement for women. I’ve noticed a decrease in appetite, more energy, improved mood, more focus and less stress.” 

“It didn’t matter how hard I exercised or what efforts I made to eat clean, the fat wouldn’t budge. Raw Synergies have made a really good product. My body fat is just melting away.”

Two reviews from less satisfied customers read:

“Damn. I got suckered again and ended up buying another product that does nothing for weight loss or anything else. Don’t make the same mistake.”

“This is expensive. You might as well be throwing your $50 in the trash. I didn’t lose weight or experience any change in mood or appetite. And I’ll be damn surprised if it stops me from ageing.”

Ageless Kiss Side Effects and Health Issues

The Ageless Kiss marketing material doesn’t mention if any side effects have been reported and the bottle fails to provide a health advisory.

However, this is a diet pill sold by a company of unknown origin and there is nothing to indicate where the product is made.

This is a worry because it could be anywhere at all and there is no way of knowing what kind of health risks it’s use may present because the supplement manufactures in Asia and other areas of the world are not subjected to the same rigorous standards as those imposed on manufacturers in the UK and USA.

A product of this nature is best avoided and should certainly never be used without the prior approval of a GP or other qualified medical professional.

Where To Buy Ageless Kiss

Raw Synergies do all their marketing via and don’t ship to the UK. It’s not possible to buy Ageless Kiss from the Raw Synergies website because it does not have a shopping cart facility. Only a button that says “Buy Now on Amazon”.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

In general, we are not keen on supplements that are intended to be all things to all people.

Women who wish to lose weight would be better off buying a diet pill that has a good reputation for doing what it’s supposed to do.

Those hoping to improve their beauty or look younger may be better of searching for something produced by a respected beauty product supplier.

There are plenty of anti-ageing supplements and no end of nootropic supplement options available as well.

Some of the ingredients in the Ageless Kiss formulation may be able to provide certain benefits that are similar to the ones the product is intended to deliver, but there is no way to be certain the ingredient profiles is accurate when dealing with supplements that have an uncertain origin.

Feedback for the product does seem to be good, but it appears to be a little too good and may not be reliable.

The lack of a guarantee is also a problem, so anyone thinking of buying this product may want to think again.

Looking Elsewhere

LeanBean Glucomannan pillsIf your main concern is weight loss and specifically female weight loss the  we would suggest LeanBean.

LeanBean has been designed exclusively for women. It contains some powerful fat burning yet natural ingredients. The ingredients target the reasons for weight gain and offer support to balance hormone levels.

LeanBean has a long 90 day money guarantee and is highly recommended.

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LYMA Super Supplement for Skin, Memory and Immune System

LYMA SupplementLYMA is a the new ‘super supplement’ that offers it’s users may health benefits. It is a product created by the Skinny Bitch Collective.

The aim of LYMA is to significantly improve many areas of health by providing best of breed ingredients that have been rigorously tested and scientifically trialled.

Here at SlimmersWeekly we have been privy to many new supplements, pills and potions over the last decade or so but this one has particularly grabbed our attention and whetted our appetite.

Claims: To offer it’s users multiple health benefits – great looking skin, stronger immune system, a sharper memory, less stress, protection against osteoporosis and many more

Positives: Fabulous looking brand, lots of clinical data attributed to it, some talented people connected with it.

Negatives: Priced at £149.00 per subscription. Nothing as yet has surfaced from a negative user perpective. As we also like to give a balance so if anything does we will be sure to publish it.

If you want to be told first about LYMA and benefit from special offers then please contact us here


What Is In LYMA – Ingredients

HydroCurc (cold water dispensed curcumin) – Circumin is found in turmeric and can help with increasing antioxidant enzymes as well as acting as an inflammatory agaent.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha – Helps to reduce cortisol hormone levels. Cortisol increase has been linked to weight gain

Wellmune – Helps to inprove focus and mental clarity. In the nootropic class of ingredients

Cynatine HNS – A substance said to help decrease hairloss, improve the appearance of nails and help rejuvenate your skin

Lycored – Helps to reduce your bad cholesterol levels

Cognazin – another Nootropic like ingredient linked to improving cognitive function

K2 Vital – Helps reduce cardiovascular risk by 50 per cent

Vitamin D3 – Clinically proven as an aid to prevent osteoporosis by 37 per cent. Also known as the sunshine vitamin.

With exception of vitamin D3 all of the above ingredients have been patented. This alone underlines that the people responsible for LYMA want to create a product with longevity and lasting appeal.

LYMA Customer Testimonials, User Comments

There are not many customer testimonials as yet as the product is not commercially available. However LYMA has been available as pre market product for a number of months – the feedback has been pretty impressive

Some celebrities who are said be sing LYMA include Victoria’s Secret Angel Roosmarijn de Kok and Actress Chloe Grace Moretz

Have you heard about Leanbean the new award winning female fat burner

Any Side Effects With LYMA

So far there have not been any side effects associated with any of the ingredients in the formula provided they are taken in the recommended dosage

Who Should Take and Who Should Avoid

Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid taking, as should anyone with an existing health condition. If you are unsure the consult your doctor.

How To Use – take 4 tablets per day with water

Is There A Guarantee

There are no details published yet or available concerning the guarantee. We would hazard a guess and say there will be one at it should be long enough to establish whether or it benefits you.


We give this product our recommendation. It is an excellently presented supplement with a good deal of fact associated with it. Our only caveat is that is priced slightly on the high side at £149.00 per subscription.

