Lineaslim Garcinia Cambogia – effervescent and ultra concentrated tablets

effervescent  garcinia tabletsLineaslim Ultra Concentrated Garcinia is weight loss product produced in Europe by the same company that produces the popular effervescent Lineatab fat blocking tablets.

As the name suggests Lineaslim Ultra Concentrated Garcinia is designed to harness the powerful weight loss potential of garcinia cambogia.

Boots the chemists is a primary stockist in England, Scotland and Wales.

Claims: To burn fat, suppress appetite and lighten mood

Positives: reputable brand, high strength ingredient

Negatives: Not Garcinia Extra

Read about Garcinia Extra here

The three main benefits promised are:

  • Weight loss
  • Appetite suppression
  • Mood enhancement

The product is available in two options:

  • Lineaslim Ultra Concentrated  Garcinia tablets—sold in bottles of 60
  • Lineatabs Garcinia Cambogia (effervescent)—sold in tubes of 20

Both options provide 1.500mg of pure garcinia cambogia (70% HCA)

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia Cambogia is an Asian fruit that has a long history of culinary use and became a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements after weight loss guru, Dr. Oz, praised its fat-fighting virtues, stating: “It might just be the most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss to date.”

Garcinia cambogia explained

What is HCA?

HCA stands for hydroxycitric acid. It is the key weight-loss providing element locked inside the fruits fleshy tissue.

HCA assists weight loss in three ways:

  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Prevents excess carbohydrates from being converted into fat
  • Enhances the mood (reducing the need for comfort eating)

HCA has been the subject of several clinical studies. In one study, conducted in Thailand in 2007, and later published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 50 obese women were split into two groups. One group received daily doses of garcinia cambogia three times a day; the other group received a placebo. Both groups were limited to an intake of 1,000 calories per day. After two months the group using garcinia cambogia had lost 6.1 lbs. The placebo group only lost 3 lbs.[source]

Lineaslim garcinia tablets

What Added Benefits do the Effervescent Tablets Provide?

The effervescent tablets are dissolved in water and consumed as a drink. This allows them to be absorbed much faster than traditional tablets (which may take some time to be fully broken down in the stomach). The drink also ensures the body is kept hydrated and helps to create a feeling of fullness in the stomach. The drink may also be a more viable option for people who have difficulties swallowing tablets.

Usage Instructions

  • Lineaslim Tablets: Two tablets should be consumed each day, on an empty stomach, 30 to 45 minutes before a main meal.
  • Lineatabs Effervescent Tablets: One tablet should be dissolved in water and drunk just before a meal.

Lineaslim recommends combining use of their product with a low calories diet and regular exercise.

Customer Feedback

Independent feedback is good and the effervescent version appears to be a popular choice:

“I have tried quite a few “diet products” over the years and this is one that really seems to deliver on its claims. It works very well for me for appetite suppression. The flavour is great and encourages me to drink much more water. I’m using it daily and so far the results are fantastic!”

[/plain]“OMG amazing!!!! I am in Love with this product and so happy I don’t have to swallow stupid pills anymore! I feel like I am in such a better mood as well as I have no appetite which resulted in my loss of 5 pounds in the last few weeks!”[/plain]

Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects are unlikely, but Lineaslim suggests potential users who have any existing or suspected medical condition seek medical advice prior to commencing supplementation. The same advice is offered to people who are taking medications.

Neither tablet form is suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone who is under 18 years of age.

Purchasing Options

Lineaslim and Lineatab products are readily available all over Europe can be found on the shelves of many stores. Purchases can also be made from the product website and alternative online vendors are plentiful. The recent introduction of distribution centers in the US should ensure American customers can find a supplier without too much difficulty.

The Bottom Line

The HCA in garcinia cambogia has been proven to provide powerful weight loss results and Lineaslim Ultra Concentrated Garcinia tablets and Lineatabs Garcinia Cambogia effervescent tablets contain the most powerful concentration of HCA available so both options should procure some decent results.

