What Can Diet Pills Do – How Do They Actually Work

What can do diet pills doWhat can do diet pills do – How do they actually work? Experts always say the best diet pills are the ones that offer multiple benefits. There’s a lot of sense in this because making and sticking to a commitment to lose weight is no easy thing.

Cutting back on the amount of food you eat can lead to extreme feeling of hunger, rob you of energy and seriously affect the mood.

Many diet pills have been designed to help with all these things and some can offer help in other ways as well.

The problem is, the average diet pill buyer doesn’t understand all the different diet pill features and often ends up buying blind.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 popular diet pill features, and included brief explanations of the ways they offer support.

Ten Popular Diet Pill Features

1. Appetite Suppression: Diet pills that contain nopal an other good appetite suppressing ingredients make life easier for dieters by taking away hunger urges and silencing a nagging stomach.

Diet pills that contain good appetite suppressing ingredients make it easier for all dieters to lose weight, and women may find such pills especially beneficial because scientists have discovered the urge to eat is stronger for a woman than it is for a man.

Appetite Suppression

2. Faster Metabolism: The metabolism controls how fast the body burns calories and converts them to energy.

It can become sluggish for any number of different reasons and, once it becomes slow, it can be very hard to lose weight.

Even boosting a normal-speed metabolism can offer untold benefits because the body only burns fat when it experiences a calorie deficit. Using diet pills that cause the body to run short of calories sooner make you start burning fat sooner as well.

Most good fat burners contain ingredients that are good for boosting the metabolism.

3. Thermogenic Fat Burning: Thermogenesis is a process where the body loses energy in the form of heat.

The human body is warm. We’ve all seen television programs and films where people who are hiding are ferreted out by police using thermographic cameras.

Heat is a form of energy and science tells us energy cannot be created or destroyed.

The heat energy the body loses via thermogenesis generally comes from the calories (a calorie is a unit of energy) provided by food and the calories locked away in our fat.

4. Improved Lipolysis: Many diet pills are designed to improve lipolysis, but it’s a complicated biological process that’s not easy to explain in simple terms.

However, if you see a diet pill that has been designed to improve lipolysis it means the pill in question is intended to help the body break down its existing stores of fat.

It’s a diet pill feature that’s usually associated with fat burners.

Fat burners

5. Insulin Control: Insulin is the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar levels.

The pancreas releases it when blood sugar becomes too high. When insulin rises, blood sugar drops, but blood sugar and insulin levels can fluctuate a lot.

Especially after a meal. When the stomach has just been fed, all those calories entering the body can cause the blood sugar to rise quite fast. This causes the pancreas to release insulin, which brings the blood sugar down.

Unfortunately it often brings the blood sugar level down too far. The body responds to this sudden drop in blood sugar by creating a desire for sugary or high fat food.

Some ingredients, like chromium and green coffee bean extract, have the ability to help prevent fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels and keep things on an even keel.

6. Help with Sugar Urges: A lot of diet pill manufacturers say their products can help with hunger urges. If you are searching for diet pills, you are going to see this one a lot.

All it means is the pills have ingredients that can provide insulin control.

Fat Bllocking

7. Fat Blocking: Fat contains nine calories per gram. That’s more than double the amount provided by carbohydrates and protein. They both contain only four calories per gram.

Diet pills that have fat blocking as a main or secondary feature are intended to limit the amount of fat (from food) the body can digest.

Any fat that is not digested (typically around 30% of the amount consumed) passes through the body undigested and no calories are released.


8. Carb Blocking: Carb blocking diet pills generally contain white kidney bean extract because it interferes with the activity of the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates.

Diet pills that are only designed to block carbs will have a generous dose.

Multifunctional diet pills that offer carb blocking as one of their features will contain less. Carb blocking diet pills are generally most suitable for people who eat too many high carb foods, likes chips, bread, and pasta.

