Skinny Gal Review Thermogenic Diet Pill and Fast Fat Burner

Skinny Gal reviewAs the name suggests, Skinny Gal is a diet pill aimed at women and, if the marketing spiel is to be believed, it’s strong enough to provide “extreme weight loss”. The product has been brought to market by a company called RockStar.

There’s a respected energy drink manufacturer with that name, so we feel it’s important to point out the company marketing Skinny Gal has no connection with the Rockstar energy drink range or the company that manufactures them.

However, the fact that the diet pills bear a star-shaped logo that looks very similar to the one used by the energy drink company could confuse diet pill buyers into thinking the company is the same.

Claims: To be a a diet pill made by women for women. Thermogenic fat burner that also blocks carbs and suppresses the appetite

Positives: Contains some good clinically studied and proven ingredients

Negatives: Contains perhaps too many ingredients. In our opinion there are better products on the market.

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Marketing and Distribution

RockStar Skinny Gal is only available from We found an official website set-up as a sub-domain on the Shopify website.

It contains a few big promises about what the product can do, but it’s not possible to buy from the site.

The site also contains a page that promises a free bottle of pills in exchange for a review.

Obviously RockStar cannot make this offer on their Amazon sales page, so perhaps the Shopify site has been created specially to funnel the “right kind” of diet pill buyers to Amazon. Whatever the reason, we are not fans of this kind of marketing technique.

How to Use – One capsule is required each day, before meals.

Advertised Skinny Gal Benefits 

  • Diet pill made by women, for women
  • Thermogenic diet pill for women
  • Fast fat burner
  • Blocks carbs and suppresses the appetite
  • Extreme potency
  • 100% pure and safe for women
  • The most powerful diet pill for women

How Does Skinny Gal Work?

Cutting to the chase, the three main benefits offered appear to be carb blocking, appetite suppression, and fat burning. Many competing products offer dieters much more in the way of support and much less in the way of hype.

However, if the pills do what they are alleged to do, women taking them will be able to eat less food without suffering the discomfort of annoying hunger pangs.

Calorie intake will be further reduced because some of the carbohydrate they consume will not be absorbed and will, therefore, be unable to release any calories. Finally, the body will become primed to lose extra calories in the form of heat (thermogenic fat burning).

How to Use – One capsule is required each day, before meals.

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides:

Proprietary blend: (235mg)

Skinny Gal Potential

This formulation contains far too many ingredients. There are 16 in total and 12 of them are housed in a proprietary blend.

The four ingredients that are not included in the proprietary blend are actually pretty good and the fact that the inclusion rates are supplied allows us to see the amounts provided are far too low to be effective.

There are no inclusion rates for the other ingredients but the proprietary blend is only 235mg and the fact that it contains so many components does not offer hope for potent doses.

However, Skinny Gal is alleged to be a carb blocker. White kidney bean has this ability. When consumed before meals, it compromises the abilities of the digestive enzyme responsible for processing carbohydrate, but the dose is often 2000mg per day. Science shows white kidney bean extract can also work if the dose is reduced to 1000mg, but Skinny Gal only contains 10mg. That’s a joke.

Garcinia Cambogia what does it look likeAppetite suppression is also promised. The best two appetite suppressing ingredients in this formulation are likely t be garcinia cambogia and African mango. Both have a good reputation for getting results but, once again, a much higher dose would be required.

Conjugated linoleic acid may help with fat burning, but a review of the data available shows study results are conflicting. It also suggests a dose of 3-6 gram per day is necessary. The Skinny Gal formulation only contains 10mg. There are better fat burners, such as cayenne, in the proprietary blend, but the amounts cannot possibly be sufficient.

Skinny Gal Customer Feedback

There is no shortage of customer feedback and most of it appears to be good, but that could be due to the fact that Rock Star is offering free pills in exchange for reviews.

Two positive reviews:

“Wonderful product. I’m losing 4lbs a day I think everyone should buy these wonderful diet pills that work.”

“I totally recommend this product. I’ve lost several pounds in weight and a few inches from my waist.”

And two from unhappy customers:

“Used a full bottle and did not lose any weight. Wish I could get my money back. Buyer beware.”

