Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums – Do they work, side effects and studies

Skinny Gums reviewRaspberry Ketone Skinny Gums is a weight loss aid marketed by GB Supplements and the company also claim to be responsible for the manufacturing process. It is a little different from the majority of weight loss products because the traditional capsule/tablet form has been dispensed with.

The soft and chewy nature of the gum may make it a desirable option for people who have difficulty swallowing pills, but results are what count and there is little to suggest Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums will be able to provide the same level of weight loss as competing products like Evolution Slimming’s Raspberry Ketone Plus—a product that has been given numerous five star ratings.

Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums has attained next to no customer feedback and costs double the price of Evolutions Slimming’s product, which seems a lot of money to pay just to chew instead of swallow—especially if results are not forthcoming.

Raspberry Ketone is one of the best known and indeed effective natural weight loss substances in existence. You have read some articles that go completely over the top with its benefits and conversely you may have read some articles that are from positive.

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Marketing and Distribution

Not a great deal is known about GB Supplements other than the company is based in the UK. The company produces a lot of other health and fitness supplements as well and all sales are made via the company website, which has a somewhat amateurish look and fails to provide sufficient information about any of the products being sold. In the case of Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums, the sales page merely states “Dieting Just got Yummy!” mentions a little more about the great flavour and then states the dosage alongside a few promises:

  • Appetite Control
  • No Stimulants
  • Great Tasting Raspberry Flavour
  • Manufactured in the UK to GMP standards

Each bottle costs £38.99 and should last a month (when used in the recommended manner). Postage is free, but GB Supplements does not offer a money back guarantee.

Key Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone Skinny Gums contains just one ingredient—raspberry ketone. And it has to be said it is a very good ingredient that has a reputation for suppressing body fat accumulation, assisting with fat burning, and also for providing appetite suppression. But the manufacturer fails to share the inclusion rates and if the gums contain too little raspberry ketone any results obtained are likely to be poor.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is a phenolic compound that is naturally occurring in raspberries and is the secret behind the fruit’s characteristic smell.

How does Raspberry Ketone Assist Weight Loss?

Weight loss is achieved in three main ways.

  1. Appetite Suppression: by dulling the desire for food, the natural components in raspberry ketone allows user to lower their calorie intake. This helps prevent further weight gains and if the body requires more calories than those provided fat burning will be initiated.
  2. Suppression of Fat Cells: Raspberry ketone also stimulates the secretion of a metabolism-enhancing hormone called adiponcetin that can prevent the formation of fresh fat cells and, via the process of lipolysis, help breakdown existing fat cells.
  3. Fat Burning: On a molecular level raspberry ketone is very similar to the natural fat burners found in chili peppers and synephrine. It was this discovery that prompted much of the research conducted on raspberry ketone.

Raspberry Ketone Studies

A number of studies support the claims made for raspberry ketone as a weight loss enhancer.

Researchers in Korea put it to the test by feeding laboratory rats a profusion of high fat foods each day. They also gave some of the rats regular doses or raspberry ketone. The result of this was the rats that were given the supplement failed to gain weight in the same way as the rats that did not receive the supplement.

In another study, this one conducted in Japan, mice were the chosen guinea pigs and after several weeks of unhealthy dietary practices the mice that received the supplement failed to gain weight in the expected manner and showed a reduced amount of fat around the liver and other important organs.

[info]Recommended Dosage

Gums are consumed two at a time. Three doses are required each day, and should be timed to correspond with the three main meals of the day, but each dose must be separated by at least four hours. A maximum of six gums can be consumed every 24 hours.[/info]

Side Effects & Health Issues

If the manufacturers are aware of any side effects they fail to share the information. Raspberry ketone is not likely to cause side effects, but the gums chewy texture must come courtesy of one or more unspecified ingredients and herein lays the problem. Without knowing what those ingredients are it is not possible to speculate on the possible issues their addition might bring.

We advise pregnant women and women who are nursing a child to refrain from taking any form of dietary supplement that has not been approved by their doctor. Anyone who has health problems of any kind, or is taking medication, is also advised to avoid consuming any brand of supplement without a prior consultation with their GP.

Customer Feedback

The manufacturer’s website contains just one review. The he customer in question states the formulation works, but then admits to combining it with other products; so which product or combination of products really provided the alleged three stone weight loss is impossible to say. We were unable to find any independent testimonials.

Recommended Raspberry Ketone Product

Raspberry Ketone PlusThe product we recommend over and above everything else in the raspberry ketone genres is Raspberry Ketone Plus from Evolution Slimming.

Evolution Slimming are a UK based online health supplement store that have a fantastic reputation and stock arguably the original Raspberry Ketone supplement.

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