Lipo 6 Review – Is it really winner or fat loss product of the year

Last updated on October 8th, 2017

bottle of Lipo6 diet pillsLipo 6 is a weight loss capsule with a liquid centre. The capsules are part of a range of dietary and training supplements produced in the US by Nutrex Research Ltd.

The capsules have been on the market since 2005 and the manufacturers claim they were “the world’s first liquid capsule fat burner”. They also claim their product has won several “Fat-Loss Product of the Year” awards, but fail to state the identity of the awarding organisation.

Although it may be possible to buy Lipo 6 in the high street, UK stockists are few and far between, so the majority of UK consumers will be limited to online purchases. Several online stores stock Nutrex products, but not all of them include Lipo 6 in their inventory so the Amazon website will probably offer the easiest purchasing option for most UK customers.

rejected diet pillClaims: To be the worlds first liquid capsule fat burner and the winner of 4 fat loss product of the year award

Positives: Nutrex is a reputable company

Negatives: The fat burner market is a crowded one, with choices for consumers – others are preferred

Lipo6 Overview and Claimed Benefits

Lipo6 BlackNutrex Research claim Lipo 6 is superior to the competition because it liquids form ensures a fast absorption into the body that competing solid tablets are unable to match.

This is quite probably true, but it must be remembered that faster is not always better, and slow and steady can often with the race.

Also available is Lipo 6 Black hers – a similar product that has been exclusively tailored and manufactured for women.

Dosage and Usage Instructions

Two capsules should be taken at breakfast, and the effects last for up to five hours, so the manufacturers recommend leaving five to six hours before taking the second dose (a further two capsules). No more than four capsules should be taken in any 24 hour period.

New users are advised to start with a reduced dose.

  • Day one: One capsule at breakfast and a second capsule in the afternoon
  • Day two: An extra capsule can be added to one of the doses.
  • Day three: The full dose of two capsules, twice a day.

Lipo 6 may be used all year round, but the product should never be used for more than eight consecutive weeks, so each eight-week-period must be separated by a break of one to two weeks.

Whats In The Formula

Each serving contains:

    Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg):  May help to facilitate the promised fat burning, but caffeine can also cause side effects for some users.
    Synephrine HCL (20 mg):  Included for its fat burning potential. Synephrine is often used as a legal replacement for ephedra (a banned substance that is believed to increase the likelihood of strokes and heart attacks). Similar worries exist about synephrine though, so its use is questionable when there are so many safer alternatives available.
    Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1.1 (20 mg):  Used to encourage the production of thyroid hormones and speed up the metabolism, but guggulsterones can also cause nasty side effects.
    Bioperine (5 mg):  A patented version of the piperine alkaloid (found in black pepper). Piperine is a tested and proven ingredient that is known to provide real weight loss benefits.
    Yohimbine HCL (3 mg):  Reputed to encourage muscle growth and often used in bodybuilding supplements. Its use here is not explained, but it seems likely it may have been incorporated to help prevent loss of muscle mass due to dieting. Yohimbine can interact badly with medications though, and may aggravate some medical conditions.

Customer Feedback

Not surprisingly, the manufacturers’ website contains several positive testimonials that are attributed to satisfied customers. Independent reviews are harder to find and show a mixed opinion of the product.

One consumer states:

[plain]”This product is good, helped my slimming program with a reduced calories diet, I really liked this product because it is good I definitely felt the product working, I would constantly be overheating at work. It gave me energy to keep pushing further and further during cardio, which was awesome..”[/plain]

While another reports a more worrying experience:

[plain]“I noticed my heart racing extremely fast and this really scared me. I mean my body was working harder but in the end I did not get the results I wanted. Synephrine is a stimulant as well as a metabolism booster and Yohimbine the same. Both of these plus caffeine makes for a scary mix. I was actually scared to up the dosing.”[/plain]

Side Effects and Known Health Issues

The manufacturers recommend users seek medical advice before using Lipo 6, and also list several user groups that should avoid the product, so they are obviously aware of the problematic nature of their blend. Independent customer feedback indicates some users have already experienced negative reactions, so seeking a doctor’s advice before use, seems like very wise precaution.

Buying Incentives

The manufacturers do not appear to offer any bulk buy deals and, despite their many claims for the product, they fail to offer a money back guarantee.

Are They Recommended

Lipo 6 has never been tested and is not proven to work, but it seems probable that the manufactures’ chosen blend will encourage fat burning, especially if the product is used as part an overall weight management regimen. Sadly the main issue with this product is not how well it may perform, but the many negative aspects associated with all but one of the ingredients.

For this reason, Lipo 6 cannot be recommended. Many other supplements are available that can provide similar or better results, but without the possible dangers, so the consumer is advised to look elsewhere.

[error]Not Recommended[/error]

Where To Buy

Can be ordered directly form the Nutrex website or third party online stockists such as Amazon

Alternatives That Come Highly Recommended

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