Chilli Burner 200 – How Does It Compare To Capsiplex

Chilli Burner 200Chilli Burner 200 is a home-grown diet pill produced right here in the UK by Bio Synergy. The company was founded in 1997 and markets a number of other health and fitness products, each of which belongs to a specific range. Chilli Burner 200 is part of their “Body Perfect” range and, unlike some of their other products, is deemed to be a suitable option for male and female dieters alike.

As the name suggests, the active ingredients in Chilli Burner 200 is 200mg of chilli. A growing number of diet pills boast chilli as the main, or sole, active ingredient these days. Chilli has a proven fat burning ability, so its popularity is not so surprising, but the recent emergence of so many chilli-powered fat burning supplements is also likely to be due, in part, to the success of Capsiplex diet pills.

When the former Emmerdale Farm favourite, Roxanne Pallett (Jo Stiles) became the new Capsiplex product ambassador, showed off her curves and admitted Capsiplex was the secret weapon behind her incredible body, the product became big news in dieting circles. Adopting a “what works for one may work for another” attitude, numerous manufacturers decided to jump on the capsicum bandwagon and brought out competing supplements.

In our opinion though there is only one Capsiplex – read more

rejected diet pillClaims: to help you reduce body fat by speeding up the metabolic rate

Positives: Contains chilli powder 

Negatives: A compromise compared to Capsiplex we feel

Chilli Burner 200: Proposed Benefits

It would appear Bio Synergy are so sure of the selling power of capsicum as an ingredient they do feel the need to put much effort into explaining how the formulation works or why consumers should buy their product in preference to the myriad other similar products on the market. The description on their sales page merely states the active ingredient is chilli Capsinoids and capsaicinoids.

The promised benefits (as listed) are:

  • Chilli capsules
  • High strength formula
  • Advanced capsule formulation
  • High strength formula [obviously deemed so important it has to be mentioned twice]

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each capsule provides:

  • chilli pepper diet pillsChilli Powder (200mg): A powerful thermogen that can speed up the metabolism and super-charge energy expenditure to such a degree the body can burn calories up to 12 times faster than normal. Many lovers of spicy food may have experienced its abilities without realising it. The warm flush and sweaty forehead that sometimes follows a hot curry or chilli con carne is an indication of boosted metabolic function. Chilli peppers contain a component called capsaicin and, shortly after it has been ingested, it causes a slight elevation in the body’s core temperature. This provides a boost to the metabolism and, ultimately, results in thermogenic fat burning. There is also a growing amount of evidence to suggest the capsaicin in chilli pepper may further assist weight loss by providing appetite suppression.
  • Calcium (87mg): A mineral that serves many functions in the body and is necessary for strong bones and teeth. Some studies suggest calcium also has a role to play in weight loss, but natural sources of calcium, such as dairy products, are deemed far superior to calcium-providing supplements. The amount included here is also likely to be too low to be of benefit and may only serve to dilute the power of the main ingredient.
  • Phosphorus (66mg): An adequate amount of phosphorus is required for good health, and it is known to interact with calcium to promote improved bone mass, but phosphorus is not associated with weight loss, so its presence may only serve to further weaken the blend.

[info]How to Take Chilli Burner 200  – Very little information is provided about the best way to use Chilli Burner 200 diet pills. Customers are merely advised to take 1-2 capsules per day, before meals, with a glass of water. Whether this should be one capsule taken twice per day, or a single dose of two capsules, is hard to say. However, Bio Synergy wisely points out the importance of incorporating use the product into an overall weight management program that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.[/info]

Customer Feedback

No customer feedback was available at the time of this review.

Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but Chilli Burner 200 is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers or people who are under 18-years-old. Anyone who has existing health issues, or is taking medication, should consult with their doctor prior to taking Chilli Burner 200 or any other brand of dietary supplement.


Chilli Burner 200 is sold without a money back guarantee, but Bio Synergy is willing to accept returns of unopened product.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Each bottle of Chilli Burner 200 contains 60 capsules and has a price tag of £24.99, when purchased from the manufacturer’s website. Chilli Burner 200 is also available from a number of online stores and holds the distinction of being one of only a few weight loss products that are available from Argos.

Other Chilli Diet Pills To Consider

Capsiplex chili diet pillWe have touched upon the merits of Capsiplex in our opening few paragraphs. It is not that the Bio Synergy products is a bad one, it is that Capsiplex has such a lead in the industry that everything can be viewed as a compromise.

Capsiplex has been with us for several years – ineffective products tend not to last too long.

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