About Us

Slimmers Weekly is an online publication that is dedicated to providing consumer news, reviews and information about the diet and weight loss industry.

From time to time there are stories in the press about the latest and greatest diet products – it is our job to investigate and find out it if there if the claims made can be substantiated.

All our reviews welcome comments and in the main we do not edit unless there is an obvious reason to do so.

Above all we like to remain independent and use advertising sparingly. Sometimes we provide  a link to an external website where can find further further information, these external websites are unrelated to us and we only provide links to quality websites. If we provide a link to a product website where you can purchase a product it is not from us that you could be potentially buying, we do not sell anything.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the content on this website and hope that you will interact and even share our content socially.