Nutriberry Slim Review – Beware of the Free Trial (with Vital Cleanse)

Nutriberry Slim reviewNutriberry Slim is a slimming aid produced in the UK by Healthy Essential Ltd. Sales are made via the product website, but the manufacturers also offer generous affiliate incentives and this has resulted in a profusion of affiliate sites, many of which appear to be review pages, but are in fact designed to send customers straight to the Nutriberry Slim sales page.

A diet product that contains raspberry ketone, green coffee and acai berry would on most occasions be given a glowing review as these three 9especially raspberry ketone and green tea) are staple weight loss ingredients.

It is the manner in which Nutriberry Slim goes about its business and the alleged treatment of its customers that forces us to negatively review.

rejected diet pillClaims: To help you burned stored fat, reduce craving, improve energy and build muscle mass

Positives: Contains raspberry ketone and green coffee

Negatives: The business practices (Free Trial scheme) negates this product from the start.

Promised benefits include:

  • Fat burning
  • Eat less, feel better
  • Prevents unhealthy snacking
  • Stop food cravings
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Increased energy

Each bottle of Nutriberry Slim carries a price tag of over £30, but customers who add a second bottle to their order will get a third bottle for free. Adding three bottles to the cart will secure two free bottles. There is no initial charge for postage, but choosing to take advantage of the money back guarantee results in the postage being deducted from the refund.

What is Nutriberry Slim and How Does it Work?

Nutriberry Slim contains a blend of natural ingredients that are reputed to assist weight loss, but any claims of appetite suppression and retained muscle mass are hard to back up because none of the chosen ingredients have been proven to provide these benefits.

It is also advertised to come bundles with an associated product called Vital Cleanse – the least said about that the better

Key Ingredients

The formulation contains three active ingredients, but the absence of specific inclusion rates makes it impossible to predict how powerful the blend may be. 

  • what does Nutriberry Slim containRaspberry Ketone:  A popular “super fruit” that is a regular ingredient in slimming aids. The fat busting prowess of the ingredient first came to light in 1995, when tests conducted on laboratory mice showed significant weight loss results. Genuine raspberry ketone—extracted from fruits—can be expensive; so many supplements rely on synthetic raspberry ketone, which is cheaper, but often fails to deliver the same results. Healthy Essentials fail to state which form of the ingredient is used in Nutriberry Slim, so even if inclusion rates were provided it would still be hard to determine the blend’s potential power.
  • Acai Extract:  Another popular “super fruit” that has acquired a reputation as a super fat burner. Acai berries are known to be extremely nutritious, and are also high in antioxidants, so if the acai extract is included in sufficient amount, it can only be beneficial to the health. It is also possible its presence may assist weight loss, but acai’s reputation as a fat burner cannot be backed up by clinical evidence.
  • Green Coffee slimming pillsGreen Coffee Bean Extract:  Green coffee beans are a rich source of chlorogenic acid (a proven fat burner) so its inclusion is not without merit, but the lack of inclusion rates means that any potential benefits cannot be calculated. Green coffee bean extract is also a source of caffeine, so it is possible its presence may provide boosted energy levels. It may also cause side effects in some users.

Customer Feedback

The Nutriberry Slim website showcases a few success stories that boast significant weight loss, but testimonials on a product sale page are chosen for their ability to inspire buyer confidence, and are not always a reliable indication that a product will live up to its promises. Independent customer feedback would be more reliable, but none is available at this time.

The product has not escaped a mention on the RipOff Report website [source] though. The complainant took advantage of a promotional offer, paid the cost of the postage, and received a free bottle of Nutriberry Slim.  He did not sign a contract, nor did he agree to make any future purchases, but got a nasty shock when he checked his bank balance a few weeks later:

[plain]”. . . about one month later they took out £84.99 from my bank account.”[/plain]

Nor is this an isolated incident. A little internet searching reveals other customers report similar problems. It is possible the unauthorised debits could be due to a clerical error, or a glitch in the company’s ordering system, but errors like this do not inspire confidence.

Nutriberry Slim Side Effects           

No side effects have been reported, and it seems unlikely that the two super fruit ingredients will be problematic, but it is possible the green coffee bean extract may cause side effect for some users. Possible side effects include:

  • Jitters
  • Heart palpitations
  • Headaches
  • Sleeplessness

[warning]Pregnant and nursing mothers should avoid this product unless its use has been approved by their doctor, and people with known health issues are also urged to seek medical advice before use, but Nutriberry Slim should not present any problems to the majority of users.[/warning]

Do We Recommend

One of the main problems with this product is the lack of proof it will be able to deliver the claimed results. The pills have not been tested, and exact ingredient quantities are not provided, so all the consumer is left with is a lot of promises without anything to back them up.

Customer feedback can also provide a good indication of product performance, but there is a distinct lack of independent testimonials, and the only people who do have experiences to share are stating their bank statements show unauthorised debits from their accounts. Nutriberry Slim is not a recommended product, it might not work and may also result in a continued expense that the customer never bargained for. Better options are available.

[error]Not Recommended[/error]

Where To Buy Nutriberry Slim

Can be purchased direct from the official website – there are several sites that look very similar to the official website – you can also make a purchase from these as well if you feel inclined to do so.

Our Diet Pill Choice

Raspberry Ketone PlusIf you are interested in Nutriberry Slim due to its ingredients then we highly recommend Raspberry Ketone Plus from Evolution Slimming (they also supply an excellent green coffee product).

Raspberry Ketone Plus is the most popular ketone diet pill in the UK by quite some distance (also extremely popular in Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Hong Kong).

Read our review of Rapberry Ketone Plus by clicking here

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  1. my mother got “Scammed” by this company, got most of her money back and gave the supplements to me. I am yet to take one as I am already taking Grenade killa ketones. I’ve searched the internet for a real review on whether or not they do work or if they are part of the scam to. if anyone finds a review website about whether they work or not that would be great

    • I have just found out that I have been scammed. I am trying to call the companies but with no joy. Do you have a number that I can try?

      I took the samples for a week and put on weight, instead of taking it off.

  2. I ordered the trial NutriBerry and VitaCleanse from Healthy Essentials and then saw all the bad reviews last night when I was Googling to compare products. I was horrified and rang my bank immediately to ask them to stop any attempted withdrawals from my account from the company which I’d discovered on Facebook. I’m so glad I saw those reviews. Whilst I was ordering my samples I didn’t see any boxes to tick with regard to contracts, etc. My bank said they’ve had lots of calls about this company’s scams.

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