Last updated on July 25th, 2020

Natalie JayI’m Natalie, I have been involved in the health sector since 2008. I am originally from the UK but have also lived in Canada.

Please read all of this page – it is an EYE OPENER and could save you heartache, time and money.

I have been a PR account manager for a major blue chip food company and also been a Customer Relationship manager for a large health corporation.

I have learned that advertising and the truth do not always go hand in hand – the larger the company the bigger the culprit.

I have been the editor of this website since the summer of 2013 and I have grown it to a respectable size. I am immensely proud of my website and the articles that I have published.

I am CPD accredited in Nutrition and Weight Loss. I understand the benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

I believe that if something is good then tell it as so and similarly for the bad and indifferent.

I write my own articles and reviews and compliment them with other respected industry authors.

I always provide a link out within my articles to authority sources or original content creators.

I recommend products – and have an obvious bias to some products over others. The reasoning behind my favoured choice of products is based on what I call the 3 S approach  – customer SAFETY, SATISFACTION and SECURITY.

  • SAFETY – All products that I recommended will not harm you in any way. They have an excellent safety record and are made from natural ingredients.
  • SATISFACTION – All products that are recommended have a high level of good feedback. In the event that the product proves to be unsuccessful (not all things work for all people) then there has to be a concise refund policy and guarantee in place.
  • SECURITY – All products that are recommended have to be owned by a reputable company with clear contact details on their product website.

One criticism that is levelled at me by email is why do I always recommend the same few products. At this point in time the best general weight loss product on the market, in my eyes, is PhenQ.

I will make no secret of this fact – here’s why.

Every website bar none that reviews and rates products (not just diet products but everything from holidays to pet care to computer games to shampoo) earn money for recommending certain items. It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s huge.

Some … not all, website owners (affiliate marketers) will chase the biggest commissions – these are are usually the products with the lowest level of credibility.

Some …not all, website owners, do care about their readership and so recommend products with the highest level of credibility and of course this where the 3 S approach comes into play.

PhenQ is a highly credible product that has advantages that far exceed any possible negatives.

  1. Firstly, look at the website – there are clear contact details displayed. There is a telephone number  
  2. Secondly, the name of the manufacturer is clearly identified – Wolsfon Berg
  3. Thirdly, there is a section where you can track your order. There is also a customer service agent available in real time via a piece of software found in the ‘chat with us‘ tab whereby you can express your joy or grievance morning, noon or night.

So that is why I sleep well at night – safe in the knowledge that in the worse case scenario a customer will get a refund and mostly likely decide that diet pills are not for him or her. In coming days, weeks and months their sojourn into the world of diet pills will fade into obscurity with their health, wealth and happiness unblemished and in tact.

A word on diet pills – they are not magic. Nowhere on this website will it state you simply pop’em and wait on the sofa while your excess body fat dissolves – it won’t happen. Treat a diet pill as a complimentary part of your weight loss regime.

Adjust Your Diet –  I thoroughly recommend intermittent fasting – it doesn’t cost anything, it’s one of the easiest diets to follow and the results are amazing.

Be More Mobile – If you cannot stomach the idea of going to the gym get an app for you mobile phone that tracks your steps. Don’t sit down for the evening until you have done at least 5,000 or 10,000 steps.

Getting back to this revenue / affiliate marketing thing – have you noticed that there is not any advertisements on this website, not one single ad.

You can view this website with extreme pleasure on your mobile phone safe in the knowledge that random pop-up advertisements and mistimed clicks will not take you off on a journey to destinations unknown.

I could do. I could plug in something that displays advertisements on every page – advertisements that are connected to diet and weight loss that when clicked earn me money.

I choose not to. Not because I am morally superior to website owners that display ads but because it kind of defies the point and the whole concept of this site.

Take for example. This site is generally accepted and considered to be an authority site. This means that the content published is largely factual and written by authors that are qualified to write about such matters.

I was reading an article on a health related matter written by a highly esteemed author when a pop up advertisement attracted my attention to a highly questionable product from Walmart!

Please enjoy the content, news and reviews.


Slimmers Weekly is an online publication that is dedicated to providing consumer news, reviews and information about the diet and weight loss industry.

From time to time there are stories in the press about the latest and greatest diet products – it is our job to investigate and find out it if there if the claims made can be substantiated.

All our reviews welcome comments and in the main we do not edit unless there is an obvious reason to do so.

Above all we like to remain independent and use advertising sparingly. Sometimes we provide a link to an external website where can find further further information, these external websites are unrelated to us and we only provide links to quality websites.

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We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading the content on this website and hope that you will interact and even share our content socially.