With a HCA inclusion rate of 70% the ingredient quality cannot be improved upon, but Lineaslim has improved their product by providing an effervescent version that delivers the main ingredient more efficiently and helps ensure the user attains the full benefits of the formulation, making an already good product even better.

Garcinia extra best Garcinia CambogiaStrange as it may seem we dont give this product our blessing for the simple reason there is a a better product available!

Garcinia Extra contains not only garcinia cambogia but raspberry ketone, it is arguably the best selling and most popular Garcinia Cambogia diet pill in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia.

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Lifeplan 5:2 Diet Support Review

Lifeplan fasting supportLifeplan 5:2 Diet Support capsules are produced in the UK by Lifeplan.

The company is based in Leicestershire and has been producing health and fitness supplements since 1983. Since then it has expanded its range from 33 products to over 280 products.

5:2 Diet Support capsules are an appetite suppressing product marketed particularly towards individuals who are following the 5:2 Diet.

Claims: To assist you on the 5:2 diet

Positives: Contains glucomannan, an effective appetite suppressant

Negatives: Not much customer feedback. In our opinion not as good as the Glucomannan Plus

Read about Glucomannan Plus

What is the 5:2 Diet?

The 5:2 Diet is a weight management method that allows dieters to lose weight through a process of intermittent fasting. A lot of people claim to have lost considerable amounts of weight by 5:2 dieting, and practitioners can eat normally for five days each week, but they must also commit to two days of strict fasting each week and the resulting hunger pangs often makes the system a difficult one to follow.

History of the 5:2 Diet

Intermittent fasting methods have been practiced for many thousands of years. The only thing that makes this one stand out from the rest is the 5:2 ratios; so the diet is essentially a new spin on an old idea and in this case the spin was applied by Dr. Brian Mosley.

Mosley believes intermittent fasting can provide effective weight management, while also being conducive to overall good health and he considers it a more natural eating cycle than the several daily meals that are now considered the norm.

fat diet planMosley says man’s forebears were never guaranteed regular meals. The hunter gathers could only hunt and gather when there were things available to hunt and gather and this was not always the case.

A successful day of hunting or gathering may have resulted in a few days of abundance, but less successful days would have left early tribes with little or no food. It is Mosley’s belief that the human body became adapted to this and still functions best when it is allowed regular fasting periods.

Several big name celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr have admitted using 5:2 dieting to keep the curvy shapes their fans know and love, and the diet does appear to work, but hunger pangs are never easy to live with.

Lifeplan 5:2 Diet Support Capsule Dosage

Capsules are only required on fasting days. Three (2 capsule) doses are allowed each day and should be taken with two glasses of water.

How the Capsules Work

glucomannan appetite suppressantEach capsule contains 500mg of a fibrous ingredient called glucomannan (taken from the root of an Asian plant). Tests have shown the fibers to be a useful appetite suppressant due to their ability to absorb large amounts of moisture (up to 17 times their own mass).

Whenever a 5:2 dieter consumes their “support” capsules the two glasses of water cause the glucomannan fibers to swell in their stomach. This makes the stomach feel full and reduces the likelihood of hunger pangs.

Customer Feedback

It is hard to find much customer feedback for this product, but a little digging uncovered one customer who claims:

“I am on the 5:2 diet and find the fasting days quite hard to get through. I bought this product and it worked for me. You take the capsules before you eat and it helps you to feel full (but not uncomfortably). I have lost a stone so far on this diet, I love it!”

Another customer reports a similar experience:

“I found this product really helped me cope with my fasting days and stopped me feeling really hungry. I did a little research and found it also help you loose weight not just help keep you feeling full.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Glucomannan is not known to be a problematic ingredient so side effects are unlikely, but pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to seek medical advice before using any form of dietary supplement. The same advice is offered to anyone who has any health issues or concerns.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Lifeplan products are available all over the world. Sales are made from the official Lifeplan website and via a number of online and offline retailers; so purchasing a supply of 5:2 Diet Support Capsules should present no problem to the majority of consumers. Prices vary depending on supplier and range from $15 to $25.

