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Last updated on July 18th, 2015

Almased meal replacement diet drinkAlmased is a diet shake produced by Almased UK. The shake is designed to be used as a meal replacement.

Customers can purchase Almased from the company website and each 500g tub costs £26.95. A better deal can usually be found by customers who choose to buy from Amazon or eBay.

Almased UK make it easy for customers to contact them via telephone, email or surface mail, and they seem to be a reputable company, but they fail to provide customers with a money back guarantee or any credible proof their shake can do anything that they claim.

rejected diet pillClaims: A weight loss meal replacement that is a powder made from natural high-quality fermented soy, skim milk yogurt powder and enzyme-rich honey

Positives: Is gluten-free and contains no added sugars and is also non-GMO

Negatives: There are other products that we would recommended over and above – a compromise.

What is Almased and How Does it Work?

Almased is designed to be used as a meal replacement and the manufacturers claim the use of their shake not only promotes weight loss, but also offers “increased fitness and wellbeing”.

  • Almased powderProvides the body with optimal nutrients a regular diet may lack
  • Made from high quality fermented soy
  • Makes an excellent substitute for a meal
  • About 180 kcal per shake
  • Feel full for about 4 hours
  • Essential amino acids and enzymes aid easy digestion
  • Promotes healthy levels of the satiety hormones leptin and ghrelin
  • Supports your blood sugar level (helps avoid cravings)
  • Boosts the metabolism, causing the body to burn more calories

Well that all sounds very promising, but promises and information are two different things and Almased provide too many of the one and not enough of the other. Let’s take a look at the formulation and see if it looks as good as the marketing spiel.

Key Ingredients

The official website provides information about the main ingredients, but fails to mention many others. Fortunately the product packaging is more informative, but neither the site nor the packaging provides any inclusion rates, so it’s hard to say what possible benefits (or side effects) use of this product may produce.

According to the packaging Almased contains:

Soy protein isolateHoney
Skim milkYoghurt powder
Potassium chlorideMagnesium carbonate
Calcium citrateVitamin C
NiacinColor additive: riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Vitamin EZinc oxide
Ferrous FumarateManganese sulphate
Calcium pantothenateVitamin B2
Vitamin B6Vitamin A
Folic acidPotassium iodide
Sodium seleniteBiotin
Vitamin D3Vitamin B12

That’s quite a hefty list so the lack of inclusion rates is particularly worrying. The three main ingredients appear to be soy, probiotic yoghurt and honey because they are the only ones that Almased bother to name on their site.

Soy is high in protein and is known to be nutritious, but it has never been renowned for having any weight loss benefits. Honey may provide a little extra energy, but—again—it probably adds little to the mix.

Probiotic yoghurt is known to encourage healthy levels of good bacteria in the gut, and this may aid the digestive process and offer some benefit, but any possible benefits provided are unlikely to justify the steep product pricing.

Scientific Tests

The Almased website has a page called “Science”, but all it contains is a statement that says:

[info]”In scientific studies we have proven that Almased is beneficial to the body without breaking down muscle tissue.”[/info]

No links to the study are provided and the statement is hardly supportive of the manufacturer’s many promises.

How To Take Almased – Dosage

The manufacturers recommend using their shakes to replace two meals each day for a period of at least six weeks. As each tub 500g tub would only last five days that means dieters would be required to spend well over £200 just to complete the recommended minimum usage period.

Customer Feedback

The Almased website contains a wealth of positive testimonials, but the company offers the  chance of cash prizes to customers who “share their stories” so on-site product feedback may be unusually biased.

Independent reviews are also predominantly good, but some users complain about the cost.

[plain]”I liked this product; however, it didn’t last as long as I thought that it should have! It was gone after 4 days! Very expensive for the quantity!”[/plain]

And others complain about the taste.

[plain]“This may work great for some but I cannot get around or away from the horrible taste. I even attempted to make a smoothie with this and had to throw it out.”[/plain]

Possible Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturers do not mention any side effects, and it seems likely that any negative reactions consumers may experience would more probably be due to skipping meals rather than to issue with any of the ingredients, but the lack of inclusion rates is still somewhat of an issue.

[warning]Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to seek medical advice before trying this or any other weight management option. The same advice is offered to people who have any health issues or concerns.[/warning]

Do We Recommend 

Dieting the Almased way is an overly expensive option and although many independent reviews show a positive customer response, any weight lost will more likely be attributable to a reduction in the daily calorie intake than to anything in the shake.

We were also not impressed by the lack of information provided about the product, or the use of a page that suggest the product is scientifically tested but fails to adequately back this up. The best ingredients in the mix are probably soy and probiotic yoghurt. Both these items can be purchased from any supermarket for much less than a tub of Almased and it fails to make our list of recommended products.

Recommended Diet Product

Capsiplex chili diet pillWe at Slimmers Weekly are not advocates of meal replacements or diet drinks – we believe your time and money could be better spent elsewhere.

A product that we thoroughly recommend is Capsiplex – you may have heard of it before, its the chili diet pill that can help you burn around 280 calories per serving

Read more about Capsiplex

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  1. I used almased during a trial in February this year and it was great, I lost weight and inches unfortunately like any dietary plan if you done stick to healthy eating the weight goes back on over period of time. I am now back to where I started in February and am so annoyed with myself as I could have kept going and be even slimmer now. I have bought some more Almased to try again but at the moment am not focused. What I have noticed is there does not seem to be any Almased nutritionist advisor on line anymore!

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