Liraglutide Once a Day Diet Jab

Woman diet drug injectionReports are surfacing of a new diet drug that could be available within the year. Liraglutide, administered just once a day before breakfast by injection is said to help overweight users drop 2 dress sizes.

Liraglutide is manufactured by Novo Nordisk from Norway who market the drug already as a treatment for diabetes – they are currently awaiting approval to sell it as a weight loss aid.

Liraglutide is an appetite suppressant that affects the part of the brain responsible for satiety (feelings of fullness) – it also lowers blood pressure and heightens good LDL cholesterol levels.

Appetite suppressants are not new, they have been use since the 1950’s in various guises with Phentemine being arguable the best known and widely used.

[info]Liraglutide works by acting like an appetite hormone, known as GLP1, which is made by the gut and informs the brain when satiety is reached[/info]

Novo Nordisk has applied to the EU regulator and, if liraglutide is declared safe and effective, it could be prescribed within a year.

As with all drugs it could be probe to side effects with sickness being the most likely.

Appetite Suppressants Available Now

Phen375 diet pill non prescriptionAs mentioned earlier Phentermine is thought to be the original appetite suppressant that was available only by prescription and in tablet form. Phentermine has evolved over time and now has spawned products as Phen375.

One of the criticisms of the chemical based Phentermine was its propensity to cause side effects that have been all but eradicated by using pharmacy quality natural ingredients in products such as Phen375

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