Instant Knockout – Does it work, what does it do, can women use it?

Last updated on June 20th, 2016

Instant Knockout fat burning supplementInstant Knockout fat burning capsules are manufactured in the UK by Roar Ambition and sold worldwide via the Instant Knockout website. At £35 for a month’s supply, they’re certainly not the cheapest option on the market, but bulk buy incentives are available to sweeten the pot and Roar also offers a lengthy 90-Day money back guarantee.

The Instant Knockout website has a distinctly sporty feel and appears to have been designed to be more attractive to male customers, but this isn’t really that surprising because the capsules were originally designed to support the nutritional needs of fighters looking for something to help them loose body fat, without losing muscle, in readiness for their upcoming fights.

recommended diet productsClaims: To help burn body fat and sculpt lean muscle mass

Positives: Great formula, research team use the product

Negatives: Targeted to towards men only when it is absolutely ideal for female users.

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Instant Knockout Review

Despite the punchy feel of their site, Roar states their Instant Knockout formulation is suitable for anyone who needs to lose weight, and it’s hard not to love the unusual way they try to entice customers to buy:

Burn body-fat – start counting the notches on your stomach.
• Feel confident with your shirt off – whether you’re at home, in the locker room or on a night out.
• Strip away the fat after bulking – you worked hard to pile on the muscle, now it’s time to show it off.

How the Formulation Works

Website of Instant KnockoutInstant Knockout capsules contain several natural fat burning ingredients along with some supporting ingredients that can help maximise weight loss results by providing appetite suppression and increased energy.

Body fat deposits are the result of providing the body with more calories than it needs. Appetite suppressants can help ensure this mistake is not repeated.

Fat burners rectify the damage caused by burning the fat already accumulated, so appetite suppressants and fat burners can be a winning combination Unfortunately, a reduced calorie diet can sometimes lead to feeling of fatigue. In this case any such problems will more than likely be counteracted by the presence of caffeine in the blend.

[info]Recommended Dosage

  • First thing in the morning – 1 capsule
  • Before lunch – 1 capsule
  • In the afternoon – 1 capsule
  • Before evening meal – 1 capsule[/info]

Key Ingredients

Four capsules provide:

  • Vitamin B6 (5mg): Promotes a fast and efficient metabolism
  • Vitamin B2 (10mcg): Beneficial for the metabolism while also promoting a healthy thyroid gland.
  • Zinc (10mg): An important mineral that is vital for cell division and growth
  • GTF Chromium (100mcg): Chromium became a popular weight loss ingredient in the 1950s after studies conducted on lab rats indicated chromium supplementation resulted in increased fat burning.
  • Green Tea Extract (500mg): Renowned for its fat burning abilities, green tea is a diet pill regular.
  • Green Coffee Extract (100mg): Made from extracts taken from unroasted coffee beans, the active ingredient in green coffee bean extract is a substance called chlorogenic acid—a proven fat burner.
  • Cayenne Powder (100mg): Cayenne is a powerful ingredient that can speed up the metabolism and provide dramatic fat burning results.
  • Glucomannan (500mg): A fibrous ingredient taken from the roots of the konjac plant. Its main value stems from its ability to expand in the stomach and create a feeling of fullness that suppresses the desire for more food.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg): Caffeine is probably one of the most famous stimulants in the world. Its use can boost energy levels and provide improved levels of concentration and focus.
  • Black Pepper Extract (10mg): The active ingredient is an alkaloid called piperine. A metabolism booster, it also has the ability to aid the smooth absorption of other ingredients.

Customer Feedback

At the time of this review customer feedback was limited to one testimonial, placed on the Instant Knockout website, by a man who claims Instant Knockout took him further than he could get with his workout alone and allowed him to “see a 6 pack coming through”.

Instant Knockout positive feedback

Health Cautions & Precautions

Caffeine-related sided effects (nausea, headache, jitters etc.) cannot be completely ruled out, but the majority of Instant Knockout users are unlikely to experience any negative effects.

Instant Knockout capsules are not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers or people with existing health problems.


There is a 90 day money back guarantee.

Final Verdict

The blend itself ticks all the right boxes and seems to be more than capable of producing the kind of results Roar Ambition promise—especially if used as part of an overall weight management routine that includes a healthy diet.

The presence of such a generous guarantee period could also be seen to indicate an effective product and certainly assures customers have nothing to lose by trying the product, so Instant Knockout is a recommended fat burning product.

Where To Buy Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Uk siteInstant Knockout capsules can only be purchased from the official website. There are special offers running which means there are no valid coupon coupon codes in effects.

Instant Knockout ships to all countries that allow free trade including the UK and Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia as well as many European countries

Visit the official Instant Knockout Website

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