Fullfast Metabolico Tablets Review

Last updated on September 11th, 2015

Fullfast metabolicoFullfast Metabolico tablets are part of a range of weight loss products produced in Italy by Medestea Biotech. The other two items in the range are appetite suppressing spray and appetite suppressing gum. Metabolico tablets are fat burners that can be used as a standalone dieting option or used alongside one or both of the other products.

Medestea is a reputable company and they don’t go overboard with the hype, but their tablets are expensive and most of the ingredients used can be found in any number of alternative products that can be purchased for a fraction of the price of Metabolico. There are currently no Fullfast Metabolico coupon codes.

diet pill to avoidAt A Glance

Claims: To help control body weight in conjunction with a suitable low-calorie diet

Positives: Reputable company. Good ingredient profile

Negatives: Could work out costly, in our opinion others preferred

How the Formulation Works

Most of the ingredients used in the formulation have the ability to boost metabolic function and/or initiate the fat burning process. In theory, energy levels should then receive a boost from the calories that are released from the burned body fat, but Medestea are honest enough to admit the level of benefit attained by individual users will be dependent on how healthy their diet is and the level of exercise taken.

Key Ingredients

Metabolico contains two proprietary blends.

Metabolstarter Complex (427mg)

  • Green Tea Extract (300mg):  Green tea is a healthy ingredient, packed with antioxidants. It has also been proven to speed up the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning.
  • Fucus Dry Extract 112mg (224mcg iodine):  A seaweed extract rich in iodine. In theory the presence of iodine should promote healthy thyroid function (important to the metabolism), but most people attain sufficient iodine from their regular diets and too much iodine can be toxic.
  • Capsicum Oleoresin (15mg containing Capsaicinoids 1.5mg): Often used as a food colorant, oleoresin is extract taken from the chili peppers. Capsicum extracts can speed up the metabolism and encourage fat burning, so this is a worthwhile inclusion.

Adipofast Complex (310.7 mg)

  • L Carnitine (300mg): An amino acid that aids the conversion of body fat into energy and is often considered a performance booster.
  • Black Pepper Dry Extract (contains 5.7mg piperine):  The important component is the alkaloid piperine. Several studies show it has the power to burn off unwanted body fat, and its presence can also aid the easy absorption of other ingredients.
  • Peppermint essential oil (5mg):  Peppermint has an outstanding reputation for soothing upset stomachs, so it is probably included here to reduce the likelihood of an upset stomach caused by the fiery powers of capsicum oleoresin.

[info]Usage Instructions

One tablet is required each morning, followed by a second tablet in the afternoon or evening, and Medestea stress the importance of not taking the tablets near mealtimes.

Tablets must be swallowed whole so that the capsules capsicum content does not cause irritation.

The recommended supplementation period is 8 to 12 weeks. Dieters who wish to continue supplementation for longer periods of time should consult their doctor before doing so. Medestea also point out the importance of sticking to a healthy diet and taking regular exercise.[/info]

Fullfast MetabolicoCustomer Feedback

One customer states:

[plain]“This actually works – you have to keep remembering to have it but it tastes nice and genuinely takes the edge of your appetite. Have bought a couple now.”[/plain]

Other reviews however, are pretty hard to find.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The inclusion of fucus extract may make this blend unsuitable for some people, so all potential Metabolico users are urged to play it safe and refrain from commencing supplementation until they have discussed the matter with a doctor.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Metabolico is available from the Fullfast website, but with a price tag of over £30 it is an expensive dieting option. Each pack contains just 30 tablets so, when used in the recommended way, the box will be empty after 15 days; and users who are also using one or more of the other products from the Fullfast range will have additional expenses on top. The tablets are also available from Amazon UK, and a few other retailers. A little shopping around can reduce the price per box by up to £10, but we still feel dieting the Metabolico  way is an expensive way to go.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Fucus extract could probably have been replaced with a better ingredient, but the Metabolico blend looks pretty good, and it seems probable that, if the tablets are used in the recommended manner (with a sensible diet and exercise), results should be forthcoming. Metabolico is an expensive product though, and it seems probable that most customers will have to also purchase additional supplements to control their hunger pangs.

So will Metabolico work? Yes, it probably will, but many other products are available that should produce similar of better results for a fraction of the price.

Recommended Diet Product

most effective diet pillsAlthough Metabolico hails from a trusted yard our preference is for the industry the stalwarts.

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