There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

Glucomannan Plus reviewAs mentioned above we recommend Glucomannan Plus – arguably the original fasting diet product. It is made from high quality glucomannan as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

All purchases are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee and significant discounts are offered to customers who buy larger quantities of pills

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Forza T5 Super Strength – the diet and fitness supplement with green tea and L-tyrosine

Forza T5 Super Strength as seen in media and Daily mailForza T5 is a health and fitness supplement produced by Forza Supplements.

The company is based in the UK and has been trading since 2007.

T5 was one of their premier products, so it has been around for a while now, and it’s longevity in such a competitive market may afford a valuable insight into is effectiveness.

It appears regularly in the media and has had countless weight loss success stories built around it. Hype laden it maybe but do not underestimate its effectiveness – one of the most powerful fat burning supplements in existence.

Claims: To be the UK’s number 1 fat burner and critically acclaimed

Positives: From a reputable company and has some real life case studies

Negatives: We actually prefer PhenQ – it is a multi-action fat burner and appetite suppressant.

Read why we prefer PhenQ here

What Is T5 Super Strength

T5 is marketed towards two distinct user groups:

  1. Those who require a pre-workout supplement to help power up their training sessions.
  2. People who wish to lose weight.

Forza T5 website UKAlthough there is no reason why Forza T5 could not be used by women, Forza’s chosen marketing strategy is based around the muscular physique of a Men’s Health model, and this probably indicates Forza consider this product to be one for the boys.

There are 60 capsules in a tub of T5 and tubs cost £34 from Forza’s authorised stockists. T5 is also available from eBay and Amazon, and from many other independent sources, but no money back guarantee is offered. If you want to buy then we recommend buying direct.


The capsules should always be taken with water and can be used in two ways.

  • Weight loss:  2 capsules in the morning, followed by one in the afternoon.
  • Pre-workout energy boost: 2 capsules half an hour before training.

The daily dose should never exceed 4 capsules and anyone who has difficulty sleeping should avoid taking the capsules after 3 pm.

How the Capsules Work

Forza T5 Super Strength capsules contain a blend of natural ingredients that may provide various benefits, but the main power of the blend is attributed to its claimed ability to promote thermogenesis.

This is a process by which excess calories are burned off as heat rather than being stored as body fat. The process also encourages the oxidization of any existing body fat which is subsequently used to provide the body with extra energy.

Key Ingredients

Caffeine (185mg):  Should help provide extra energy and focus, and appetite suppression.
L-Tyrosine (125mg):  An amino acid that assists efficient thyroxin synthesis and aids the metabolism.
Green Tea (100mg):  A natural antioxidant that also enjoys a strong reputation for fat burning.
Niacin (60mg):  A form of B vitamin reputed to assist the metabolism.
Spirulina (40mg): A nutrient-rich algae that isn’t generally associated with weight loss, but other potential benefits include an improved immune system.
L-Taurine (20mg): An amino acid often associated with efficient metabolic and fat burning processes.
Guarana (12mg):  Sourced from a climbing plant native to the Amazon basin,  guarana is a potent source of caffeine.
Iron (10mg):  Unlikely to contribute to weight loss, but iron is an important mineral that should assist general wellbeing.
Chromium (130µg):  Some studies indicate chromium assists a link between chromium and weight loss, but the inclusion rate here is probably too low to be of benefit.
Iodine (120µg):  Iodine deficiency is known to restrict thyroid function and contribute to weight gain, so iodine’s inclusion here needs no explanation.

Media Focus

Forza T5 Super Strength was given a marketing push when Men’s Health fitness expert, Shaun Stafford, used it to help turn out of shape, Spencer Matthews, into front page material for the magazine. It took 6 weeks of strict dieting, rigorous exercise, and regular doses of T5, but at the time of his photo shoot Matthews, with his toned body and six pack, looked very different than he did before Stafford’s intervention.

Spencer Matthews before and after with Forza T5 Super Strength

He’d lost a stone in weight and was down to just 8% body fat. The routine and diet obviously played a major part in this, but the best endorsement for T5 probably comes from the fact that it was Stafford’s supplement of choice for the Men’s Health project.

Customer Feedback

Independent reviews are mostly positive, so although a few consumers are not thrilled by the results.

