The UK’s Best Appetite Suppressants To Help Weight Loss

People who wish to be successful in their attempts to lose weight will need to be able to overcome their hunger urges and resist the temptation of follow the same bad eating habits that caused them to put on weight in the first place.

Anyone who cannot do this on their own will need the help of a good appetite suppressant. Finding an appetite suppressant that works can be a battle in itself though.

A lot of products can disappoint, so we’ve put together a list of the five very best appetite suppressants money can buy.

Which is the Best Appetite Suppressant For You?

PhenQ Phentaslim Phen375 Supersculpt Proactol XS
Reduces Hunger
Burns Fat
Blocks Fat
Vegetarian Friendly ?
Well Reviewed



PhenQ multi benefit diet pillEasily the best-selling weight loss product in the world, PhenQ is a mufti-functional diet pill that owes much of its success to its prowess as an appetite suppressant.

The reason PhenQ is so good for appetite suppression is mainly due to the presence of nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica) cactus extract.

Nopal could very well be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, natural appetite suppressants in the world. Indian tribesmen used to take out their hunting knives and chop the flesh of the cactus into bite-sized chunks and then chew on them during long hunting trips. This took away their hunger and prevented them from being distracted from the hunt.

capsimax powderIn more recent years, scientists have discovered nopal also works as a fat blocker, so it’s a good ingredient to have.

The other main hunger curbing ingredient in PhenQ is more fiery in nature because it’s a proprietary blend of capsicum pepper extract.

Capsicum provides capsaicin and it’s such a powerful fat burner people often disregard its other abilities, but science has proven it can also be effective for silencing a rumbling stomach.

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Phentaslim reviewsOften favored by dieters who can no longer stand or do not want to risk the side effects caused by the prescription appetite suppressant Phentermine, Phentaslim is another diet pill that owes much of its appetite suppressing prowess to the presence of capsicum.

The formulation also contains some lesser-known hunger reducers, including ginseng and L-Carnitine. The presence of L-Carnitine offers added value because clinical trials shows it also helps prevent diet-related fatigue.

Phentaslim is not a newcomer to the diet pill market. It’s been helping people to lose weight more easily for a lot of years and has accrued over 100,000 recommendations from former customers and a lot of them mention the fact that they found it killed their hunger pangs better than the prescription drug it was designed to replace.

People who buy Phentaslim also have another advantage over those who are using Phentermine because it’s sold with a money back guarantee. Try getting that with a prescription medication.

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Phen375 recommendedThis American-made appetite suppressing diet pill is a former market leader that has been around for quite a while and continues to outperform most of the newer products that are designed to offer similar benefits.

Phen375 is a Phentermine substitute. You’ve only got to take a look at the name to realize that, but if you take a look inside the bottle you will see the pills are a good mimic too because they are white with blue flecks.

A lot of dieters have used this product to lose weight (more than 200,000) and so many people have such a lot of good things to say about its abilities its obvious the manufacturer has come up with a winner.

order Phen375 directSeveral hunger curbing ingredients are included in the formulation. There’s some capsicum and L-Carnitine, and their abilities are backed up by the presence of citrus aurantium.

Although this citric fruit extract is known to be a powerful metabolism booster and fat burner, scientists have conducted tests that show it can help stop overeating as well.

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Gravitate Supersculpt

Gravitate Supersculpt appetite suppressantSupersculpt is an appetite suppressant that’s sold alongside a vitamin-providing product (DietVits) that has been formulated to supply supportive benefits and help ensure the process of dieting does not cause nutritional imbalances.

Supersculpt could be seen as a pretty basic product because it only contains one active ingredient, but sometimes it can be the simple things in life that work the best.

glucomannan appetite suppressantGravitate Nutrition has chosen to use glucomannan. It a natural ingredient taken from the roots of a plant (konjac). It has appetite suppressing value because it has the ability to soak up vast amounts of water and this causes a swelling effect. When this occurs inside the stomach, it creates a feeling of satiety and the need to eat and/or overindulge is taken away.

The appetite suppressing ability of glucomannan has been evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority and their experts approve its use as a weight loss aid. They are equally enthusiastic about its ability to help control cholesterol levels, so this simple ingredient is a pretty big gun when it comes to losing weight and improving the health.

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Proactol XS

Proactol XS BottleProactol XS also contains an ingredient that bulks-up inside the stomach to suppress the appetite, but it is not water that causes this to happen.

Proactol XS is a fat blocker that contains chitosan. Once it’s been ingested, chitosan attracts the fat that has been consumed as part of a meal and bonds with it.