9. More Energy: The calories in food provide the body with energy, so it stands to reason cutting back on food can result in feelings of lethargy and fatigue.

The energy provided by the fat burning process keeps the body functioning, but sticking with a low calorie diet can still leave you feeling tired.

A lot of diet pills deal with this by providing caffeine and other stimulants, but its possible to invigorate the body by using curcumin and certain other ingredients. Stimulants are not the only way to go.

10. Mood Enhancement: Dieting can cause depression and health experts confirm it.

One reason for this could be a lack of of tryptophan (amino acid). It’s one of the things the body needs to produce the feel-good hormone serotonin but, whatever the cause, the idea of dieting isn’t to feel down.

It’s to slim down and, for this reason, some diet pills contain ingredients that can help improve the mood.

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NAMPT Enzyme Gene Manipulation Makes It Possible for Mice to Eat Junk Food Without Gaining Weight

NAMPT EnzymeNAMPT Enzyme – Gene Manipulation Makes It Possible for Mice to Eat Junk Food Without Gaining Weight 

It may sound a little too far-fetched to be true, but researchers in Denmark believe they may have discovered a way to allow the eating of unlimited amounts of junk food without the risk of getting fat.

The bad news is, so far, it’s only suitable for mice. So, if your main aspiration is to pig-out on pizza and fries without paying the consequences, you could be waiting for a long time.

The biological breakthrough was made possible when the scientists deleted an enzyme called NAMPT that is located in the fat.

All animals have it, as do humans, and its removal from their genetic make up made it possible for the mice to eat a diet that was so high in calories it was similar to eating pizzas and burgers every day for 12 weeks.

Experts hope the rodent-based study may eventually lead to a solution for the growing obesity crisis that costs the NHS over £1 billion a year and has been referred to as a “disturbing global public health crisis”.

What do diet pills actually do? Read more

The scientists at Copenhagen University say, once NAMPT was deleted, it was impossible for the mice to become fat.

If they could find a way to make the process safe for humans, it would free up important financial resources governments all over the world could put to better use. It would also save lives.

As is normally the case in studies of the nature, the reactions of the modified mice were compared to normal mice.

During the early stages of the study, both groups of mice were fed a healthy, low-fat diet. After 12 weeks, there was no discernible difference in their body weight.

Then both groups were put on a high-fat diet and, after 12 weeks, the normal mice had become extremely obese.

The weight of the modified mice remained consistently the same as when they were eating low-fat food.

In addition to being blessed with the ability to be immune to weight gain, the modified mice also had superior glucose control than the normal mice during the period while they were eating high-fat food.

Lead author, Karen Nørgaard Nielsen explained: “We gave the mice a diet that more or less corresponds to continuously eating burgers and pizza.

Still, it was impossible for them to expand their fat tissue.”

The results of the study back-up those of a number of human trials that revealed a consistent link between high NAMPT levels and obesity.

However, previous studies failed to reveal a lack of the enzyme in the fat tissue can protect against obesity.

In fact, the study challenges existing beliefs about NAMPT because it was generally seen to be an enzyme that should be increased for therapeutic purposes.

The co-author of the study, Dr Zachary Gerhart-Hines, pointed out NAMPT is “critical” for normal fat tissue function, but unfortunately is also responsible for storing fat.

“NAMPT in fat tissue was likely once an extraordinary benefit to our ancestors,” Gerhart-Hines speculated. “But, in today’s society it may pose a liability.”

Unfortunately, Dr Gerhart-Hines does not consider decreasing NAMPT levels is a suitable anti-obesity treatment method for humans because it increases the metabolic function of almost all the tissues in the body and there is evidence to suggest some organs may require high levels.

Full details of the study are available in the journal Molecular Metabolism.

CurraNZ Review – Made From New Zealand Blackberries

CurraNZ supplementCurraNZ is a health supplement made from New Zealand blackberries. The Daily Mail and some of the other daily tabloids make it sound like a weight loss wonder, but in their usual fashion UK reporters are going a little OTT over the benefits the average user is likely to attain.