“Not great but it did give a helping boost to my gym sessions”

Many more tell a different story and a more typical review reads:

“These have worked for me and am really happy, and I will continue taking them until I reach 75KGs – and probably after. 13KGs to go (12KGs lost so far)”

Side Effects

Forza state that side effects are rare, but warn that T5 is unsuitable for use by certain user groups:

  • Pregnant or nursing mothers
  • Anyone under 18
  • People with existing medical problems
  • People taking medication.

They also advise users to seek medical advice if any negative reactions are experienced.

The Bottom Line

Forza have been around for a while now and appear to be a respectable company. As stated earlier in this review, T5 has also been around for a while and its continued availability suggests it probably has an edge that the competition does not, and the fact that a Men’s Health fitness expert favors it use can only be a further indication of this. T5 contains high levels of caffeine, and is not suitable for all users, but Forza are very open about this, so kudos to them for their honesty. Customer feedback is predominantly good, with many consumers praising T5 for getting the job done, both as a weight loss supplement and as a means of boosting training sessions; so Forza T5 Super Strength is a recommended product.

Where To Buy

Can be purchased for Forza direct as well as numerous third part stockists (even Amazon and Ebay – which we suggest you don’t if you want to avoid a potential world of hurt)

Alternative Fat Burners

Buy PhenQIt has to be PhenQ – a unique diet product that can offers a multitude of weight loss action including fat burning appetite suppressing – it can also stop the formation on new fat cells. It also has a detox ingredient.

PhenQ is available without prescription and direct from its own official website

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XLS Medical Carb Blocker – can it help reduce your consumption of carbohydrates

XLS Medical Carb Blocker reviewXLS Medical Carb Blocker is part of the XL-S Medical range that includes Fat Binder and Appetite Reducer.

It has been created to help dieters tackle the problem of taking on too many carbohydrates (such as bread, white rice, pasta and cakes) on a regular basis.

According the manufacturers their product will help users reduce their waist circumference by 8 cm in 4 weeks.

Too good to be true, lets investigate.

Claims: To help users reduce their carbohydrate intake

Positives: From a reputable company

Negatives: Expensive, others preferred

XLS Medical Carb Blocker Review

XLS Medical WebsiteXLS Medical Carb blocker is a weight loss product offered by Omega Pharma. This Belgian company was founded in 1987 and offers several lines of non-prescription weight loss supplements and aids (Including the very popular XLS Fat Blocker).

The Carb blocker appears in a line of complimentary products which includes a fat blocker and appetite suppressant. Like the name implies, the carb blocker is supposed to block the carbohydrates that users ingest.

The formula is reported to block the 2/3rds or 66% of calories derived from carbs like pasta, rice and bread. Furthermore, the product claims to reduce waist circumference by 8cm in four weeks.Since excess energy derived from carbohydrates is stored as fat in the body, there is a justified interest in reducing carb intake.

Additionally, since many individuals store excess fat in their midsection, the waist reduction claim is also worth looking into. For those who simply lack the will power to eat less carbs, a carb blocker may be a useful option.

What is XLS Medical Carb Blocker and how does it work?

Carbohydrate rich foodsLike other carb blockers (also called starch blockers) XLS Medical Carb Blocker is purported to work by blocking alpha-amylase, which digests carbohydrates. Instead of the carbohydrates being digested and absorbed by the body, they pass through the digestive system and are subsequently eliminated.

Literature for XLS Medical Carb Blocker sites a research study as proof of effectiveness. This study was published in the journal Obesity in 2013, and indeed seem to indicate that the key ingredient in this product is “safe and effective for weight loss and maintenance.”

In the randomized study, 123 volunteers took 3g of PhaseLite, and followed a calorie reduced diet containing 40% carbohydrates for 12 weeks.

In the end, those participants taking PhaseLite lost more weight than those who took a placebo. 49 participants continued taking PhaseLite for an additional 6 months and reported that it was effective in keeping the weight off.