Chitosan is an ingredient the body is unable to digest and when fat is bound with it the fat cannot be digested either and is simply pooped away, along with all the calories it contains (9 per gram).

Proactol XS reviewCholesterol is a form of fat, so chitosan can help lower cholesterol levels as well. Some forms of Chitosan are made from crab and lobster shell extracts. Others use a form extracted from a species of fungus.

Proactol XS uses the fungal form, so if you are someone who needs to have an appetite suppressant suitable for vegetarians, this could be a good option for you.

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Appetite Suppressants – How Do They Work

suppressing the appetiteGetting to grips with a bulging waist line and shedding unwanted pounds is hard work and the nagging feelings of hunger that are part and parcel of any weight management regimen can be particularly hard to cope with.

So hard in fact, many dieters simply fail to surmount this first important hurdle and give up.

That’s where appetite suppressants come in.

Effective appetite suppressant formulations can help quiet a nagging stomach, keep the hunger pangs at bay, and give dieters the edge they need to stick with the regimen and get the fitter, leaner body they crave.

Do Appetite Suppressants Really Work?

PhenQ what does it doAppetite suppressants work. Anyone who doubts the fact need only look at the success of the prescription-only drug Phentermine.

The fact that doctors prescribe it offers the best Phentermine endorsement of all, but the drug is addictive and its use can result in nasty side effects so doctors only usually consider writing a Phentermine prescription for seriously obese patients.

In recent years an alternative was created that has become arguably the most popular non-prescription appetite suppressant across the globe.

This product is called PhenQ – it can not only suppress appetite but also act as a fat burner and fat blocker

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The Eating Habit

Woman trying to suppress appetiteEating is important. The calories contained in food provide the body with the energy it needs to function, but there’s a big problem.

Food tastes so good that it is easy to fall into the habit of eating more of it than the body really needs and overeating on a regular basis causes the stomach to stretch.

This creates more room for even more food and allows people to further overindulge their eating passions. Eating a lot can quickly become a habit, but the human desire for food is not the same as a genuine need for food.

If it was people would be able to keep on cramming the cakes without fear of stepping on the bathroom scales. People put on weight for one reason and one reason alone—consuming more calories than the body requires. Whenever this happens the excess calories are stored as body fat.

It’s easy to become overweight. Obesity is big problem, especially so in the Western World where hectic lifestyles can result in a reliance of fast food; and it doesn’t help matters when so many establishments ask their customers if they would like to ‘go large’ and purchase an extra generous helping of food.

More often than not customers do choose to ‘go large’ and over indulge some more, feed their food habit, and grow large in the process.

Falling into the eating habit may be easy. Watching the waistline explode is much harder to swallow and like any habit the eating habit is a hard habit to break.

How Appetite Suppressants Work

Phentermine stimulates glands in the brain and causes them to release a hormone called norephrine which then triggers a state of fight or flight.

When the human body is in a state of fight or flight it is geared for one thing only—survival—and chemical changes occur to quell anything that may distract the body from the task at hand, including hunger.

Fortunately for dieters some natural appetite suppressing formulations can also trigger a state of fight or flight, so Phentermine’s unavailability (without a prescription) does not mean effective appetite suppression is reliant on a doctor’s intervention.

This is far from being true and triggering a state of fight or flight is not the only way of tricking the body into forgetting the desire for food.

Some ingredients can stimulate the production of the hormone serotonin, which also has the power to suppress the appetite and offers the added bonus of enhancing the mood.

It’s the body’s ‘feel good’ hormone, but losing weight and looking good does not have to be reliant on the production of hormones. There are other ways of misleading the stomach and removing the desire for food and the ingredient Glucomannan achieves this in quite a clever way.

Glucomannan is a fibrous substance taken from the roots of a plant. It is very absorbent, soaks up moisture like a sponge, and expands considerably in the process.

Glucomannan has very little nutritional value and passes through the body undigested, so it will not in itself contribute to weight gain, but it can contribute much to weight loss.

Appetite suppressants that utilize Glucomannan are always taken with plenty of water, which ensure the fibers swell within the stomach to create a feeling of fullness. A full stomach is a happy stomach so any nagging feelings of hunger quickly disappear.

Concluding Thoughts

Appetite suppressants are an invaluable weight loss aid that can put the ‘control’ back into the calorie controlled diet that is so important to successful weight loss.

Results can be improved by burning off extra calories via exercise or by combining appetite suppression with an effective fat burner, but this is an option not a necessity.

Suppressing the appetite is an effective way of breaking the eating habit and once that habit is broken weight loss is pretty much guaranteed.

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