Aqualyx – £250 fat zapping injection, is it worth the money

fat zapping injections

There are media report surfacing that a new weight loss method is to be introduced to the commercial market place – the futuristic sounding Aqualyx.

Aqualyx is the £250 a time water soluble fat busting injection that is supposed to be able to dissolve fat cells naturally so that they naturally drip out of your body.

The injections comprise of ingredients derived from plant polymers that are said to bind with the tissue that lines fat cell walls. The plant polymer then ruptures dissolving the fat which then passes naturally out of the body when you urinate.

Aqualyx is injected directly into any high fat area such as chin, neck, stomach, upper arms and legs and buttocks. It makers say that this is permanent solution and the fat cells do not grow back.

Aqualyx claims to be the only registered fat removal injection on the market

Aqualyx “isn’t an injection for weight loss”

It’s makers are keen to point out and underline that their injection is not primarily for weight loss but for body contouring. Customers will not lose weight, but their fatty areas will be significantly reduced.

The injections cost £250 per session and if customers want several areas worked on then the costs can accumulate quite quickly. Smaller areas such as the chine should only take one session but larger areas with a higher fat content may take several sessions.

Is Aqualyx safe – are there any side effects

fat zapping injection womanThe manufacturers say that it’s customers should not experience any side effects or major discomfort other than slight bruising and swelling for two days maximum.

However some other medical professional are not as confident with regard to its safety and long term potential problems. Dr Yannis Alexandrides a London based Harley Street doctor said: “I don’t use fat removal injectable in my clinic and certainly have no plans to until there is further research and trials published.”

Dr Yannis went on say “its imperative that prospective patients do their research on treatments before they book. These fat zapping injection are a new addition to the marketplace with little to no evidence of their efficacy (independent) other than that produced by the products makers..”

Where To Get Aqualyx Injections

Available fron independent private clinics UK-wide.

Our Say – Is it worth the money and the risk

The jury is very much OUT. Until we can see real testimonials from successful procedures we cannot recommend. Additionally the long term ramifications are unknown.

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