According to the Daily Mail, CurraNZ can burn as much fat as four weeks of exercise.

A claim like that is bound to make people sit up and take notice, but the news report neglects to mention a very important fact—it’s only been proven to do this during periods of exercise.

The manufacturer’s website makes this perfectly clear, stating CurraNZ can provide “unprecedented fat burning gains during exercise”.

The Daily Mail article also alleges taking the supplement twice a day for a week may improve fat burning by up to 55 percent. Research suggest this is possible, but it also suggests such results will be rare.

Only one member of the research group managed to achieve this level of improvement. The average improvement was 27 percent and this is the figure mentioned on the official CurraNZ website.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll concentrate on the facts about CurraNZ and leave the dramatics to the tabloids.

New Zealand blackcurrant extract

What is CurraNZ?

CurraNZ is a capsule type food supplement that contains 100percent natural, freeze-dried, New Zealand blackcurrant extract. There are no other ingredients and each capsule provides 300mg.

The health boosting ability of blackcurant is no secret. Scientists and health professionals have known its value for years. However not all blackcurrants are created equal.

New Zealand Blackcurrants are believed to contain higher amounts of polyphenolic compounds and anthocyanins that any other fruit in the world. This is due to unique climatic conditions in which they grow.

New Zealand blackcurrants have 1.5 more anthocyanins that ones grown in Europe and provide eight times as many antioxidants as blueberries.

The Benefits Anthocyanins and Antioxidants Can Provide

The Benefits Anthocyanins and Antioxidants Can Provide

Anthocyanins are vasodilators. That means they have the ability to expand the blood vessels.

Vasodilation reduces blood pressure and improves the circulation, allowing improved oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles and important organs. This ability gives CurraNZ value as a training enhancer.

It should also be capable of improving healing capabilities and the presence of so many antioxidants will boost the immune system.

The fact that the media is so focussed on this products potential value as a fat burner is probably because, with obesity levels spiraling out of control, anything that may help is big news and big news sells papers.

Why CurraNZ Has Become Such Big News

Early research, conducted on men, showed supplementation with New Zealand Blackcurrant could increase fat burning by up to 21 percent. In later studies, conducted on women, researchers at Liverpool John Moores University found it increased fat burning ability by an average of 27 percent in just 7 days.

Study author Dr Sam Shepherd states this is very impressive.

“Seven days is not a very long time to see such big changes,” Shepherd points out. “Anything above 20 per cent is typically what we expect to see with three-to-four weeks of regular endurance exercise training.”

Professor Mark Willems, from the University of Chichester, also finds the study results very promising.

“It’s great to know that there are now observations of enhanced exercise-induced fat oxidation by New Zealand blackcurrant extract in endurance trained women and men,” Willems said. “These high-impact findings reinforce the unprecedented effect blackcurrant is having on fat oxidation, which is an exciting development in unlocking the potential of New Zealand blackcurrant extract for all from athletes to unhealthy people.”

Is CurraNZ Really a Magic Weight Loss Bullet?

There can be no doubt that New Zealand Blackcurrant is a very healthy ingredient and the freeze-drying process used by the manufacturer of CurraNZ should help lock-in all the natural goodness of the berries.

However, the men and women who took part in the studies did two hours of modest intensity cycling on the seventh day of the study.

That’s a lot of cycling and the original research concluded: “Intake of NZBC extract for 7 days elevated resting concentrations of plasma NEFA and glycerol, indicative of higher lipolytic rates, and this may underpin the observed increase in fat oxidation during prolonged cycling in endurance-trained females.”

People who take two CurraNZ capsules per day will get 600mg of New Zealand blackcurrant extract.

That’s the same amount as the endurance-trained cyclists received, but that does not mean it will provide the same impressive results for everyone.

