Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill Review

Platinum Max Strength Blue PillAlthough it sounds like it may be a Viagra substitute, Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill is actually a diet pill and it is only available via the MyNicNaxs website. The site also has a few other diet supplements, along with a selections of sex toys and pleasure enhancers. It seems unlikely that the company is responsible for manufacturing such a diverse range of products, so we presume they are reselling stock that that they purchased elsewhere.

Failing an exploding battery, some of the company’s other products, like the Lip Balm Vibrator and Multi-Speed Bullet, are unlikely to cause any harm, but their past history with supplements presents a real cause for concern.

In 2013, the FDA detained consignment of supplements the company was importing into the US. Subsequent tests revealed two of the products contained the weight loss drug Sibutramine.

Sibutramine used to be a prescription-only weight loss provider, but it caused so many side effects it was pulled from the market in 2010. When FDA inspectors examined other products taken the company’s premises they discovered several more product that contained Sibutramine and/or other undisclosed ingredients.

rejected diet pillClaims: To suppress appetite, boost metabolism and burn fat

Positives: Does contain garcinia cambogia

Negatives: Compnay behind the product has had run in with the FDA

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What Benefits is the Formulation Designed to Provide?

According to the sales page on the MyNicNaxs website, customers who purchase Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill can expect to see three main benefits:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Burning stubborn fat

The sales page is very short on information and fails to explain how the promised benefits will be achieved.

Does the Formulation Have the Power to Deliver on the Promises Made?

A full list of ingredients is not supplied, but four of the blend constituents are mentioned on the product sales page

  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Aloe Vera extract
  • Lotus Leaf Extract
  • Daidaihua

If enough is included, the presence of garcinia cambogia should provide the promised appetite suppression, but none of the ingredients mentioned are likely to prove effective for boosting the metabolism and burning fat.

Aloe Vera is usually used to treat constipation. It’s presence here will only serve to increase the likelihood of more frequent visits to the toilet.

A number of studies carried out on animals suggest lotus leaf may have the ability to accelerate fat burning, but it is generally agreed the ingredient requires further research.

The ingredient Daidaihua is a bit of a mystery because it does not appear to exist. We found a dietary product called Li Da Dai Dai Hua (Lida Daidaihua), so it is possible a quantity of it is being used in the Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill formulation. Unfortunately we also found a warning issued by the FDA that states Li Da Dai Dai Hua contains Sibutramine.

How is Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill Intended to Be Used?

Intended to be used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise. One capsule is required 60-120 minutes before breakfast.

Are There Any Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill Customer Reviews?

We were unable to find any customer reviews, but the MyNicNaxs website contains a few before and after photographs. The pictures are extremely small and difficult to see, but that may be intentional because the people in the pictures do not appear to have grown visibly less bulky between the shots.

Are Side Effects Likely to Be a Problem?

MyNicNaxs state the pills are not suitable for people who have certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart disease, or for pregnant or nursing mothers. They also say the pills may react badly with some medications. Apparently anyone who takes the pills too late in the day may experience side effects that may include dry mouth, altered taste, and constipation.

Where Can I Buy Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill?

You can only buy Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill from and the price per bottle is USD$ 40.

Is there a Guarantee?

A “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed” is promised, but no specifics are provided. Anyone who buys the product and finds it is not for them will just have to cross their fingers and hope MyNicNaxs are true to their word.

Is Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill A Good Diet Pill or Shall I Give it a Miss?

Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill may offer some degree of benefit, but it is our opinion to give it a miss. The company marketing the product has a reputation that has been sullied by the discoveries made by the FDA. There is no way of knowing what the blend contains and only one of the four ingredients that are disclosed (garcinia cambogia) is likely to have the power to speed up your weight loss. There are no credible customer reviews and there is some doubt about the guarantee. We have no other choice than to reject Platinum Max Strength Blue Pill.

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