Lean Bean Female Fat Burner Review

Lean Bean Female fat BurnerLean Bean is a diet pill designed to help women “harness the power nature” and burn their fat.

The company marketing the product is called Ultimate Health Limited. The registered office is in Leeds, England, but the pills are manufactured in FDA registered facilities located in the USA. This is completely usual.

Ultimate Health is a relatively new company, that was first incorporated in 2015, and Lean Bean appears to be their only product. To date there is nothing negative about the company and the feedback from customers is pleasingly positive.

Although the marketing is geared toward it’s fat burning capability the inclusion of glucomannan also makes LeanBean a very interesting appetite suppressant as well. Glucomannan has been studied, researched and documented by virtually every corner of the weight loss industry and all agree that this ingredient works!

Gold award for diet pill excellenceClaims: Helps you to target stubborn fat without side effects. Can also suppress appetite and regulate hormone levels.

Positives: Nice looking brand, reputable company. It’s biggest selling point is the formula. If there were slightly more turmeric it would equate to just about the most perfectly balanced supplement we have reviewed.

Negatives: Not ideally suited for men as there are ingredients that counter Oestrogen (estrogen) imbalance.

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“We like the formula, we really like it. We would be hesitant to say it’s the best of it’s kind but we are struggling to remember a better or more adept female fat burner that we have reviewed.” Online Diet Magazine

Lean Bean Benefits and Main Selling Points

  • Helps you to target stubborn fat without side effects
  • Easy to use formula
  • Vegetarian friendly diet pill
  • Includes 12 of nature’s most effective fat burners

Use Lean Bean with diet and exercise to:

  • Get rid of cellulite
  • Get a flatter, firmer tummy
  • Tone your arms and legs
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem

What is Lean Bean and How Does it Work?

glucomannan appetite suppressantLean Bean is marketed as a fat burner. Supplements of this kind encourage the body to get to work on its stores of fat and use it as a source of energy or, in the case of thermogenic fat burners, lose calories from the body in the form of heat.

There are also ingredients that suppress appetite – Glucomannan is a good example, if not the best example of an appetite suppressant.

The people responsible for formulating have given their task a lot of thought. Turmeric is not a usual inclusion in a weight loss product but essential for ultimate well being and very welcome inclusion here.

We could dedicate a whole website (series of websites even) to the merits of Turmeric – If there is one natural substance to take on a daily basis … it’s turmeric.

Piperine - black pepperAnother example of the manufacturers thought is the inclusion of piperine – or black pepper.

It appears to be pretty uninteresting at first glance but it is arguably the most important ingredient.

Piperine helps with the absorption of virtually everything – it adds bioavailability to give it more technical importance. Without piperine your body cannot absorb or process substances as effectively and in some cases render them useless.

Key Ingredients

Four capsules provide:

  • Vitamin B6 (3.72mg), Vitamin B12 (6.4ug): B Vitamins help to support a healthy metabolism so most diet pills contain one or more forms of Vitamin B.
  • Chromium (120ug): A mineral that is good for preventing fluctuating blood sugar levels (can trigger hunger).
  • Green coffee (600mg): Green coffee provides a fat burning chemical. It’s called chlorogenic acid and, like chromium, it is also good for keeping blood sugar levels under control.
  • Acai berry (800mg): A nutrient-rich fruit extract that boasts hunger suppressing capabilities and can also give the metabolism a boost and get it burning some extra calories.
  • Green tea extract (200mg): A proven metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner. Most diet pills contain green tea, so it’s not a surprise to see it here.
  • Turmeric powder (200mg): A versatile spice that can reduce the inflammation that is sometimes caused by obesity.
  • Glucomannan (500mg): A natural fibre that is taken with water and swells up inside the stomach to create a feeling of fullness. It’s an excellent ingredient.
  • Garcinia cambogia (400mg): A respected diet pill ingredient that provides a fat busting chemical called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). For good results garcinia needs to provide at least 60% HCA.
  • Cayenne pepper (60mg): A chilli extract that appears to have appetite suppressing abilities, but is generally more valued for its prowess as a fat burner.
  • Black pepper (20mg): The distinctive taste of black pepper is provided by a compound called piperine. Black pepper extract is added to supplements because piperine helps other ingredients be absorbed more easily.
  • Raspberry ketones (8mg): Research conducted in Korea suggest raspberry ketone’s reputation as a fat burner is built on solid ground.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is needed four times each day and should be taken with a meal or snack. Good results will require the capsules be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Lean Bean Customer Feedback

Lean Bean Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very positive. Some sample comments..

“most diet or weight loss supplements don’t seem to come with a plan of action. The accompanying Workout Secrets of a fitness model is really helping me”
“so far, so good. I dont feel hungry and I feel more energised”
“This is my secret weapon for the gym – I can workout for longer and I am seeing some impressive results”
“I’m no gym bunny but Lean Bean just might encourage me to start. I am now on an healthy eating plan and everything seems to be right for me get back in shape. My kids have reeked havoc with my body and now its me time”

Lean Bean Side Effects & Health Issues

Ultimate Life say the formulation does not cause side effects, but they stress the product is only intended for adults.

People who have any medical conditions or are using medication are advised to consult a doctor before commencing use of the pills. We would further suggest that any woman who is pregnant or nursing a child get their doctor’s approval as well.


The guarantee is for 90 days – one of the longest guarantee periods in the industry. All Ultimate Health Ltd ask you to do is use the product as directed and if you fail to notice a difference then you get your money back.

The Bottom Line

Lean Bean fat BurnerThe Lean Bean formulation contains several of the most beneficial ingredients, so this should be an effective supplement if used as directed.

Everything about the brand oozes class. There are no gimmicks or false promises. The seem understand the fat that it’s easy to be successful if you great product and your easy to do business with.

We like the formula, we really like it. We would be hesitant to say it’s the best of it’s kind but we are struggling to remember a better or more adept female fat burner that we have reviewed.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Lean Bean is only available from the official website. One bottle will last 30 days – this equates to about £1 a day

There are multiple currency options – £, €, $AUD, $CAD and US$

Customers who buy multiple months get a large discount. Currently the best value is buying 3 bottles and get a fourth free. The is also free worldwide delivery and a free ebook – The Workout Secrets of a fitness model.

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Lean Bean Female Fat Burner Review — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been taking Leanbean for two weeks and already lost 9lbs!! I’m very satisfied so far 🙂 Almost done 2 pant sizes 🙂

  2. I love it. Been taking for 2 months now and I am absolutely convinced it is working. I feel the appetite suppression I don’t crave food. I workout 3 times a week in the evenings after work and don’t feel tired. I used to workout about a year ago exactly the same routine but felt really tired afterwards and was sick a few times. This time around I can do me whole hour and feel good. I’m happy

  3. I’m a fan. Got mine at Christmas.

    It’s the longest I have ever been on a diet and it’s working. I had a child 5 years ago and thought it;s about time to get back in shape

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