5:2 Fast Formula – The Appetite Suppressant That Can Be Used With The Fast Diet

Last updated on July 20th, 2015

52 Fast Formula The 5:2 Fast Formula is a nutritional supplement, in capsule form, initially designed to assist people who are practicing the popular 5:2 Diet—arguably one of the most effective diet systems of our time.

The 5-2 Formula is an appetite suppressant that can also be used as a sole diet aid. Reviews and ratings from around the web are extremely encouraging.

If you want an easy to use diet aid with a proven track record that has the backing of the medical community then the 5:2 Fast Formula is a phenomenally easy choice to make. It costs £35 for a months supply (just over a £1 a day) and if you cannot see the results you should expect you are covered by the money back guarantee.

recommended diet productsClaims: To reduce and suppress appetite and restore lost vitamins and minerals that are associated with dieting

Positives: Proven appetite suppressant with solid ideology. Used to use. Results are realised quickly. Leads to sustained weight loss without the yoyo effect

Negatives: Not much negativity is surfacing

This product has been replaced by Glucomannan Plus

What is the 5:2 Diet

5-2 dietThe 5:2 Diet is a form of intermittent fasting developed in 2012 by Dr. Michael Mosley. People who practice intermittent fasting eat normally for a designated number of days; they then pursue a period of fasting, before the whole system repeats itself.

Mosley’s studies led him to believe intermittent fasting offers many health benefits, including achieving a sustained weight loss. He says man’s early ancestors were never guaranteed an abundance of food because days of poor hunting would have been an inevitable part of life that would have resulted in enforced fasting until a more fortuitous hunt.

Michael Mosley Fast DietMosley believes man adapted to these periods without food. He also believes the modern day frequency of food is unnatural and that choosing to follow the practice of intermittent fasting provides a more natural eating pattern that encourages optimum weight and optimum health. He recommends five days of normal eating, followed by two days of fasting, as being the most effective ratio.

The theory behind the 5:2 Diet makes sense, and a growing number of people who have tried the diet vouch that it works. The diet is also known to be a favorite of several big name celebrities, including Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez, but—despite its benefits—many people find it difficult to go without food.

How Does the 5:2 Fast Formula Claim to Assist the 5:2 Diet

The manufacturers recommend that one capsule should be taken twice a day, and claim it will help 5:2 dieters by:

  • Suppressing the appetite (to eliminate hunger pangs while fasting, and ensure maximum weight loss on days when normal eating is allowed).
  • Increasing energy levels.
  • Replacing vitamins and minerals lost due to the fasting process.

problems with fasting diets

Key Ingredients

  • what is in the 5-2 Fast FormulaKonjac:  Tested by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and confirmed to work, konjac is a natural dietary fiber that swells inside the stomach and makes it feel full. It is an effective appetite suppressant that is becoming a common ingredient in weight loss supplements. it is know scientifically as glucomannan.
  • Copper:  Intermittent fasting may lead to a loss of bone calcium. Research shows copper supplements can prevent this and also help maintain bone mineral density.
  • Iron & B Vitamins:  Iron deficiency and/or insufficient B vitamins can cause anemia and feelings of lethargy, so the benefits of an extra dose of Iron and B-vitamins offer obvious benefits while fasting.
“Konjac has virtually zero calories, it is a rich source of fiber. Nowadays it is widely used in the diet industry. ”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konjac

Success Stories

The 5:2 Diet is known to be very effective,  but The 5:2 Fast Formula support system is new to the market. Few reviews are available; but the initial response appears to be very good. One 5:2 dieter from the USA states her hunger pangs were becoming more unmanageable with each fasting period until The 5:2 Fast Formula removed the pangs completely, enabling her to lose over 2lbs.

Potential Side Effects

No side effects have been reported by users of the formulation, and the ingredients should not cause any problems, but pregnant or lactating mothers are advised to seek medical advice before attempting this or any other diet, or before beginning to use any form of supplementation. The same advice is offered to people with known health issues and those who are using any form of medication.

Is It Recommended

Michael Mosley’s 5:2 Diet has a strong reputation for being an effective weight management system and is also known to offer several other health benefits. Independent reviews and testimonials attesting to this are as easy to find as they are numerous; so there is little doubt that the majority of people who pursue the system in a diligent manner will lose weight.

52 diet pill suppresses appetite

The only problem with Moseley’s 5:2 has always been the negative aspects that run hand in hand with the benefits. Hunger pangs, lack of energy, and the various repercussions of being starved of nutrients are an accepted cost of pursuing 5:2.

52 fast formula websiteAdvanced Health promise their product can remove these negatives and customer feedback is positive. Feedback is also limited, but the key ingredients are known to have merit and this offers a good insight into the likely benefits.

The 60 day money back guarantee shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the product and offers peace of mind to the consumer. In a situation like this, the customer would seem to have everything to gain and nothing to lose; so The 5:2 Fast Formula is a highly recommended product.

[success]Highly Recommended[/success]

Where To Buy 5:2 Fast Formula

52 Fast Formula The capsules are manufactured by Advanced Health and sold exclusively through the company website. All purchases are protected by a 60 day money back guarantee and significant discounts are offered to customers who buy larger quantities of pills

There are special offers in place from time to time – currently purchasing three bottles and receiving double appears to be a the best deal.

This product has been replaced by Glucomannan Plus 

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    • The 5:2 Fast Formula can be used either with a diet (doesnt have to be the 52 diet) or on its own – it is an appetite suppressant that works just as well as some of the prescription only diet pills and without the potential for side effects. The reason why this product is so popular and a big seller is that it encourages healthy habits – such as following a diet. The 5:2 Fast Formula also includes essential vitamins (such as vitamin B, often lacking when diets are embarked upon).

      So to answer your question, Yes – it can used on its own

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