Slimette Review, does this weight loss treatment booster really work

Last updated on September 11th, 2015

Slimette slimming pillsSlimette is a non-prescription slimming pill that is distributed mainly in the UK, USA and Asia but does have several interests in Europe such as Germany, Italy and France.

It is a natural slimming aid that is suitable for all groups of people.  Slimette tablets contain a unique combination of naturally occurring extracts that are known for their weight loss and metabolism boosting properties.

The ingredients listing looks fair, so does it live up to its billing as a ‘weight loss treatment booster’

rejected diet pillClaims: To contain a unique list of ingredients suitable for all kinds of weight loss

Positives: Some decent ingredients such as cayenne pepper and green tea

Negatives: Deemed to have insufficient quantities to have a real effect, others preferred

What Is In Slimette

official website of SlimetteThe main ingredients in Slimette are common in natural slimming pills, however, they have been combined in a number and quantity that is unique to Slimette.  The weight loss promoting extracts are Acai Berry extract, Guarana Seed extract, Green Tea Leaf extract, Cayenne Pepper extract and Acetyl L-carnitine.

Acai berries are a popular “superfood” and have been popular for several years due to their high concentrations of antioxidants, which not only serve to protect the body from cell damage from the environment, but also support the metabolism and provide increased energy.

Guarana seeds are a source of guaranine, an amino acid which acts in a similar way to caffeine and is often found in energy boosting supplements and food.

Green tea has been used for centuries as a digestion aid and to promote weight loss.  Research has shown that drinking at least 3 cups of green tea per day can have a positive influence on appetite suppression and the metabolism, although it is an acquired taste, so taking it in tablet form is much easier for some people.

cayenne pepperCayenne pepper is a spice that literally warms your body up from the inside out.  This helps to increase the metabolism, burn fat and achieve the ideal body weight.

Acetyl L-carnitine is an antioxidant that acts on the brain to assist the body in metabolising food efficiently and burning fat.  Increased concentrations also help you to withstand strenuous exercise far better than if you had lower blood concentrations.

How does it work

Slimette advertSlimette certainly purports to contain a potent cocktail of weight loss promoting chemicals.  The website is very open about the concentrations of the ingredients found in the product and has a full page of positive testimonials.  However, there is a but.  It is an unfortunate fact that when researching slimming tablets that it is easy to be taken in by glossy websites and facts.

The Slimette website looks far more professional than that of many other similar companies, and their apparent openness does generate confidence.  Because of this, it can be easy to overlook some of the important facts about the product.  It is true that all of the ingredients in Slimette are widely used in natural slimming pills, and do have weight loss and metabolism boosting properties, and it is true that Slimette does indeed use a unique combination of extracts.

It is also refreshing to see a product with its contents openly advertised as many slimming pills will tells you what extract is in them but not how much.  Acai berries are one of the few fruits that contain monounsaturated fats, chemicals that are known to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.  However, despite having these properties, research shows that acai berries are more just a part of a healthy diet, like any other fruit, than a weight loss miracle food.

The same can be said for the other ingredients.  Guarana seed extract work in the same way as a cup of coffee.  There is some evidence to suggest that it can aid weight loss by increasing energy levels, especially when combined with Green Tea extract but very little research has been done into the area so evidence is mainly circumstantial.

Acetyl L-carnitine is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier and act directly on the brain as an antioxidant and to boost metabolism.  Each Slimette pill contains 80mg of Aceytl L-carnitine, which is roughly the same amount as is found in 80g of ground beef or steak.  A normal daily consumption of carnitine would be between 20 and 200mg for a person with a balanced diet.  Vegetarians usually have significantly lower levels, as red meat is the main source of the protein.

However, the body becomes saturated at levels above this and is unable to absorb any more.  Therefore, taking Acetyl L-carnitine as a weight loss supplement is not of significant use as the body is unable to process large amounts, even though in theory higher amounts could lead to greater weight loss.

The Facts

The facts behind Slimette certainly aren’t as amazing as the producer’s claims.  None of the extracts in the tablets are harmful (although people with blood pressure problems should be wary of high caffeine and guarana seed extracts) and in some ways they are all beneficial to weight loss, however, they are not a miracle cure.

Is It Recommended

Like most other slimming pills, a calorie controlled diet and exercise regime should be embarked on when the tablets are started.  This is the only true way to lose weight and, although Slimette may not harm your chances of losing weight, it is unlikely to assist it either.

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Where To Buy Slimette

The official website looks to be the sole stockists. It serves all call countries and has been translated in to German, Italian and French.

Looking Elsewhere

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