6 foods that you can find easily that suppress appetite

Last updated on May 3rd, 2017

appetite suppressing foodsLosing weight requires more than just willpower alone, you will need help in stopping the cravings for late night snacks and foods that pack on the pounds.

Fortunately, there are foods that actually fill you up and suppress the appetite so that you do not overeat.

These foods are good for you and can actually help burn away the fat.

What follows are just a few of the natural foods and drinks that you can take advantage of to help you burn away the excess fat and keep you from overeating.

Green Tea

In addition to helping boost the body’s metabolism, green tea can help you feel fuller during the day. This is a great weapon in burning away the fat as well because green tea has a nutrient known as EGCG which metabolizes the fat in the body. In essence, drinking a glass of green tea will help your body tap the energy stored in the fat cells and suppress your appetite for up to four hours at a stretch.


Apples contain plenty of soluble fiber called “pectin” that actually reduces the amount of sugar and calories that is absorbed in the bloodstream after you eat a meal. The pectin in apples prevents the blood sugar spikes that increase the storage of fat in your body. Plus, it helps avoid the blood sugar crash that causes you to crave food. You can suppress your appetite for an hour or two which can be help keep you from snacking.


Almonds are not only an excellent food source. They can also help suppress your appetite as well. Almonds can help you feel full and satiated for hours while providing your body with much needed antioxidants, Vitamin E and magnesium as well. A great trick is to eat a few almonds and drink a glass of water after dinner to help keep the feeling of fullness in your body until you go to bed. This is a great way to avoid late night snacking.


Ginger root has been known for centuries to help the digestive process. This is important in appetite suppression because you don’t feel as hungry when the food is moving more quickly through your body. Plus, ginger is a stimulant as well that energizes you and provides more fat burning opportunities through exercise that can also shed the pounds.

Cayenne Pepper

One of the most effective natural metabolism boosting agents you can find, cayenne pepper helps the body burn an extra 10 calories all on its own. Adding cayenne pepper to your meals helps suppress your appetite and cuts an average of 60 calories from the next meal that you consume. In 30 days, you will lose 4 pounds without doing anything to augment these effects.


There are plenty of healthy monounsaturated fats in avocados, making them the perfect treat when eaten in moderation, but they also make an effective appetite suppressant as well. This is because the fats send signals to your brain that the stomach is full, so you actually feel satiated for hours after a meal. Plus, the fiber in avocados help your digestive system process the food as well.

These are six of the many different appetite suppressing foods out on the market today. Remember that you can combine their effects with drinking a large glass of water which also acts as an appetite suppressant as well. By utilizing these appetite suppressants, you can lose weight more quickly and create a healthier outlook for your body.

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