In the United Stated, starch blockers are classified as supplements, meaning they are not evaluated for effectiveness by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In the United Kingdom, it is a certified Medical Device meaning it works with a user’s body rather than altering the cell chemistry to prevent, diagnose, monitor or treat diseases.

The recommended dose is two tablets with water, three times per day. The web site says it can be taken for a month or more depending on individual weight loss targets.

Key Ingredients

Ingredients of XLS Carb BlockerThe key ingredient listed in XLS Medical Carb blocker is PhaseLite. PhaseLite is “a highly concentrated proprietary and patented glycoprotein complex” developed by InQpharm.

It is sourced from non-GMO white kidney beans and is found in numerous carb blocking products. The website does not list how much of this key ingredient is contained in each tablet, or how much users will be consuming daily, so it is impossible to determine how the amount of PhaseLite in this product compares to the demonstrated effective amount in the referenced research study.

XLS Carb Blocker Side Effects

Consumers should always consult their healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement.

This product is only recommended for use by people over 18 years of age. Consult a healthcare professional before using this product for children aged 12-18 years.

PhaseLite has been shown to lower blood glucose levels, therefore medications taken for diabetes might need to be adjusted so that hypoglycemia does not occur. Diabetics are especially warned to consult their healthcare professional before use and closely monitor blood sugar levels during use.

The manufacturer claims that this product is well tolerated and has no side effects. In reality, individual reactions will vary and some users of carb blockers in general have reported side effects. When undigested carbohydrates reach the large intestine, they ferment. This can cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

XLS Medical Carb blocker has the potential to aid in weight-loss and weight-loss maintenance by blocking the digestion of carbohydrates and the absorption of calories derived from carbohydrates.

There is at least one study that seems to support the effectiveness of the main ingredient and it is naturally derived, GMO-free and vegetarian safe.  Like most of these supplements, though, a strong argument can also be for dietary changes and increased activity in order to achieve the same results.

The XLS medical website offers support and resources for those interested in long term, sensible weight loss, and isn’t just trying to sell the product, so that is a plus. On the other hand, a major online retailer offers 60 tablets, or a 10 day supply for around GBP 20. The recommended month’s supply will cost GBP 60. Consumers will have to decide for themselves if it is worth it.

Where To Buy, Stockists

Can be purchased from several stockists – our preference is authorised stockists Pharmacy2U

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillPhenQ is our recommended alternative over and above XLS Carb Blocker, based on the concept of using the heat for capsicum, PhenQ can help users burn excess calories and will also act as an appetite suppressant

Perhaps PhenQ’s biggest selling point is it’s ability to block or prevent a large portion of dietary fat from being digested and absorbed by your system

Click here to read more about PhenQ

Forza Raspberry Ketone K2 2:2:1 Review

Forza K2 raspberry ketoneForza Raspberry Ketone K2 (formally called Forza Raspberry 2:2:1) is a weight loss supplement manufactured in the UK by Forza Supplements. Forza have been producing sports and fitness supplements since 2007 and already have several different blends in their range. Some of their formulations appear to have been designed for male consumers, but the predominantly pink packaging choice used for Raspberry Ketone K2 suggests that this one is for the ladies.

Raspberry Ketone K2 is available to buy from authorised reseller The company make it easy for customers to contact them though, and provide an admirable amount of information about their products, so this, at least, suggests Forza are a reputable company with nothing to hide.

Claims: To be the number 1 UK choice.

Positives: Contains raspberry ketone and from a high quality company.

Negatives: Does like the celebrity endorsement, not Raspberry Ketone Plus

Click here to see the why Raspberry Ketone Plus is so highly rated

Forza Raspberry Ketone Overview

Forza make several claims for their raspberry ketone product:

  • Faster burning of calories
  • Increased fat burning
  • Protection from dieting fatigue

The sales page also mentions raspberry ketone’s “possible” thermogenic qualities and alludes the ingredient may have the ability to trick the body into burning fat without the need for any change in diet or exercise. That sounds overly optimistic, but let’s takes a closer look at the formulation and what the real benefits may be.

What is Raspberry Ketone K2 and How Does it Work?

raspberry ketone from ForzaRaspberry Ketone K2 is a fat burning supplement. It comes in capsule form and each bottle contains 90 capsules.

