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Last updated on September 8th, 2013

Liproxenol product reviewLipronexol is one of the latest slimming pills to hit the American, Canadian, UK and Australian markets.  It is targeted at men and women of all ages who are looking to lose large amounts of weight in the shortest time possible.

The Lipronexol website makes very attractive claims about the effectiveness of this product, even claiming to be the “cure for obesity.”

Very similar to another product (Prescopodene) in terms of marketing material and claims.

rejected diet pillClaims: To be a no risk metabolic enhancer capable of helping you to lose 1 and 3/4 stone in 2 months

Positives: Contains Garcinia Cambogia

Negatives: Highly dubious marketing techniques. Ingredient quantity is not revealed.

What Is Liproxenol

official website for LiproxenolLipronexol contains many of the familiar products found in slimming tablets.  It aims to boost the metabolism through interacting with thyroid function, increasing energy levels, suppressing appetite and burning fat through thermogenesis.

Its main ingredient is a proprietary blend, developed especially for Lipronexol containing Garcinia fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, L-carnitine tartrate, cayenne pepper extract and dandelion leaf powder.  It also contains Chromium and Vitamin B6.

The Science Bit

Garcinia Cambogia natural fat burning fruitGarcinia Cambogia fruit extract is useful in weight loss because it contains HCA, a natural appetite suppressant and thermogenesis booster.  The website claims that HCA can inhibit fat production by between 40 and 80% for up to 10 hours after taking the product. Garcinia Cambogia is an excellent fat burner if taken in the right quantity, 1000mg per serving – unfortunately Liproxenol doesn’t disclose quantities of ingredients, this kind of makes the whole product irrelevent.

Green tea is commonly used in slimming pills and is associated with increasing metabolic rates, as is cayenne pepper.  L-carnitine tartrate is known to boost energy levels, and dandelion leaf extract is a powerful diuretic, used to flush toxins out of the body.

There are plenty of links to scientific research on the Lipronexol website, which does add an air of legitimacy to the claims.  However, as is so often the case with slimming pills, once you wade through the hype, sales pitches, free gift deals and spin, the truth is found.

[warning]The truth behind Lipronexol does not live up to the propaganda.[/warning]

Media And Marketing Highlights

It shows that although Lipronexol has tried to fool people with its claims of ultimate weight loss and scientifically-backed research, it has actually relied on people either not taking the time to look at the links provided by them, or not being able to understand the data.

The website does have testimonials on it, but it is hard to know whether these are true or false, particularly as it appears that one photo and testimonial was being used by another similar slimming pill.  Moreover, Lipronexol is only available through their websites, and the company has been cited as being a scam.

Customer complaints about Liproxenol

People have reported that their products have not arrived and that they were automatically billed for additional supplies that they did not request and were unable to cancel.

Does It Work – Is It Recommended

The proprietary blend in Lipronexol looks quite impressive at first.  Although the exact concentrations of the different components are not given, the website does say that each tablet contains 480mg of the blend.

There are 5 ingredients in the blend, so if evenly split, that makes for 96mg of each.  There are several links to research papers of the effectiveness of all of the ingredients.

The garcinia fruit extract research does indeed show that the extract is capable of reducing weight.  However, once the academia is broken down, what the study actually shows is that levels of 4500mg of garcinia fruit extract per day can help with weight loss.

That is a lot of Lipronexol tablets!  The same is true of Chromium, which only becomes effective in doses of at least 1000mg, but Lipronexol only contains 50Mcg.

Scientific research does prove the theory that L-carnitine can increase fat oxidation without the breakdown of muscle mass, however, the results published show that this is only significant when doses of a whole 3g were taken per day.

[error]Not Recommended[/error]

Where To Buy Liproxenol

Appears to be sold only via the company’s own website (has also been seen on Amazon) – there are separate portals for the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Pricing is about average for this type of product and there is a 90 day money back guarantee.


When you set out to find the right slimming pill for you, it is always best to be cautious.  It can be very easy to be seduced by slick websites, inspiring weight loss reports and cheap deals.

However, if a product looks too good to be true, then it probably is.  Slimming pills are designed to aid weight loss in a calorie controlled diet and exercise regime.  They can help you maximise your weight loss but no pills will be able to make you lose large amounts of weight without you putting some degree of effort in yourself.

Many companies have seen the financial benefits of creating ineffective slimming pills which are sold on glossy websites that appeal to people looking for the answers to their weight loss prayers.

Lipronexol appears to be one of those products, and although it does not appear to cause any harm, the chances are that the only affect it will have on your weight loss plan is a placebo one.



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