“Didn’t work. Only made me feel extremely nauseous.”

We also discovered several reviews written by people who claimed the free pills they were given in exchange for their reviews were not the same as the ones they originally purchased:

“Scam! The pills in the second bottle were a different colour. How can that be?” 

“I was promised a free bottle for my review but the pills were not the same colour.”

Skinny Gal Side Effects and Health Issues

A lot of customers report experiencing negative effects.

Reported side effects include:

  • Sadness/crying
  • Bad attitude
  • Mood swings
  • Pounding head
  • Stomach pains
  • Jitters/shaking
  • “Messed-up” hormones

We suggest not using this product without first obtaining a doctor’s approval.

Skinny Gal Purchasing Options and Considerations

Skinny Gal is only available via and no international shipping is offered, so Rock Star appear to be only interested in targeting women in the USA.


A 30-day money back guarantee is promised in the Amazon marketing details, but no information is provided about the claims process or any special terms that may apply. The manufacturer’s Shopify site doesn’t mention the guarantee at all. However, customers who have trouble obtaining a refund should be able to rely on Amazon to provide assistance.

The Bottom Line

We are not seeing anything in the Skinny Gal formulation that will make it particularly suitable for women, but we are seeing a few good ingredients that are being hampered by low inclusion rates.

The way this product appears to be being marketed on the back of the good name of a respected energy drink company also fails to impress, as does the manner in which RockStar are encouraging customers to leave them Amazon reviews.

Granted there are plenty of reviews that suggest the pills work, but are they to be relied upon? Looking at the formulation, even if it’s used in conjunction with diet and exercise, the benefits provided are likely to be negligible, yet a lot of the five-star reviews make Skinny Gal sound like a very potent product.

We don’t buy it, and we cannot encourage our readers to buy any diet pill that is marketed in such an unorthodox way and is likely to provide so little in the way of support.

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Ageless Kiss, Weight Loss, Thyroid Support, Anti Ageing And More

Ageless KissAgeless Kiss is a dietary supplement intended for women.

It’s marketed by a company called Raw Synergies.

Although the company has an official website, the site does not provide any company information or state where the pills are produced.

Nor does it have a contact form and the fact the company does all its selling via Amazon makes it even harder to discover who runs it or where it is based.

Claims: To give women complete female optimization. Weight loss, antioxidant, skin care, thyroid – all taken care of with the formula.

Positives: Some good ingredients used in the formula.

Negatives: Nice idea – but supplements that are designed to do too many things end up compromising on the benefits.

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What Is Ageless Kiss and How Does it Work?

The marketing material makes Ageless Kiss sound like a wonder pill for women that provides numerous benefits, some of which have nothing to do with weight loss.

A few of the main benefits promised are:

  • Weight loss for women
  • Anti-ageing skin care
  • Improves hair and nails
  • Thyroid support
  • Natural fat burner
  • Manages cortisol
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Improves the mood
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps you lose belly fat
  • Incredible brain boosting abilities
  • Enhances the memory
  • All-in-one beauty solution
  • Protects against wrinkles and fine lines
  • Provides anti-oxidant support

There are so many claims being made for this product, the best way to move forward is to take a look at the ingredients and see what they are capable of doing.

Key Ingredients

All of the ingredients used in Ageless Kiss are proprietary blends. According to the label, two capsules per day provide:

  • Sensoril (250mg): An ashwaganha root extract that’s been added to control the appetite and relieve stress. It’s not normally used as a hunger reducer, but providing stress relief is just one of many things ashwaganha is alleged to do.
  • Cognizin (150mg): A citicoline provider that’s often added to nutropic supplements and appears to have the potential to offer hope to the cognitively impaired.
  • Careless Mango (100mg): A mango fruit preparation. Mango is a healthy ingredient with a good reputation for helping people to lose weight.
  • MicroActive (100mg): Provides a grape extract called resveratrol that may be good for warding off some age-related diseases.
  • Spectra Antioxidant Fruit Blend (100mg): A blend that mostly consists of fruit extracts, including apple and acai, but it’s even got some broccoli and carrots thrown in for good measure. In fact, there are over 20 different extracts involved, all of them provide antioxidants, and antioxidants help protect the body from disease. They are also believed to prevent premature skin ageing, but people who eat more fruit and vegetable per day, as part of a healthy diet, would likely obtain superior results.
  • Paradoxine (50mg): A ginger extract that may have value as a fat burner. There’s not a lot of proof that it woks, but the results of one study suggest that it might.
  • Cocoabuterol (50mg):       A patented cocoa extract. The manufacturer alleges it boosts energy, burns fat, improves the mood, and provides other benefits, but the official Cocoabuterol website fails to provide any proof that it works.

