BeFit Burn Review – with customer feedback and comments

Befit BurnBeFit Burn is a vegetarian friendly diet pill designed to provide jitter free weight loss. According to the label, the pills are distributed by a Florida based company called TSN, so it it seems likely that BeFit is just a trading name.

The main promised benefits are:

  • Encourages weight loss
  • Supports blood sugar levels
  • Helps mobilize fats for energy
  • Helps increase thermogenesis

rejected diet pillClaims: to provide jitter free weight loss

Positives: Nice looking brand, good concept

Negatives: Most of the inclusion rates are missing

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What is BeFit Burn and How Does it Work? 

The Burn sales page on the BeFit website states the pills are a dual action fat burner that can naturally enhance the metabolism and, although the product description is quite short, it suggests a sensible approach to weight loss and points out the pills need to be used alongside a “healthy weight management plan”.

If the formulation works in the way intended it should help the body to create a little extra internal heat (thermogenesis) and improve the body’s ability to metabolize fat. The formulation is also designed to curb the appetite and manage sugar cravings by controlling blood sugar levels. So in simple terms, BeFit Burn is a combined appetite suppressant and fat burner. This is probably one of the most common diet pill combos in the world, but BeFit Burn stands out from many competing products because it does not rely on the use of stimulants that could cause jitters, anxiousness, and other side effects.

Taking things a stage further, the formulation also contains prebiotics and probiotics that many encourage the growth of “good bacteria” in the gut. Although studies are still ongoing, this good bacteria appears to have the ability to improve gut health and some study results suggest this may contribute to weight loss.

Key Ingredients

Two capsules provide:

  • Chromium (240mcg): Chromium appears to have the ability to balance insulin levels and keep blood sugar under control.

The rest of the ingredients are housed in three proprietary blends.

Gluco-Support Blend (752mg)

  • Berberine HCL: An extract that can be sourced from goldenseal, barberry, and a number of other plant species. Some studies suggest supplementation with berberine may support weight loss by controlling blood glucose levels.
  • Cinnamon Bark Extract: A number of studies suggest cinnamon may be good for improving insulin sensitivity and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Chromax: A patent-protected chromium-providing ingredient.

Thermogenic Blend (335mg)

  • Fucus Nodosus: A seaweed extract that appears to have the potential to improve lipid metabolism.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: The antioxidants provided by green tea help purge the body of free radicals and promote good health. It is also a proven fat burner.
  • Capsimax: A patented blend of capsicum, caffeine, Vitamin B3, and piperine. The first three ingredients are known to be useful for increasing the metabolism. The fourth (piperine) improves bioavailabily and helps other ingredients get to work faster.

Probio-Blend With 1 Billion Cultures (300mg)

  • Fructo-oligosaccharide: A prebiotic that encourages the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract.
  • Starch: Presumably this is resistant starch. If so it will reach the colon in its undigested state and stimulate the growth of good bacteria.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract: The weight loss benefits of green tea have already been discussed.
  • Lactobacillus paracasei: A probiotic that can assist sugar metabolism and improve nutrient absorption.
  • Lactobacillius gasseri: A probiotic that has been studied for its many health-enhancing abilities, including weight loss.
  • Bifidobacterium breve: A probiotic that has a superior food metabolizing ability.

[info]Usage Instructions – The BeFit website states two capsules should be consumed 20 minutes (the label says 10 minutes) before the largest meal of the day, and it is important never to exceed 4 capsules in any 24-hour period. No other instructions are provided.[/info]

BeFit Burn Customer Feedback

Amazon has several positive reviews, some of which are duplicated on the BeFit website. The reviews suggest the product works, but many of the reviewers admit they received free product in exchange for their opinions.

BeFit also gave a free bottle of pills to the fitness blogger and athlete, Amanda Nyx, in exchange for her unbiased opinion. They got it. Writing in her blog, she said she experienced no benefits at all and was “very happy” she hadn’t spent money on it.

BeFit Burn Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but BeFit states customers who have existing medical conditions, or are using medication, check with a doctor prior to commencing supplementation. They also point out the formulation is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Supplementation should be discontinued two weeks prior to any scheduled surgery.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Each bottle of BeFit Burn contains 60 capsules and should last a month when used in the recommended way. The RRP is £39.00/ $49.99, but at the time of this review the price on the BeFit website was reduced down to £29.00 / $39.99 and the Amazon price was $5 cheaper.


Dissatisfied customers who return the unused portion of the product within 30 days receive a refund (less shipping and handling).

The Bottom Line

BeFit Burn contains an interesting blend of ingredients that should have the ability to support weight loss, so its a pity most of the inclusion rates are missing. Good ingredients only produce good results if the quantities are right. Having said that, BeFit Burn is sold with a money back guarantee, so it could be worth a try for anyone who doesn’t mind losing a few pounds on postage.

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