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Last updated on October 31st, 2023

PrimeShred is a thermogenic fat burner and energy booster for bodybuilders and other hard-training individuals who want to get ripped and lean.

It’s designed to be a good option for men and women who are in pre-competition cutting cycles but is equally useful for anyone who needs to ditch their excess fat fast.

If you are trying to attain your perfect beach body or want to lose weight for a wedding, PrimeShred can help you to do it but you will need to train.

It’s a high-quality supplement produced in capsule form at FDA-approved, GMP-certified premises in the USA.

Claims: To offer a safe and fast fat burning experience using clinically back ingredients.

Positives: Nice looking brand, Good ingredients profile, well priced, good customer response. Vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Negatives: Availability restricted to official website. Marketing material focused on men but it is equally suitable for women.

Summary: If you are bodybuilder, lift weights, train or simply want to cut body fat the Prime Shed is a great cutting supplement. It is one of the best thermogenic fat burners for men in circulation.

The PrimeShred formulation was developed by UK based Muscle Club Limited. It’s a reputable company that backs the product with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

The carefully selected blend of 12 ingredients gives you the extra energy and mental focus you need to train harder, make better gains, and burn extra fat.

The formulation also has ingredients to stop your cutting diet from affecting your mood. A lot of people find their low-calorie diets get them down, so it’s great that PrimeShred offers this type of support.

PrimeShred contains a little caffeine, so it won’t be for you if you prefer to keep things stimulant-free. It doesn’t contain any animal extracts though so it’s a perfect choice for vegans and vegetarians.

Prime Shred UK and Ireland hardcore fat burner

Promised Benefits

  • Lose pure fat
  • Break through plateaus
  • Target fat in stubborn areas
  • Transform your body
  • Get the leanest, most ripped body you ever had

How PrimeShred Works

PrimeShred provides a combination of natural ingredients that make it easier to burn through fat and improve definition by uncovering the lean muscle beneath.

All the ingredients offer multiple benefits some of which Muscle Club fails to mention. For instance, although capsicum extract has a lot of respect as a fat burner, research shows it’s an appetite suppressant as well.

Nobody likes to feel hungry so, Muscle Club could be accused of selling its product short by failing to mention this important benefit.

Nevertheless, first and foremost, PrimeShred is a fat burner. It targets fat in a manner that could be described as a triple attack.

PrimeShred UK and Ireland

1. Increases Metabolism and Thermogenesis

Metabolism is a complex process that extracts energy from food and puts it to work. It also controls how much energy you use and how fast.

When metabolism increases, you burn extra calories. Any form of physical activity increases metabolism and the more intense the action is, the more calories you will burn.

The fat burners in PrimeShred won’t increase your metabolism as much as a brisk jog around the park but they can help you to burn extra calories while jogging or doing other forms of exercise, such as lifting weights.

More importantly, the fat burners in PrimeShred will also help you to burn extra calories when you are resting.

Thermogenesis is a process that creates heat inside the body. As with metabolism, thermogenesis increases during exercise. That’s why, even on a cold day, exercise can keep you warm.

The heat you lose from your body due to thermogenesis further increases metabolism creating an extra energy drain and a greater need to burn fat.

2. Activates Fat Burning Hormones

Certain hormones play an important role in energy production by helping your body break down its stores of fat. Acting as a trigger, these chemical messengers instruct your fat cells to release fatty acids into your blood so you can use them for energy.

3. Amplifies Energy and Mental Focus

The kind of diet you need to eat during an intense cutting routine can rob you of so much energy you feel drained and worn out. That’s not good for anyone but it’s even worse if you have training to do.

Following such a low-calorie lifestyle can also place you under mental strain. That’s not ideal either. When you have specific training goals you need to stay mentally sharp and retain your focus.

A lot of supplements don’t contain the right ingredients to deal with these issues. PrimeShred is one of the few that does.

PrimeShred Usage Guidelines

The dose is three capsules, taken together, 20 minutes before breakfast. It’s best to take them with a full glass of water. This will help the capsules to dissolve and prevent you from becoming dehydrated.

PrimeShred is a daily supplement, You still need to take it on the days you do not intend to train.

The PrimeShred Ingredient & What They Do

Three PrimeShred capsules provide:

  • Niacin (15 mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (1.3 mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (24 mcg)
  • Green Tea (500 mg)
  • L-Tyrosine (300 mg)
  • Rhodiola Rosea (250 mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (225 mg)
  • L-Theanine (250 mg)
  • Cayenne Pepper [10:1] (200 mg)
  • DMAE Bitartrate (150 mg)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract [4:1] (100 mg)
  • BioPerine (5 mg)


Niacin is Vitamin B3. It’s an important water-soluble vitamin that helps you to draw energy from food. All B vitamins share this ability. That’s why they are key ingredients in energy drinks.

Bodybuilders often favor using supplements that contain niacin because it increases vasodilation.

“Vasodilation” refers to a relaxing of the blood vessels that lowers blood pressure and improves circulation.

This is a favorable occurrence because it allows the muscles to get extra blood. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients that help your muscles during training.

Oxygen is especially useful because it slows the build-up of lactic acid that causes hard-worked muscles to feel pain.

Niacin’s effect on circulation allows you to get in some extra reps before you have to stop and take a rest. Every extra rep burns more calories and primes your muscles for additional growth.

Vitamins B6 & B12

Two more vitamins that will help you extract more energy from your food. Neither one will cause vasodilation like Niacin does but both are good for your blood.

Vitamin B6 aids the production of the hemoglobin your red blood cells use to carry oxygen. A better circulation (thanks to niacin) would not mean much if your red blood cells were unable to get enough oxygen to the places it needs to be.