Usage Instructions – New users are advised to take one capsule, two times per day, with meals. If there are no tolerance issues things change slightly from day thee onwards because two capsules are required once per day. Taking the capsules on an empty stomach should be avoided and they should never be taken within four hours of bedtime.

Ageless Kiss Customer Feedback has a lot of customer feedback and most of it appears to be good. However, there is a suspiciously large number of 5-star reviews that contain pictures and one even has a promotional video. This is not normal reviewer behaviour and may indicate feedback tampering.

However, two sample 5-star reviews read:

“This is a truly phenomenal supplement for women. I’ve noticed a decrease in appetite, more energy, improved mood, more focus and less stress.” 

“It didn’t matter how hard I exercised or what efforts I made to eat clean, the fat wouldn’t budge. Raw Synergies have made a really good product. My body fat is just melting away.”

Two reviews from less satisfied customers read:

“Damn. I got suckered again and ended up buying another product that does nothing for weight loss or anything else. Don’t make the same mistake.”

“This is expensive. You might as well be throwing your $50 in the trash. I didn’t lose weight or experience any change in mood or appetite. And I’ll be damn surprised if it stops me from ageing.”

Ageless Kiss Side Effects and Health Issues

The Ageless Kiss marketing material doesn’t mention if any side effects have been reported and the bottle fails to provide a health advisory.

However, this is a diet pill sold by a company of unknown origin and there is nothing to indicate where the product is made.

This is a worry because it could be anywhere at all and there is no way of knowing what kind of health risks it’s use may present because the supplement manufactures in Asia and other areas of the world are not subjected to the same rigorous standards as those imposed on manufacturers in the UK and USA.

A product of this nature is best avoided and should certainly never be used without the prior approval of a GP or other qualified medical professional.

Where To Buy Ageless Kiss

Raw Synergies do all their marketing via and don’t ship to the UK. It’s not possible to buy Ageless Kiss from the Raw Synergies website because it does not have a shopping cart facility. Only a button that says “Buy Now on Amazon”.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

In general, we are not keen on supplements that are intended to be all things to all people.

Women who wish to lose weight would be better off buying a diet pill that has a good reputation for doing what it’s supposed to do.

Those hoping to improve their beauty or look younger may be better of searching for something produced by a respected beauty product supplier.

There are plenty of anti-ageing supplements and no end of nootropic supplement options available as well.

Some of the ingredients in the Ageless Kiss formulation may be able to provide certain benefits that are similar to the ones the product is intended to deliver, but there is no way to be certain the ingredient profiles is accurate when dealing with supplements that have an uncertain origin.

Feedback for the product does seem to be good, but it appears to be a little too good and may not be reliable.

The lack of a guarantee is also a problem, so anyone thinking of buying this product may want to think again.

Looking Elsewhere

LeanBean Glucomannan pillsIf your main concern is weight loss and specifically female weight loss the  we would suggest LeanBean.

LeanBean has been designed exclusively for women. It contains some powerful fat burning yet natural ingredients. The ingredients target the reasons for weight gain and offer support to balance hormone levels.

LeanBean has a long 90 day money guarantee and is highly recommended.

Read the full review on LeanBean here


Hunger Buster Capsules From Protein World

Hunger BusterHunger Buster is an appetite suppressing diet pill developed for Protein World.

The company also markets a range of other health and fitness products including protein bars, vegan energy capsules, a “super man” porridge, and Slenderblend weight loss shake.

The shake is worth a special mention because Protein World are keen to sell customers on the idea of using it alongside Hunger Buster.

However, although combining weight loss products can sometimes result in better results, doing so also pushes up the monthly costs involved.

