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Signalean diet pillSignaLEAN is a food supplement produced in the USA by Purity Products. It contains a blend plant sterols and potato extracts and has been designed to provide three main benefits.

  • Suppresses the appetite
  • Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Supports Healthy Body Weight

The fact that the product is intended to help people surmount their weight management problems while also attempting to rectify elevated cholesterol levels makes SignaLEAN rather a unique product. However, the official sales page on the manufacturer’s website points out the amount of weight lost in a week is unlikely to exceed two pounds—and that’s when the tablets are used alongside regular exercise and a calorie controlled diet. That does not suggest a particularly powerful product.

rejected diet pillClaims: to help you suppress appetite and bind excess fat. Boost energy levels

Positives: Money back guarantee

Negatives: Not ideal if you based in the UK or Ireland

Key Ingredients

Each SignLean tablet provides:

  • Pytosterols (400mg): taken from 421 mg of CadioAid (from vegetable oils) total phytosterols minimum 95% 400 mg with typical profile: B-Sitosterol 40-58%, Campesterol 20-30%, Stigmasterol 14-22%, Brassicasterol 0-6% and Sitostanol 0-5%.
  • Potato Protein Extract [Proteinase Inhibitors (P12) tubers] (15 mg)

Blend Potential

  • Phytosterols are compounds that are naturally-occurring in the cell membranes of plants. Despite the fact that they have a proven ability when it comes to lowering cholesterol there is no scientific evidence to suggest the use of phytosterols may help lessen the likelihood of heart disease. So although Purity Products claim phytosterols “may help reduce” the chances of heart disease this is not entirely untrue. In fact, it is equally correct to say they “may” not.
  • Potato protein is incorporated into the SignaLEAN formulation to provide appetite suppression. In scientific trials involving laboratory rats, supplementation with potato protein (100mg per 1kg of body weight) appeared to create a feeling of satiety that triggered a signalling process that tricked the brain into thinking the stomach was full. However, although this may suggest potato extract has merit as an appetite suppressant, the fact that it produced such an effect on rodents in no way proves it will be similarly effective for humans. It is also important to note the dosage here (15mg) is very much lower than the amount that appeared to be effective for overweight rats.

[info]SignLean Usage Guidelines The recommended dose is one tablet, and two doses should be consumed each day 30 to 60 minutes before a main meal (typically lunch and dinner). For best results the dosage should be doubled (2 tablets, twice per day) for the first 15 days of treatment.[/info]

SignaLean Customer Testimonials

The only customer feedback available comes courtesy of the manufacturer’s website and the first page shows only 5-star reviews. Many site visitors may not bother to check the second page. This could lead to them being misled about the abilities of the product because the second pages is where all the 2-star and 4-star reviews hang out and several users say the tablets do not work.

Possible SignaLean Side Effects

SignaLEAN is a vegetarian-friendly supplement and it does not contain any gluten.

No side effects are mentioned, but pregnant or nursing mothers should never consume dietary products of any kind without first consulting with their doctor. The same advice is equally appropriate for people who have existing health problems and those who are taking medication.

Guarantee Period

The guarantee period is 60 days.

Where to Buy SignaLEAN

A bottle of 60 SignaLEAN tablets costs $44 (plus shipping) from the manufacturer’s website. However, on commencing the check-out process, customers are actively encouraged to sign up for an automated billing and shipping program in order to become eligible for a 25% discount on their order.

This is a considerable discount that many customers may be tempted to take advantage of, but anyone who ticks the “Super Saver” box to select this option is agreeing to receive regular shipments of pills. They are also agreeing to allow the relevant charge to be automatically applied to their cards, so the “super” savings can work out to be super expensive in the long term and the wisdom of agreeing to receive an ongoing supply of pills is highly questionable.

New users will have no idea how well they may or may not tolerate the formulation. Neither will they know if the promised results will make an appearance, so agreeing to purchase more pills regardless involves a certain amount of folly.

[warning]Not Recommended[/warning]

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