The average person who needs to lose weight will not have the same degree of physical fitness or stamina as an endurance-trained athlete and is also likely to have a slower resting metabolic rate.

CurraNZ has a lot of promise, but the media could be accused of making it sound more promising than it is.

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Glucomannan – A Highly Effective Appetite Suppressant

Glucomannan is a popular appetite suppressing ingredient that works by creating a feeling of fullness in the stomach. When the stomach feels full, the desire to eat is lost.

It’s simple biology and glucomannan has such powerful hunger killing abilities it’s often used as a standalone weight loss ingredient.

glucomannan for weight loss

What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a high-fibre ingredient that’s sourced from the roots of the Asian konjac plant. In certain areas of the world, konjac is also known as voodoo lilly.

That’s quite an appropriate name because numerous studies show glucomannan fibre can work like magic when it comes to helping people to get their eating habits under control.

Although it can be cultivated, it’s possible to find konjac growing wild in Japan, Indonesia, and several other Asian countries. Glucomannan flour is highly valued in the East, both as a food and as a herbal medication.

It’s the main ingredient in shirataki noodles and has been used for treating all manner of ailments including asthma and constipation.

Scientists in the west have started to explore glucomannan’s potential in several areas, including weight loss, and a study published in The American Journal of Nutrition shows even a small dose of glucomannan can be very effective for lowering cholesterol.

How Does Glucomannan Work for Weight Loss?

How Does Glucomannan Work for Weight Loss?

Fighting hunger can be a hard thing to do. Especially for people who are used to eating a lot, and that’s most dieters because people don’t gain weight through an aversion to food.

Glucomannan makes it easier for dieters to reduce the amount of food they eat each day by helping them to eat less without feeling hungry.

When used alongside healthy (low-calorie) food choices and (preferably) exercise, glucomannan helps people to reduce their calorie intake to a degree that is sufficient to cause the body to experience such a lack of calories it has to begin burning its fat to get extra energy.

The appetite suppressing ability of glucomannan is the results of it’s natural capabilities and the way it’s used.

Glucomannan fibre is so absorbent, a 500mg capsule can turn the entire contents of a glass of water into a gel.

For this reason, glucomannan is always taken with plenty of water.

A stomach that’s filled with gel has very little appetite for food, so the voodoo lilly magic really just boils down to a matter of physics.

Glucomannan assists weight loss in another way too because its presence in the stomach limits nutrient absorption.

There are four calories per gram with carbohydrate and protein, and dietary fat provides an incredible nine calories per gram, so glucomannan’s ability to limit nutrient absorption offers obvious value.

Glucomannan A Proven Weight Loss Aid

How Does Glucomannan Work for Weight Loss?A number of research studies show supplementing with glucomannan can accelerate weight loss.

For the purposes of one study, conducted in Norway, the researchers enlisted the help of 176 volunteers and split them into 4 groups. The members of the first group were given glucomannan.

The people in the second group received a combination of glucomannan and guar gum. The people in the third group got glucomannan and alginate, and the members of the fourth group received a placebo. All four groups had to adhere to a strict, low-calorie diet.

When the scientists evaluated the data obtained from all four groups, it revealed all the volunteers had lost weight. However, the people who were given a placebo had lost considerably less weight than the ones who were given glucomannan.

Furthermore, the data showed the people who received pure glucomannan had lost the most weight of all.

There are many ways to suppress the appetite. Filling the stomach with a gel that creates a feeling of fullness is one of the better ones and the other benefits glucomannan provides, including decreased nutrient absorption and lower cholesterol, are very desirable bonuses.

However, the fact that a supplement contains glucomannan is no guarantee that it will work. Some manufacturers fail to add a sufficient quantity to their diet pill formulations.

Others stifle glucomannan’s abilities by combining it with ingredients of lesser value.

For this reason, it’s always best to only buy diet pills that have been produced by respected manufacturers that have a good reputation for producing effective products. As with so many things in life, quality counts and the cream will always rise to the top.