Whenever we see products that are being marketed in this way it’s somewhat of a turn-off because we have to wonder why the companies in question didn’t put in the extra work and develop a stronger and more versatile product.

Claims: Designed to suppress appetite and help you avoid hunger pangs.

Positives: Protein World is an excellent company with a very strong reputation. Vegan friendly.

Negatives: In our opinion there are better more versatile diet products in existence.

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How Hunger Buster Is Designed To Work

As the name suggests, Hunger Buster is intended to provide one main benefit—hunger suppression.

If it can do this, Hunger Buster will help take some of the misery out of dieting by quelling hunger urges, thereby making it easier for product users to concentrate on other things instead of having to constantly battle the desire to put food in their stomachs.

Hunger Buster Review

Hunger Buster Benefits

  • Reduces hunger levels
  • Assists weight loss (when used with diet and exercise)
  • Perfect companion for Slender Blend
  • Powered by high quality plant extracts
  • Halal and vegan vegetarian friendly diet pill
  • Kosher and free from gluten, lactose and soy

Hunger Buster Active Ingredients

Two Hunger Buster capsules provide:

  • glucomannan appetite suppressantKonjac Glucomannan (1000mg): A natural fibre taken from the roots of the konjac plant. Glucomannan is an appetite suppressant with proven value. It can also be useful for controlling cholesterol and both these abilities are acknowledged by health experts at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). However guidelines laid out by the EFSA state glucomannan should always be used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet. The guidelines also state at least three (1000mg) doses are needed per day and each dose must be accompanied by one to two glasses of water. The reason for this is simple. Glucomannan is very absorbent and when it is taken with sufficient water, the fibres swell up and create a feeling of satiety in the stomach. If the amount of water used is not sufficient, the fibres will not fully expand and the ingredient will be rendered incapable of providing maximum benefits
  • Garcinia Cambogia what does it look likeGarcinia Cambogia (400mg): A tropical fruit extract that provides hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The HCA content of the ingredient is crucial and experts state the best garcinia cambogia extracts are 60% HCA or more. Lesser quality extract are unlikely to work, but extracts that are 60% HCA have a powerful hunger suppressing ability and further contribute to weight loss by preventing excess calories from being converted to fat. Unfortunately, Protein World neglects to state the HCA percentage of the extract in use here, so it’s value is questionable.

Usage Guidelines – Two Hunger Buster capsules are required, three times a day and should be consumed one hour before eating a meal. Protein World make it clear diet and exercise will be required and state Hunger Buster must be taken with plenty of water. That’s a little vague because “plenty” is open to individual interpretation. Protein World would have been better off providing a hard and fast guideline. Other companies do, and one or two 8oz glasses of water is fast becoming an industry norm.

Hunger Buster Customer Comments

A few average customer testimonials read:

“This product has certainly busted my hunger. These days I’m eating like a sparrow and never feel unduly hungry between meals.”

“I’ve been using Hunger Buster for 4 weeks and consider the product a total waste of money. It does not suppress my appetite, so I’m going to have to search for something that does.”

“I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I know it’s my own fault. These pills have helped tremendously with getting my hunger under control and I’m eating a lot less. The problem is, when I do eat I’m still going for sugary food. That’s what’s throwing a spanner in the works, so it’s time to get tough. Only healthy options for me from now on.” 

“I’m a big fan of the protein world protein bars, but hunger buster is a dead loss. It does nothing for me at all.”

Hunger Buster Side Effects & Health Considerations

Protein World warns against using the capsules without sufficient water because doing so may lead to choking.

They also point out Hunger Buster is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

People who have existing health issues should ask their GP for advice before using this or any other weight loss product. Anyone who is taking medication or using other supplements would be wise to do the same.

Where To Buy Hunger Buster

The cheapest place to buy Hunger Buster is from the Protein World website because a 15-day supply of pills (90 capsules) generally costs around £15. It’s also possible to obtain a supply of pills from Superdrug or Amazon, but expect to pay around £7 more.


Hunger Buster does not have a money back guarantee.

Hunger Buster, The Verdict

Glucomannan is a very good appetite suppressing ingredient and the amount used here is just right.

