Revocyn Review, Is It Really An Advanced Weight Loss System

Last updated on September 11th, 2015

Revocyn fat burnerRevocyn is a weight loss capsule manufactured in Germany. According to the official website the manufacturers are “an international pharmaceutical company”, but the contact details on the website are a little confusing.

The company is called Agerico Trading Ltd. They are based in Cyprus, yet have a UK telephone number. The fact that the product is manufactured in one country, has contact details in another country, and a telephone number in yet another one, does not inspire confidence.

Revocyn is marketed towards dieters of either sex and the product is sold via the official website, which is quite impressive at first glance, but close scrutiny of the provided information sets the alarm bells ringing.

rejected diet pillClaims: To contain a unique list of ingredients suitable for all kinds of weight loss

Positives: The right philosophy, one or two decent ingredients

Negatives: The right philosophy clouded by a poor execution. Tired looking formula that we have seen before.

What Is Revocyn And How Does It Work

The recommended dose is one capsule each morning, and one in the evening. The capsules are claimed assist weight loss in several ways:

  • Burning fat.
  • Speeding up the metabolism.
  • Boosting energy.
  • Controlling the appetite.

Revocyn official websiteThese are standard claims for weight loss supplements, and in such a saturated market Revocyn would require something more to make it stand out from the rest, but the bog standard claims are backed up by nothing more than a handful of standard ingredients.

A 30 day money back guarantee is offered, but 30 days may be an insufficient amount of time for effective evaluation, and many competing brands offer 60—and even 90 day—money back guarantees.

Key Ingredients

  • Green Tea:  Has a somewhat overrated reputation for supporting weight loss.
  • Yerba Mate:  Has a history of medicinal use, and a reputation for assisting weight loss, but clinical evidence is lacking.
  • Pomegrantate:  High in vitamin C, and a natural anti-inflammatory, but its reputation for assisting weight loss requires further study.
  • Cayenne Pepper:  Tested and proven to assist fat metabolism. This is probably the most worthwhile ingredient in the formulation, but its inclusion rate is less than that of green tea or ginger.
  • Guarana:  High in caffeine and a proven stimulant.
  • Acai Berry:  High in antioxidants and may also lower cholesterol levels, but any claims made for its ability to aid weigh loss have never been proved.
  • Ginger:  Known to soothe many digestive ailments.
  • Rosemary:  Also helpful for digestive problems and topical applications are used as a remedy for hair loss, but there is no proof that rosemary assists weight loss.
  • Ginseng:  Used extensively in Eastern medicine. Should help boost energy levels.

The Revocyn website links to several studies that supposedly support the claims they make for the ingredients, but the links can be misleading. One link leads to an abstract taken from a study, conducted by Nestle, that appears to extol the benefits of green tea, but the full study is available elsewhere online and it is less than supportive:

Early mechanistic work suggested that GTC [Green Tea Catechins] may increase energy expenditure, stimulating thermogenesis to a greater degree than caffeine alone. However, as indicated in this review, more recent investigations have not universally supported that hypothesis. The relationship between GTC and caffeine and thermogenesis is, at present, unclear . . .”

Testimonial and Success Stories

Revocyn doctor endorsementThe manufacturer claims the product is recommended by doctors, but only one doctor is quoted on the site, and he is a plastic surgeon; so food science is hardly his specialist field.

Actress, Helen Karpoti, is the public face of Revocyn and she claims it helped her lose 10 lbs. A Google search on her name only returns results related to Revocyn; so it appears she is most famous for her connection with the product.

The website also contains some reviews purported to be from satisfied customers, who make weight loss claims of up to 40 lbs. These claims are accompanied by very unconvincing before and after pictures.

In one case, the baggy clothes worn “before” are swapped for a bikini, and Helen Karpoti’s pictures are particularly unconvincing because she appears just as curvaceous in her jumper and pants as she does in her tight black dress and heels. Independent reviews are in short supply.

Side Effects

The manufacturer states there are no side effects, but recommend pregnant women consult their doctor before use. This is good advice because high doses of rosemary can be problematic and the herb has been used to cause abortions. The high caffeine content may also present problems to some users; so people with known health issues, or who are following an existing course of medication, should also seek medical advice before use.

Is It Recommended

The Revocyn sales page makes some pretty impressive claims, but the product has not been independently tested and there is no evidence it will work.  Cayenne pepper is known to have merit, but the effectiveness of the rest of the ingredients is more reliant on reputation than on clinical evidence.

The before and after pictures used on the site fail to suggest significant weight loss, and an endorsement by a plastic surgeon carries little relevance.  The use of partial documentation as supportive evidence for the power of the ingredients, also fails to impress.

Revocyn is not a recommended product. Better alternatives are available, many of which have been independently tested, offer proven results, and have independent testimonials that back up any claims made.

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Where To Buy Revoycn

Can be ordered directly from the official website. Very UK focused but US, Canadian and Australians can also purchase. Pricing at the time of writing is around£60.00 and for this you are buying 3 bottles (two with the third free)

There is no purchasing option in the likes of Boots, GNC  or any third party health supplement stockist.

Alternative Options

Glucomannan Plus reviewGlucomannan Plus – a diet supplement created from the concept of intermittent dieting.

It is an appetite suppressant that can help dieters overcome the effects of low calorie intake and lack of energy

Glucomannan Plus is available without prescription and is throughly recommended

Read about Glucomannan Plus

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