Where To Buy LYMA 

LYMA is available to buy direct from the manufacturers website – the order page is not yet live and so email addresses are being collected so when the product launches customers who have requested information previously should be given the opportunity to buy at hopefully a discounted rate

Please include your name and email address to the form below to be kept informed about LYMA and any subsequent promotion.

XYZ Smart Collagen Cream Review

XYZ creamXYZ Smart Collagen is a topically applied collagen boosting cream developed by Wolfson Berg.

The company has been around for many years and synonymous with producing quality health and beauty products.

The cream was originally created to help speed the healing of tattooed skin, but the formulation boosts collagen levels so successfully that is also one of the best ways to lift, smooth, and tighten the skin.

The product has been featured in many top magazines including Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vanity Fair and is being hailed as a “breakthrough in professional skincare”.

recommended diet productsClaims: to smooth the skin and Provides a younger, rejuvenated look

Positives: Excellent product from and excellent company. Real results from real women

Negatives: So far there is not much negativity.

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Advertised Benefits

  • Better skin texture
  • Reduces wrinkles considerably
  • Lifts, contours, tightens, and firms the skin
  • Smooths the skin and improves elasticity
  • Heals tattooed skin and reduces stretch marks
  • Provides a younger, rejuvenated look
  • Makes you look 7.5 years younger in 12 weeks

XYZ collagen before and after

Scientific Evidence

Although Wolfson Berg are making some big claims for their collagen cream, it does not appear to be all hot air. The formulation has been scientifically tested and a qualified dermatologist states that it works.

After an 84-day clinical trial, all 21 of the study participants had noticeably younger and healthier looking skin.

The data also showed:

  • 100% more facial collagen
  • 138% reduction in wrinkles
  • 137% better skin texture
  • 84% improvement in skin firmness
  • 212% improvement in the appearance of stretch marks

What is XYZ Smart Collagen and How Does it Work?

When the cream is rubbed into the skin it’s absorbed into the tissue beneath the dermal layer and stimulates the production of high quality collagen.

Collagen is the main structural protein in connective tissues. In fact, 30% of the proteins in the human body are collagen. There are 28 different forms and 80-90% of them are types two and three. These two types of collagen are responsible for creating the network of fibers that ensure the skin remains nice and firm. They are extremely important, but the body’s ability to produce collagen diminishes by around 2% per year. By the time most people reach their 80th birthday their skin has a collagen level that is 30% less than it was when they were 20-years old.

What is XYZ Smart Collagen and How Does it Work?

There are several ways to boost collagen levels, but most of them offer poor or temporary results. The old-school way is to apply creams that contain TGF-b receptors, but the use of this technique causes the body to create too much collagen of a very low grade, and overloading the skin with inferior collagen offers very little benefit. XYZ Smart Collagen is not designed to work in this way.

It uses an organic ingredient that provides smart collagen management by gently stimulating the collagen producing fibroblastes and encouraging them to produce high quality collagen.

Key Ingredients

XYZ Smart Collagen only contains one active ingredient—Bulbine frutescens.

Bulbine frutescens creamBulbine frutescens is a gelatinous sap extracted from the leaves of the South African flowering plant that provides its name. It’s a traditional medicine in South Africa and has been used for treating burns and wounds to the skin for many hundreds of years. It’s ability to this can be backed up by a number of scientific studies. During one study, conducted at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, the scientists gathered data that confirms B frutescens has the ability to accelerate wound healing, and also shows the compound provided “a significant increase in collagen, protein and DNA”.

Although Bulbine frutescens’ natural ability to firm and tone the skin and help remove unwanted crow’s feet, frown lines, and other unwanted signs of aging make it a very useful ingredient, it often loses potency when it is obtained by standard extraction methods. Wolfson Berg have got around this by using a unique cold press extraction system that maximizes the amount of sap the leaves provide and also ensure none of the power is lost.

Although Wolfson Berg appear to be the only manufacturer extracting the sap in this way, the benefits of cold pressing are well known in the juicing industry. When ingredients are cold pressed there is no heat or air involved. This means there is little or no oxidation and results in a higher quality extract.

Usage Instructions – XYZ Smart Collagen cream needs to be applied two times each day. Once in the morning and once at night. The cream should be applied to the face and neck using a light upwards motion.

Special care is needed around the eyes because it is important not to get any cream into the tear ducts or on the bottom lids. Exposure to the sun can have a detrimental effect on the skin, so the manufacturer suggests the morning application be followed by an application of sunscreen.

When being used to treat tattooed skin or stretch marks, XYZ Smart Collagen will need to be gently massaged into the area concerned.

Side Effects & Health Issues

XYZ Smart Collagen is a natural product that does not contain any man-made drugs or chemicals.

A high quality natural skincare product such as this is unlikely to cause side effects. The formulation is certified vegan friendly and the quality of the product has been certified by NAGOYA, COSMOS, ESCOCERT, and NATRU. These organizations exist to help ensure customers receive only the best quality, natural health and beauty products and only the best products are selected for certification.

The Bottom Line

Wolfson Berg appear to have developed a very good product. XYZ Smart Collagen contains an ingredient that has proven abilities. It is extracted in a very efficient, if somewhat unconventional, way; and scientific evidence show the formulation works. XYZ Smart Collagen is an impressive creation that should be perfect for anyone who wants to look younger, say goodbye to unsightly stretchmarks, or ease the pain of sore freshly-tattooed skin.


Where To Buy XYZ Smart Collagen Cream

XYZ Smart Collagen is only available via the manufacturer’s website and, at the time of this review, a (50ml) pot was retailing for £39.99. Thats more than reasonable for a product of this quality, especially when you compare it to to some of the top end creams available at Boots.

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XYZ Cream UK