Garcinia cambogia also has value if it’s taken from a high quality source, but there is no way to be certain Protein World’s extract provides enough HCA.

This is not a huge problem because glucomannan is good enough to go it alone, but customer reviews suggest Hunger Buster does not work for all.

This is not surprising because, although appetite suppression is important, it is not always enough. People who are cursed with an unusually slow metabolism may still find it hard to burn enough calories to cause the calorie shortage necessary to trigger the need to burn fat.

That’s why so many diet pills are designed to boost the metabolism. In fact, the best diet pills often boost the metabolism, suppress the appetite, and deliver additional benefits as well.

If hunger control is your only concern, Hunger Buster may do the trick, but if you are serious about attaining respectable weight loss results in the shortest possible time, there are better options available.

Recommended Diet Products

most effective diet pillsOver the course of the last decade we have reviewed, rated and given our opinion on countless diet products. We select our recommendations on carefully chosen criteria. We value the company reputation fo customer service as highly as the product efficacy.

We have ordered our recommendations into what we believe will give the best chance of weight loss success.

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Regal Slim Review With Buying Info

Regal Slim Uk reviewRegal Slim is a diet pill that contains garcinia cambogia.

The ingredient is one of the most poplar weight loss providers in the world, but the Regal Slim website doesn’t make any specific claims about what the pills are intended to do.

The “slim” in the name indicates it’s a weight loss product though, and the pictures of slim girls wearing bikinis is pretty standard diet pill marketing material. Especially the ones that involve a tape measure around the waist.

Big claims are commonplace in the diet pill industry, but government regulatory bodies, like the American FDA, often step in and take action when they see diet pill manufacturers making exaggerated claims for a product or selling something that does not work.

A lot of manufacturer’s take a risk, hope for the best, and wait for the money to come rolling in. Others try and play smarter by only hinting at what their products are supposed to do.

This appears to be the case here and the company behind the Regal Slim (Regal Nutra) seem to have got this down to an art. However, the main ingredient in Regal Slim is known to be very good, so Regal Nutra are probably just playing it safe.

rejected diet pillClaims: Boosts energy, stamina, and mental focus and burns excess body fat

Positives: Some good ingredients, reputable brand

Negatives: In our opinion PhenQ will give you a better fat burning experience.

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Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Two pills per day provide:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (60% HCA) (1000mg): A popular diet pill inclusion that’s often combined with other ingredients, but is also used as a standalone weight loss provider. Garcinia cambogia provides a fat fighting chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It assists weight loss by stopping the body from storing so much fat. HCA is also a powerful appetite suppressant, so it’s a good ingredient to have. The best garcinia cambogia extracts boast a HCA content of 60% or more. The extract used here supplies this, so it should be able to help provide dieters with some good results.
  • Calcium (50mg): Some preliminary research suggests consuming three to four helpings of low fat dairy products per day might encourage the body to begin burning fat. However, there is no evidence to suggest calcium supplements can do this as well.
  • Chromium (2000mcg): Chromium is often included in weight loss formulations because it’s ability to prevent blood sugar spikes can help reduce the urge to eat sweet food.
  • Potassium (50mg): Potassium does not assist weight loss, but it’s an important electrolyte and people who do not get enough potassium may find they are subject to feelings of fatigue. Anyone who is eating less to lower their calorie intake may also become deficient in potassium. That being the case, the presence of potassium in the Regal Slim formulation is not without merit.
Usage Guidelines – One pill is required, two times per day. Other than a small print disclaimer that points out diet and exercise will be necessary, no other usage instructions are provided.


Regal Nutra does not offer a money back guarantee, but the company’s return policy allows the return of one unopened bottle of pills. The return package has to bear a special RMA number (provided by Regal Nutra customer service) and the company has to receive the shipment within 30 days of the date the original order was placed. All return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.

Regal Slim Customer Comments

Unfortunately the only customer feedback we can find comes in the form of complaints, most of which are about the auto-ship system and the way Regal Nutra conducts business.

Regal Slim Side Effects & Health Considerations

Regal Nutra neglect to mention if any side effects have been reported, but they stress the importance of seeking medical advice prior to commencing supplementation. This is especially important for women who are pregnant or nursing a child and for anyone who is under a doctor’s care and/or using medication.

