Herbex Fat Burn Review

Herbex Fat BurnHerbex is a supplement brand based in South Africa. The company markets a number of different weight management products and offers worldwide shipping.

Although the information presented on the Herbex website is in English, all the prices are in South African rand. The rand does not hold its own well against most other currencies, so the three-figure price tags can initially seem quite high. For instance, Herbex Fat Burn Tablets usually cost just under R102, but the price in American dollars is only $7.88.

The fat burning tablets are one of three products bundled together in the Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack. The other two are Slimmers Fat Burn Tea and Booster Fat Burn.

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Herbex Fat Burn Advertised Benefits

  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved fat burning
  • More efficient immune system

Fat Burn Tablets: Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

One Fat Burn tablet provides:

  • Camellia sinensis extract (126.50mg): This is just green tea. The antioxidants it provides can benefit the immune system and help protect the body from disease. Clinical testing shows green tea also boosts the metabolism and encourages thermogenic fat burning.
  • Zingiber officinale (125mg): This is a fancy name for ginger. Ginger is good for the digestive system. It’s also sometimes credited with fat burning abilities, but further study is required. Zingiber officinale is also included in the other two products that make up the “Complete Pack”.
  • Capsicum frutescens (50mg): A capsicum pepper extract. Scientific study shows capsicum has the ability to increase thermogenesis and fat oxidation.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus (30mg): A herbal compound that helps delay the onset of physical fatigue and can be good for boosting stamina levels.

Slimmers Fat Burn Tea: Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

One Slimmers Fat Burn Tea (tea bag) provides:

  • Rooibos tea (880mg): In Afrikaans, “roobios” means “red bush”. It’s been a popular tea in Africa for many hundreds of years and is now drunk in many other countries of the world. Rooibos appears to enhance fat burning and may also offer other health benefits, including reduced stress levels and improved heart health.
  • Black tea (600mg): Probably the more popular beverage, black tea is just green tea that has been processed, causing the leaves to become darker. Black tea has a stronger flavor than green tea, but it does not enjoy the same reputation as a fat burner.
  • Zingiber officinale (120mg): More ginger. This is also provided by the other two products.
  • Cinnamon (120mg): Cinnamon is often alleged to have fat busting abilities, but it’s hard to find scientific proof to support such claims.
  • Astragalus membranaceus (40mg): A popular Chinese herb that is said to have the ability to extend the lifespan and provide many other attractive benefits.
  • Garcinia cambogia 60% extract (40mg): The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) provided by garcinia has an excellent reputation for boosting weight loss results. This stems from its ability to suppress hunger and prevent the body from creating fresh stores of fat.

Booster Fat Burn: Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each ml of Booster Fat Burn contains:

  • Camellia Sinensis (21mg): More green tea.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus (18.75mg): This ingredient is also included in the fat burning tablets.
  • Zingiber Officinale (14.25mg): More of the same (Also in the other two products).
  • Astragalus Membranaceus (12mg): Also in the tea.

How to Use Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack

This is how the daily schedule will look for Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack users:

After breakfast:

  • 1 x Fat Burn tablet (taken with a glass of water)
  • 90 drops of Booster Fat Burn (added to a glass of water)
  • 1 x cup of Slimmers Fat Burn Tea (one tea bag steeped in boiling water for one minute)

Afternoon dose:

  • 90 drops of Booster Fat Burn (added to a glass of water)
  • 1 x cup of Slimmers Fat Burn Tea (one tea bag steeped in boiling water for one minute)

Evening dose:

  • 1 x Fat Burn tablet (taken with a glass of water)
  • 90 drops of Booster Fat Burn (added to a glass of water)

Herbex Fat Burn Customer Comments

Although the Herbex website provides customer reviews for each of the products that make up the “complete pack”, there are no reviews by people who have used all three products together.

We were unable to find any customer reviews elsewhere either, so there is no way of knowing how well the products have performed for past customers, when used in unison. Nor if there any way of being sure side effects and/or interaction problems will not be an issue.

Herbex Fat Burn Side Effects & Health Considerations

Anyone using all these products alongside each other in the recommended way will be bombarding their body with a lot of herbal compounds so we suggest all potential users ask a doctor for advice before using Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack.

Where to Buy Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack

You can buy the product from the Herbex website and the price per pack is around USD$ 17 (R214.19). Fo UK £ pricing you will need to use a conversion tool for latest GBP £ pricing.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

As far as the price goes, this is a pretty hard product to beat and some good ingredients are involved, so it might work—in theory. However, many weight loss products that contain good ingredients fail to deliver the goods.

This can be due to the use of ingredients sourced from third-rate suppliers, poor processing techniques, or many other factors. Bearing this in mind, the lack of customer reviews presents concern, so we are unable to add recommend Herbex Fat Burn Complete Pack at this time.

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