Kaloss Trimmers – Daytime, Nighttime and Phase 2 Extra

Kaloss Trimmers slimming pillsKaloss Trimmers are range of slimming pills produced by Kaloss International.

Kaloss claim that their flagship product, Trimmers is a multi-benefit supplement that combines fat-burning ingredients with a range of vitamins and minerals chosen to make the user feel younger and more energetic.

Advertised in many UK focused media outlets there is a certain familiarity about the brand.

Does familiarity breed content?

Claims: To aid weight loss by boosting the metabolism and help users feel healthier

Positives: Contains natural ingredients, from a reputable company

Negatives: Not much by way of clinical proof, not many independent testimonials

The Kaloss Trimmers Range

full range of kaloss trimmersKaloss offer several versions of their product:

  • Kaloss Daytime Trimmers
  • Trimmers Nighttime
  • Kaloss Trimmers Phase 2 Extra

The Kaloss website fails to explain adequately the benefits of each individual blend.

 Dosage – How To Take

One capsule should be taken at 10am, followed by a second capsule at 3pm, and Kaloss recommend drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration, but it could be argued that the real reason behind this recommendation is to make the stomach feel bloated and suppress the appetite.

Proposed Benefits

Kaloss promise a “significant boost in the body’s metabolism” that will burn away fat while exercising. They attribute this to the blend’s use of chromium and magnesium. They also state their pills will provide better skin tone and healthier hair and nails, along with a “younger overall look”. All of that out of a bottle? It sounds a little too good to be true, but if Trimmers really are a magic pill, let’s take a look at the ingredients and see if pixie-dust is listed among them.

Key Ingredients

There will probably be slight variations between the different products in their range, but the main ingredients appear to be:

  • Chromium: Included here for its claimed prowess as a metabolisation booster and fat burner. Chromium has been a popular ingredient in weight loss blends since the 1950s, but the many weight loss claims made for the chromium have been discredited by The National Union of Health.
  • Magnesium:  Undoubtedly a valuable mineral, but, despite the claims made by Kaloss, magnesium is not proven to assist weight loss.
  • Vitamin E and Zinc:  Both ingredients are undoubtedly important for healthy skin, hair, and nails, but any good multi-vitamin and mineral capsule could provide both of these at a fraction of the price of Kaloss Trimmers.

The blend also contains several other ingredients that are included to boost the weight loss effects of the main ingredients:

Damien HerbsGinger Root
Ginseng RootGotu Kola

Kaloss state these five ingredients will also stimulate the central nervous system and reduce fatigue, boost energy levels, provide a detox, improve digestion and cleanse the colon. Ginger is known to soothe digestion, but none of the other claims can be adequately proven, and any further speculations are pointless because Kaloss fail to provide inclusion rates.

Kaloss Trimmers Customer Feedback

The Amazon website contains a few five star reviews, but it seems a little suspicious that the people who left the reviews have only ever bothered to review Kaloss Trimmers.

Possible Side Effects and Health Issues

Kaloss state their capsules have no known side effects when used in the recommended way, by someone who is already in good health, but they advise against taking the final dose any later than 3pm, so that normal sleep is not affected.

The company also recommends pregnant and nursing mothers consult a physician before taking Kaloss Trimmers. The same advice is offered to people who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, thyroid problems, diabetes, an enlarged prostate gland, or who are taking prescribed medication.

In Conclusion

The fact that Kaloss offer so many versions of their product is a little confusing and the Kaloss website provides no information about why they have produced more than one blend or what the difference is. In fact, the site contains very little useful information at all and parts of their sales page read a little like a third party endorsement:

[plain]“For what is essentially a very simple formula contained with Kaloss Trimmers, we were honestly surprised at how effective these fat burning supplements were in losing weight.”[/plain]

This kind of marketing is as pointless as it is confusing and, if anything, casts further suspicion on the company’s ability to produce an effective weight loss supplement.

Kaloss Trimmers are not a recommended product. Side effects seem unlikely but the blend contains such a poor combination of ingredients weight loss results seem less likely still. The product has never been tested; customer feedback is very limited and somewhat dubious. It’s an expensive product and there is no guarantee.

Many better weight loss solutions are available and anyone who wishes to give their hair nails and skin a few extra vitamins need look no farther than the shelf of their local chemist store.

Where To Buy Kaloss Trimmers

Trimmers are available to buy from the Kaloss website and the price ranges from £1.99, for a trial pack of 12 Trimmers Night Time Capsules, to £24.96 for 90 Kaloss Trimmers Phase 2 Extra capsules.

Kaloss often add free additional products to encourage customers to buy, but they do not appear to offer any guarantee, and if users are required to buy different pills for different times of the day the cost involved could be significant. Some of their products are available on the Amazon website though, and buying from Amazon can be a cheaper option.

Recommended Alternative

Garcinia Cambogia diet pillIf you are look for a natural diet pill with unrivalled clinical scrutiny then Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent choice.

Better still is the specific brand Garcinia Extra containing a high strength Garcinia Cambogia plus Raspberry Ketone.

Garcinia Extra can help to burn excess calories, suppress apetite and stop the creation and production of new fat cells.

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