Slimvida – Does it work, is the free trial a scam?

slimvidaSlimvida is a weight loss product marketed by Natural Health Network Ltd. All sales are made via the official Slimvida website, where customers are encouraged to take advantage of 14 day trial period, but many former customers state this is just a ploy so the company can get hold of people’s credit card details.

Some customers complain about recurring payments being applied to their accounts for pills they did not want. Others claim they have been unable to attain the promised refund for the trial period.

At £49.99 (plus shipping) Slimvida is an expensive product and customers who originally took advantage of bulk buy discounts are often the hardest hit of all.

rejected diet pillClaims: To supercharge the metabolism and burn excess fat rapidly

Positives: Not many we can think of

Negatives: Expensive for what it is. There are many complaints logged with trading standards

What is Slimvida and how does it Work?

According to the Slimvida website’s FAQs use of the capsules will increase the metabolism, encourage fat burning, and block up to 75% of calories ingested as carbohydrate. The manufacturers also claim that up to 85% of the weight lost will be pure body fat, but if the capsules fail to work 85% of zero is still a big, fat zero and the site provides no insight into how fat loss will be achieved.

Key Ingredients

  • Amylezene (Fractionated Bean Extract Standardized to 3000 AAIU)
  • Standardized Green Tea Extract Yielding 135 mg EGCG and 75mg caffeine 5-HTP
  • Acai Berry Powder
  • White Tea Extract
  • Oolong Tea Extract
  • Vitamin B6
  • Folic Acid
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3

Without any inclusion rates to go by it is pointless to try and speculate on what benefits the blend may provide, but green tea has a good reputation for encouraging fat burning and is probably the most powerful ingredient in formulation. The other ingredients are all believed to contribute to weight management in various ways, but none of them are scientifically proven to work.

The Amylezene proprietary blend is an interesting addition because it only seems to exist on the labels of certain diet pills, most of which boast a very similar mix of acai and various teas. It is also worth noting that most of the products appear on the Ripoff and ScamBook websites due to complaints about their automated billing systems—a fact that probably tells a story in itself.

Supporting Evidence

The Slimvida website suggests the ingredient Amylezene is supposed to provide much of the blend’s power, and mentions a couple of studies that apparently support Amylezene’s potential as a weight loss provider, but no links are provided to any of these alleged studies.

A “12-week double-blind placebo-controlled study in Norway” is referred to and the Catholic University in Rome supposedly conducted a 30 day study that confirmed “participants taking Slimvida’s active weight loss ingredient, Amylezne™ Fractionated Bean Extract (Standardized to 3000 Alpha-Amylase Inhibiting Units),  lost 8 times more weight than those who didn’t take it.”

No information can be found to support any of these claims and even if they are true they are far from being specific. How much weight did the group who didn’t take Amylezene lose? If it was only 1oz. in 30 days, and the other group lost 8 times as much, they would have attained a total weight loss of 8oz in 30 days.

Suggested Dosage

The recommended dose is two capsules per day, taken before lunch, but “advanced” users may take two more capsules before dinner or opt to take the maximum daily dosage of two capsules before breakfast, lunch, and dinner (a total of six capsules).

Slimvida Possible Side Effects and Health Issues

Two capsules contain 75mg of caffeine. That’s not particularly high so caffeine-related sided effects, such as nausea, jitters and headaches, are unlikely to be an issue for most users.  Most of the other ingredients should not present problems either, but Amylezene is a different matter; its potential for side effects is as unknown as its potential for contributing to weight loss.

Pregnant and nursing mothers should not use Slimvida unless its use has been approved by their doctor. The same recommendation is made to anyone who has any existing or suspected health issues.

Slimvida Customer Feedback

The majority of customer feedback comes courtesy of the Ripoff Report and ScamBook websites. One unhappy Slimvida customer calls Slimvida a ‘very sly organization’ and states the company’s main goal “seems to be to trick you into paying for products that you only wanted as a ‘FREE’ trial not £140 per month.

Many customers have lodged complaints with the Trading Standards office and a few seem hopeful they will get their money back at some point, but others seem less confident:

[plain]“My credit card company is trying to help so i have my fingers crossed…. False Adverts are a pain and not good for Cash Flow i hope everyone see’s these scam reports to try and put these companies out of Business!!! Not Happy At All!!!“[/plain]

Is Slimvida Recommended

Slimvida contains a few bog-standard ingredients, mixed in unknown quantities with a proprietary blend that seems to be based on some form of bean, and there is no proof the capsules will do anything that is claimed for them. By any standards Slimvida is an overpriced product, but the fact that customers are complaining about recurring payments being added to their account—for unwanted products—is the most worrying thing of all. Avoid this product like the plague.

[error]Not Recommended[/error]


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