Vitamin B12 is equally important. If you don’t get enough, your red blood cells become too large. This impairs their ability, leading to anemia.

All things considered, when Muscle Club decided to pair niacin with Vitamins B 6 and B12 it was a very smart move.

In addition to helping you to train harder, Vitamin B12 can also improve your state of mind by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters that help prevent depression.


Green Tea

Green tea provides unique antioxidants called green tea catechins. They are associated with many health benefits. They also increase metabolism and thermogenesis to help you to lose weight.

Green tea contains a small quantity of caffeine too. However, although caffeine is a proven fat burner, research shows it’s not the primary fat burner in green tea. (

Green tea also appears to activate the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine so it’s not surprising it works so well.


L-tyrosine is an amino acid that helps build muscle and is also good for your brain. It can help you to maintain mental positivity by aiding the production of neurotransmitters that regulate mood.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen herb that helps you remain impervious to stress.

Research suggests supplementing with Rhodiola rosea may also be a good way to prevent burnout. (

Caffeine Anhydrous

Although the dose is not unreasonably high, caffeine is a pretty big gun in the PrimeShred fat-burning formulation and it serves several roles.

Like any other stimulant, caffeine boosts energy. It also improves concentration and mental focus. These are all benefits you will appreciate when it’s time to train.

Caffeine also boosts metabolism and thermogenesis. Many studies prove this is so.

The results of one of them suggest caffeine may offer greater fat-burning benefits to people of normal weight than it does to those who are overweight.

Bearing in mind the fact the average PrimeShred user is likely to pretty good shape, caffeine is an especially appropriate inclusion. (


L-theanine is an amino acid that’s often added to nootropic supplements because it calms the mind without making you less alert.

Supplement manufacturers often use L-theanine alongside caffeine because it appears to enhance its benefits while also reducing the chances of side effects.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the most popular fat-burning ingredients available. This has been the case for several years.

The key component is capsaicin. The pepper uses capsaicin to deter damage from insects by making the flesh of the pepper too fiery for them to eat.

The compound also has the ability to increase human metabolism and thermogenesis. That’s its main claim to fame.

However, as already mentioned earlier in this review, the presence of cayenne may furnish PrimeShred with an appetite suppressing effect.

Research from two studies suggests just eating small pieces of pepper is enough to produce a decent level  of hunger suppression. (

PrimeShred provides an extract from the pepper in a highly concentrated form.

Muscle Club is using a 10:1 extract. That means it has 10 times normal potency. So the 200 mg each dosePrimeShred provides is the equivalent of 2 full grams of normal-strength extract.

DMAE Bitartrate

DMAE is an organic compound used in supplements. Many of the benefits it provides relate to the mind.

DMAE is a good fit for PrimeShred because it increases mental focus and helps with motivation. That’s going to be useful to anyone who sometimes finds it hard to find the desire to train.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Research shows green coffee bean extract can reduce waist circumference and BMI (body mass index). (

The problem is, people tend to dispute the reasons why. Some people say it boosts metabolism and thermogenesis. Others say the weight loss it initiates is due to an ability to control cravings and hunger.

Either way, it’s a good inclusion and Muscle Club is using an extract that boasts four times the normal strength.


BioPerine is a black pepper extract that’s 95% piperine.

Piperine is an alkaloid that enhances the bioavailability of supplement ingredients, helping you to absorb them more easily.

Standard black pepper extracts can greatly enhance the abilities of supplement formulations but BioPerine leaves them standing in the dust.

PrimeShred Side Effects

According to Muscle Club, PrimeShred doesn’t have any known side effects.

However, the formulation contains caffeine. Although most people can handle it without any problems, a minority of individuals have tolerance issues that can cause them to experience headaches, nausea, jitters, and other unpleasant responses.

High doses increase the likelihood of side effects. Fortunately, PrimeShred does not provide a particularly high dose. You’d probably get a similar amount of caffeine by drinking a couple of strong cups of coffee.

However, if you have any existing health issues or would need to use PrimeShred alongside medication, it’s a good idea to check with a doctor before commencing supplementation.

PrimeShred is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Where to Buy PrimeShred UK and Ireland

where to buy Prime Shred UK and Ireland. How much does is cost. Any coupon codes for PrimeShred

PrimeShred is exclusive to the official website. Each tub provides enough capsules to last for 30 days and costs around £34.99, 39.99 euros or $49.99 depending if you are buying from the UK, Ireland or the UK. There are also prices for Prime Shred in AUD (Australian $) and CAD$ (Canadian $).

As is generally the case with supplements of this nature, the PrimeShred website offers options that make it possible to stretch your money further.

  • Buy two tubs and get one free tub.
  • Buy three tubs and get two free tubs.

Although the normal price per tub is very reasonable, if you know you will need more than one tub, taking advantage of deals like these makes a lot of sense.

Does PrimeShred Work – The Bottom Line

PrimeShred is a very impressive supplement produced by a reputable company and competitively priced.

Although anyone who uses it should see improvements in their fat loss, the supplement will really come into its own when incorporated into a lifestyle that includes plenty of gym time.

If you aren’t going to do anything with all that extra energy, using a product like PrimeShred makes very little sense. 

PrimeShred is not a run-of-the-mill diet pill. It’s a very specialized product designed for people who are prepared to train.

Regardless of whether you are training to build a phenomenal body or just want to look better during an upcoming time at the beach, a desire or willingness to train is still important.

Use this product alongside a good workout routine and watch it deliver the goods.

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