The capsules should be taken with water and Forza recommend new users start with a daily dose of one to two capsules, taken in the morning, to establish their tolerance of the product. If no problems become evident a second dose (one capsule only) may be taken on the afternoon.

Key Ingredients

The formulation contains three ingredients, blended in a 2:2:1 ratio (two parts raspberry ketone, two parts caffeine, one part resveratrol).

  • Raspberry Ketone (200 mg):  A phenolic compound that is naturally occurring in raspberries and some other fruits. Often referred to as a “super fruit” because of its high nutritional value, raspberry ketone also expensive to extract, so many manufacturers use synthetic raspberry ketone as a cheaper alternative. The synthetic product still has some fat burning potential, but it is known to be inferior to the natural extract. Forza fail to state which form is used in their blend.
  • Caffeine (200 mg):  Caffeine is one of the most famous stimulants in the world, so its inclusion here may offer some of the promised protection against dietary fatigue, but it can also cause side effects for some people.
  • Resveratrol (100 mg):  An extract that is commonly sourced from red grapes. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that can provide many health benefits. It is also often touted as a fat burner, but further study is required.

Celebrity Endorsements

Made in Chelsea star Binky Felstead dropped a stone and a dress size in just 6 weeks while on K2

Former Emmerdale Farm star, Roxanne Pallett mentioned the product in an interview with OK! magazine and stated the capsules helped her to shed 15 pounds.

Apprentice runner up (2013), Luisa Zissman also gives the capsules her endorsement, calling them “willpower in pill form”.

Luisa Zissman has not been shy of showing her results to the media with many articles appearing in the Daily Mail and Daily Express.

Sam Faiers from TOWIE has also admitted to be a keen advocate of Forza.

Customer Feedback

Although the manufacturers are keen to showcase the celebrity endorsements, the company website offers more typical customer feedback for Raspberry Ketone K2 in addition. Independent reviews are available on other sites as well, and many customers speak well of the product. A typical positive review reads:

” I give this product a 5 stars rating, cause i’ve been taking it, for a week now, and i have noticed that im not that hungry, but im very thirsty all the time, so i drink a lot of water and i’ve noticed that i’ve lost some weight, even though i have just been taking them one week.”

But just in the interest of impartiality there are a few naysayers as well

“Absolutely no weight loss or change in appetite. More importantly, I’m concerned by today’s email asking me to review the product and the offer of free products for my review. I wish I could say that they work but they do not.”

This should be typical of the whole weight loss industry – On the whole the good reviews outweigh the bad.

Potential Side Effects

Raspberry ketone is unlikely to cause any problems. The same can be said for resveratrol, but caffeine has a few minor side effects but the quantity included is no more harmful than a small cup of coffee:

Do We Recommend

Forza provide the consumer with a full list of ingredients, along with the relevant inclusion rates. This is good. The company also make it easy for the customer to contact them for further information, or if they have any cares or concerns about the product. This is likewise commendable, and Forza show every indication of being a reputable company, but although many people, including the two aforementioned celebrities, report successful weight loss, several consumers state they saw little of no benefits.

Raspberry ketone is an undeniably effective ingredient so—presuming Forza did not use a synthetic form—any shortcomings the product may have might be attributed to the other ingredients. It is a shame to see an ingredient like raspberry ketone paired with the dubious benefits of resveratrol because it may weaken the blend. The use of caffeine seems to be likewise pointless . . .

Don’t let this disuade you from buying and excellent Raspberry Ketone diet pill


Where To Buy Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1/ K2

Can be ordered online from the authorised Forza stockists as well as several other leading health supplement stockists.

The stockist that recommend is, an international stockist with distribution units and shipping options in the UK, United States, Canada and Australia.

Recommended Brand

Raspberry Ketone PlusAs mentioned above Raspberry Ketone from Evolution Slimming is the champion elect – it  is the actual brand that was featured on the media reports when the natural fat burner first hit the headlines.

Evolution Slimming are UK based (Kent) but ship all over the world. The webstore is also translated into several languages.

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