The Verdict

Regal Slim contains a good dose of high quality garcinia cambogia so, unless any of the other ingredients react in a way that scuppers its effectiveness, Regal Slim should have the ability to help people to reach their weight loss goals a litter faster (when used alongside diet and exercise).

However, Regal Slim is not the only diet pill powered by garcinia cambogia. There’s plenty of competition and most of the other options beat this one hands down when it comes to the price.

The best one to date is Garcinia Extra. It costs less than $50 per bottle, and the manufacturer is confident enough to provide customers with a no quibbles 60-day money back guarantee. Auto-ship is not an option and there are no hidden commitments or extra charges. It’s also got an excellent reputation for delivering results.

Where to Buy Regal Slim

You can obtain Regal Slim by accepting the free trial offer on the manufacturer’s website and paying a small ($4.97) shipping and handling charge.

Customers who are happy with the way the product works won’t need to worry about problems obtaining further supplies because the moment they place a tick in the box that confirms they “agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy” they will be automatically enrolled in an auto-ship program and receive a fresh bottle of pills every 30 days. All charges will be applied to card used to pay the initial shipping cost.

These important terms are presented as small print. Many people never bother to read the small print, so the true cost of trial can come as a nasty surprise.

Regal Slim costs $89.97 per bottle and the first (trial bottle) is only free when customers contact the company within 14 days, state the product is not for them, and cancel the auto-ship agreement.

People who fail to do this will find their card has been hit with a charge of $89.97 for the first bottle of pills, quickly followed by an additional charge of $94.94.

This is to cover the cost of the next shipment and consists of the cost of the pills plus the normal $4.97 shipping and handling charge. The automated billing and shipping will continue until customers contact the company and tell them they wish it to stop.

Recommended Diet Pill

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillIt is our view that products such as PhenQ offer a much better option. PhenQ is a multi faceted diet pill that burns fat, block new fat from being absorbed as well as suppresses appetite.

PhenQ has a long 60 day money back guarantee and has been positively reviewed by many customers and weight loss industry critics

Read more detail on PhenQ here

Orlistol Review – Fat Blocker Based on Orlistat

Orlistol fat blockerOrlistol is a diet pill created by Nutratech Health LLC. It’s intended to mimic the effects of the prescription weight loss medication Orlistat (Xenical).

That alone helps it stand out from other weight loss products because, although countless diet pill manufacturers have tried to develop alternatives to the prescription drug Phentermine, Nutratech appear to be the only company that’s interested in creating an Orlisat alternative. Nutratech are also responsible for Atrafen

rejected diet pillClaims: Designed to limit the amount of fat the body is capable of digesting.

Positives: Some good ingredients, reputable brand

Negatives: In our opinion PhenQ will give you a better fat blocking experience.

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What is Orlistol and How Does it Work?

The prescription drug Orlistat is a fat blocker. Products of this nature are designed to limit the amount of fat the body is capable of digesting.

A gram of fat contains nine calories, but calories have to be released from food via the digestive process. When people take the drug Orlistat it causes a large percentage of any fat that’s been consumed to pass through the body unprocessed, so you would expect Nutratech Orlistol to work in the same way.

It doesn’t. Although the formulation contains one popular fat blocking ingredient (chitosan), it also contains other ingredients that are normally used to block carbohydrate absorption, provide appetite suppression, and deliver other benefits.

The formulation also contains a couple of laxatives, so if it does encourage weight loss it may not be due to the formulation’s alleged fat blocking ability.

Key Ingredients

Each capsule provides 725mg of a proprietary formula. No inclusion rates are provided for the ingredients involved, but the capsules contain:

  • Chitosan in B-SlendaChitosan: An ingredient that’s usually sourced from sea-living crustaceans, but can also be obtained from a species of fungus. The body cannot digest chitosan or anything it absorbs, and chitosan is very good at absorbing dietary fat, so it’s a key ingredient in many fat blocking diet pills.
  • Phaseolus Vulgaris: Generally better known as white kidney bean extract, phaseolus vulgaris is the most commonly-used carb-blocking ingredient in the world. It prevents the starch-digesting enzyme amylase from doing its job. This causes carbohydrate to pass through the body in an undigested state and undigested carbohydrate does not release any calories.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is one of the latest celebrity fads and pop pin-up Katy Perry admits she’s used it from a very young age. People make a lot of claims for the virtues of this ingredient, including weight loss, but there doesn’t seem to be any solid evidence to prove it works.
  • garcinia cambogiaGarcinia Cambogia Extract: A respected weight loss provider powered by hydroxycitric acid (HCA). The extract is usually taken from the rind of the fruit and its good for suppressing the appetite and preventing new fat cells growth.
  • Sylvestre: An African/Indian shrub extract that prevents sugar absorption and may stop the rapid post-eating elevations in blood glucose that can lead to a desire for sweet food.
  • Aloe Vera Extract: An ingredient that’s often used as a laxative. The Mayo Clinic states aloe vera offers a number of health benefits, but it’s unclear why Nutra Tech have chosen to add it here.
  • California Buckthorn: Also called cascara. This is a shrub extract that’s primarily used as a laxative. It’s interesting and somewhat worrying to see it paired with aloe vera because, in May 2002, the FDA banned both ingredients from being used in over-the-counter laxatives.

Usage Instructions – If you want to use this product, some calorie counting will be involved. The recommended dose is one to two capsules, taken with 8oz of water before meals, and it’s permissible to take a maximum of four capsules per day. When it comes to deciding how many capsules to take, the deciding factor is the calorie content of the meal. If the meal provides less than 500 calories, only one capsule is required. If it provides more than this you will need to take two.

Orlistol Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed. Some people appear to love Orlistol, while others think it doesn’t live up to expectation.

A few sample reviews read:

“These pills are really good for controlling your calorie intake. They stop me from feeling so hungry and I’m losing around 5lbs a month.” 

“Waste of money. Doesn’t do a thing. I used it alongside a registered weight loss plan and 4 weeks later I still weighed the same.”

“What a blessing this product has been for me. It’s a miracle pill as far as I’m concerned. None of the other products I used did a thing, but Orlistol has got me losing nearly 4lbs a week.”

“Didn’t work at all. I am beyond disappointed.”

Orlistol Side Effects & Health Issues

Side effects don’t appear to be an issue, but Nutratech state pregnant or nursing mothers and children under the age of 18 will need to consult a physician prior to using Orlistol.

The company offers the same advice to potential users with existing medical conditions. This is pretty standard diet pill advice, but it’s also good advice that should be heeded by anyone who is considering using this product.

If you are allergic to seafood, we suggest you don’t use this product at all. It contains chitosan, which may have been sourced from lobsters or other species of crustacean that live in the sea.

Where To Buy Orlistol

You can buy Orlistol from the manufacturer’s website and from In both cases the price is the same. A 30-day supply of pills costs $39.99 (or equivalent in £ or €). That doesn’t sound too bad at first, but a bottle only contains 60 capsules. Anyone taking the maximum dose of four capsules per day will find a bottle of Orlistol is only good for 15 days.


A 30-day money back guarantee is promised, but it only applies to products purchased via the manufacturer’s website and it starts from the day the product was ordered, not the day it was received. That doesn’t give customers a lot of time to evaluate this product and see what it can do.

The Bottom Line

Most people won’t want to get out a calculator every time they need to decide how many pills they need to take before a meal; so Orlistol’s complicated usage guidelines are working against it right from the start.

This product is going to be more complicated to use than the drug it’s intended to replace. It’s also likely to be quite costly to use and anyone who is not happy with it’s performance doesn’t have long to try and get their money back.

Looking at the list of ingredients, Orlistol may help with weight loss, but fat blocking may not be a big part of the process.

In fact, any results obtained may be deceptive because the presence of laxatives may cause users to start walking around with emptier bowels and the loss of extra faeces from the body may be mistaken for loss of fat. So, if you do decide to use this product, bear in mind any results obtained may not be as good as they seem.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillIf you are looking at fat blockers then PhenQ is arguably the market leader.

PhenQ is more than just a fat blocker it cans also act as a fat burner while also suppressing and reducing appetite

PhenQ is a highly recommended diet product with a long guarantee period.

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