Calorie Zero – is it really weight loss made easy

Last updated on January 20th, 2018

Calorie Zero capsulesCalorie Zero is a weight management product marketed by Aquil Ltd., and when it comes to big claims Aquil takes some beating.

  • Lose 1 stone in a week
  • Eat as much as you want
  • Exercise is not necessary
  • Blocks every single calorie consumed

Lets put Calorie Zero capsules under the microscope and see if it lives up to its rather inflated billing

rejected diet pillClaims: To supercharge the metabolism and burn excess fat rapidly

Positives: Not many we can think of

Negatives: Expensive for what it is. There are many complaints logged with trading standards

Calorie Zero Reviewed

Calorie Zero capsulesWow! A magic pill! And the claims get more outrageous. Aquil says the formulation was devised by researchers at the NASA laboratory. All the floating around in space was supposedly making NASA’s astronauts become rather chubby:

“Over several weeks they would pile on an extra 7 to 10 pounds, putting them in danger of not fitting into their spacesuit that is so vital for their return to Earth (it is precision tailored to their exact measurements, down to the very last fraction of an inch!)”

It’s all rubbish (allegedly) of course. In truth the opposite is true. According to Science (the world’s leading journal of original scientific research):

“Men returning from orbital flights have lost from 2 to 6 percent of their body weight.”

Acquil are used to making outrageous claims though. They’re also the company behind Lipo Patch. They say it’s better than liposuction, and it’s very simple to use because it: ‘Sucks out fat while you sleep – then throw your fat in the bin!’

How Does Calorie Zero Assist Weight Loss

Aquil says Calorie Zero is a calorie blocker that allows the user to eat as much as they want without absorbing any calories.  They offer no (provable) supporting evidence of this ability, but if the capsules could really achieve this a zero calorie diet would certainly ensure weight loss. It would also probably prove fatal. Calories are the body’s source of fuel. They power everything from a blink to a heartbeat.

Marketing and Manufacture

Aquil appears to be based in the UK, but the company uses several different addresses. Normally that would not inspire trust, but it’s not an issue in this case. All trust flew out of the window with the stories of chubby spacemen.

Aquil may have ties to the US because Calorie Zero is a clone of an American product called Zero Cal that used identical marketing claims—right down to the bulging spacesuit zippers.

Zero Cal was produced by a company called Madelnet Promotions who operated from a private mailbox in Dallas.  Numerous complaints were filed about the company and the BBB Business Review added them to their list of non-accredited companies when they failed to provide proof to support the claims they were making for their products. The Zero Cal website has since been removed from the net.

[info]Recommended Dosage

Two capsules should be taken each day, with a large glass of water, before breakfast or lunch.  Users are advised to monitor their weight loss so that they do not lose too much weight.[/info]

Key Ingredients

Aquil fails to provide any information about the ingredients used. This is totally unacceptable. Consumers have a right to know what they are putting into their bodies. But given the capsules promised (magical) powers pixie dust is a definite maybe for a main ingredient.

Customer Feedback

The product website appears to be the only source of feedback. Not surprisingly all the comments are good, but the before and after shots take some believing.

Susan P. says;

[plain]“I lost 3 stone in just 17 days! I didn’t follow any kind of diet. I carried on eating normally and even so, the results speak for themselves! Look at my photo! I will never go back to looking like that and will be sending in a new order for my husband and friends.”[/plain]

Judging by the photos, Sue has gone through some big changes. In the ‘before’ picture she looks like a 60-year-old, tubby grandmother with short brown hair. In the ‘after’ shot she looks 30 years younger, has long black hair, reaching half way down her back, and would have a good shot at gaining work as a glamour model.

The other testimonial and pictures are similarly unconvincing.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The potential for side effects is unknown because the ingredients are unknown. This alone is a good enough to avoid the product. Calorie Zero may contain dangerous ingredients; or contain ingredients that may not be suitable for people with certain allergies or medical conditions—who’s to know?

Bottom Line

Any product that boasts marketing material that is infinitely less believable than the average fairy tale is probably best avoided. Calorie Zero falls into this category.  The ingredients used in the formulation may be a mystery, but it’s all too obvious the marketing campaign consists of generous helpings of pure BS supported by a few dodgy-looking testimonials and some unconvincing snap shots. Calorie Zero might better be called Credibility Zero and should be avoided at all costs.

Purchasing Options

Calorie Zero can only be purchased from the product website and several options are available:

  • Light course (lose up to 1 stone): £49.95
  • Strong course (lose 1-2 stone): £69.95
  • Ultra course (lose 2-3 stone): £85.95
  • Extensive course (Lose even MORE): £99.95

A 90 day money back guarantee is offered, and all orders are shipped with a free moonstone pendant that presumably allows customers feel closer to those poor astronauts who are frantically trying to get back into their spacesuits.

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