Pina Colada Diet With Garcinia Cambogia Tablets

There is a new kind of diet that is doing the rounds called the Pina Colada Diet – contrary to what you may think no alcohol is involved. Instead a combination of tropical fruit with healthy protein shakes, a natural diet supplement and hard work at the gym should see you achieve a bikini body in just one month – its creators claim.

One reporter from the Daily Mail put the theory to the test.

The Pina Colada Diet

A case study of the diet can be found on the daily mail website. Click to read full article

The fat burning weight loss pills that were highlighted were of course Garcinia Cambogia – a natural ingredient that has the ability to not only burn fat but also to stop the production of new unwanted additional fat cells.

Garcinia Cambogia diet pillGarcinia Cambogia is widely publicised in not just the UK but the world over.

It sprang to prominence after many factions of the medical community agreed that it was a major contributor to the weight loss process. T

he highest profile advocate being Dr Oz who christened Garcinia Cambogia as the holy grail of weight loss.

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