Glucomannan Weight Loss Products

LeanBean Glucomannan pillsOne glucomannan diet pill that is proving to be amazingly popular is Leanbean.

Leanbean is exclusively for women, it contains the correct amount of glucomannan to offer it’s user highly effective appetite suppression.

Leanbean can also help you burn excess fat and regulate hormonal imbalance – one of the leading causes of female weight gain.

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New Diet Pills – Best New Diet Pills for 2018

diet pills bad repNew Diet Pills. Most people are aware consuming too many calories per day leads to weight gain, but obesity levels are rising all over the world.

Many people who are overweight desperately want to lose weight, but are unable to move away from the bad habits and lifestyle choices that have caused them to gain weight in the first place.

This is a big problem because being overweight has a negative effect on the health, can reduce life expectancy, and puts an unnecessary strain on medical professionals and resources.

Pharmacologists and supplement manufacturers continue to work on developing new diet pills intended to provide people with the extra support they need to lose weight, but a lot of the offerings available do not work in the way intended or do not work at all.

Even the diet pills that do work can sometimes bring more problems than they are worth and prescription weight loss medications can be particularly bad in this regard.

Let’s take a look at some of the new diet pills that have emerged over the last few years.

New Prescription-Only Diet Pills

Mysimba, Belviq and Contrave are three of the latest prescription medications to hit the market. All three of them are appetite suppressants. So is Phentermine, but it’s been available for a long time and the fact that pharmacologists continue to work on developing this type of medication shows the drug is not as good as most people believe it to be.

Phentermine can be addictive. It’s also capable of causing numerous side effects and, contrary to popular belief, it does not work for everyone and even when it does work the benefits it offers can be slow to arrive.

Taking these factors into consideration, it’s clear to see a better option is needed, but Mysimba, Belviq and Contrave are all known to cause side effects as well. Like Phentermine, Belviq can also be addictive, so things cannot be seen to be moving forward.

New Diet Pills to Buy Over the Counter

PhenQ appetite suppressantLicenses for new prescription medications are not granted very often, but new weight loss supplements are being added to the market all the time and there are already so many available it can be very hard for dieters to see the wood from the trees.

The list of non prescription diet pills released in the last five years is endless, but the most exiting one is a multifunctional weight loss capsule called PhenQ.

It presently the best-selling diet pill in the world and, like Phentaslim, it was designed to offer dieters a safe and effective alternative to Phentermine.

The most interesting thing about these products is they have both proven to be more powerful and effective than the medication they were designed to replace.

This may sound surprising, but it is not that strange because Phentermine is primarily an appetite suppressant. PhenQ and Phentaslim are appetite suppressants as well, but they also speed up the metabolism and offer additional benefits that encourage the body to burn its stores of fat more quickly.

Very few over the over-the-counter diet pill options are designed to function solely as appetite suppressants.

Gravitate Supersculpt is another recent addition to the market, and it’s somewhat of an exception because it’s primarily a hunger reducer, but it’s packaged with a companion product that provides vitamins and minerals that help ensure the body is functioning at peak capacity.

Customer reviews show it works very well and people who use it are not cursed by the side effects prescription medication users have to endure.

The Best New Diet Pill

The best new diet pill will always be the one that is the best match for your individual needs because everyone is different. However, bearing in mind the range of side effects associated with their use, prescription medications like Belviq and Contrave may not be the best way to go.

Such options are only ever prescribed for the short-term, do not offer dieters a sufficient level of support, and present far too many negative issues.

Anyone who is convinced all they need is some help to control their hunger would be better off choosing Gravitate Supersculpt because, unlike prescription diet pills, it suppresses the appetite without causing side effects.

However, PhenQ can do this as well and is probably a better option for most people because it offers support in so many ways it’s often said to be as powerful as several diet pills rolled into one.

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