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Trim Right diet pillTrim-Right is a diet pill produced in the UK by Trim-Right—a trading name used by eBeauty Ltd, who also appear to trade under the name OxyJet UK.

Trim-Right offer world-wide shipping on purchases made from their official website, and month’s supply of tablets costs £22.46, but savvy consumers can get a better deal by purchasing the product from Amazon and paying the significantly lower price of £14.97.

Even more savvy customers may even abandon thoughts or purchasing altogether and plumb for something with a better track record of success.

rejected diet pillClaims: To be the 100% natural slimming supplement to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and raise energy levels

Positives: Contains capsicum and green tea

Negatives: Incomparable to Capsiplex

Read about Capsiplex here

What Is Trim-Right and how does it Work?

official website for Trim-rightTrim-Right appears to be a combined appetite suppressant and fat burner. If the formulation does what the manufacturers claim, the pills should help the user reduce the amount of calories they consume, and increase the amount of fat calories they burn off each day.

The key word in the last sentence is “if” because, although the blend contains some potentially beneficial ingredients, Trim-Right fails to state any inclusion rates and if the amounts used have been scrimped upon any benefits could be minimal to zero.

Promised benefits include:

  • Curb your appetite
  • Lifts energy levels & Boosts your metabolism
  • See amazing results

The “amazing results” are not backed by a money back guarantee though, and many cheaper competing products offer all the same benefits and many more.

Key Ingredients

  • Guarana:  Contains high levels of the stimulant caffeine, so the inclusion of guarana may contribute to the promised energy lift.
  • Capsicum Extract:  The best ingredient in the mix. Capsicum has been proven to hinder the growth of fresh fat cells, boost the metabolism, and can cause existing body fat to be burned off up to 12 times faster than normal. But only if it is included in sufficient quantity
  • Green Tea Extract (98% Polyphenols):  A diet pill regular with a strong reputation for assisting weight loss, but green tea’s reputation as a fat burner has never been adequately proven.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Extract:  Credited with many health benefits and believed to accelerate weight loss by suppressing the appetite and controlling blood sugar levels. Scientific evidence fails to support these claims.
  • L-Theanine:  A water-soluble amino acid. Many claims are made for the compound’s therapeutic values, but any links to increased weight loss have never been proven.

Usage Instructions

One capsule should be taken at breakfast with warm water. If required a second capsule is permissible before 3pm.

[info]The manufacturers recommend combining the use of their product with an exercise and fitness regimen and they state optimum results will be achieved if the capsules are taken half an hour before a workout or sports activity.[/info]

Trim-Right Customer Feedback

Opinions of the product are mixed. For every happy customer who states:

[plain]“Great product so far seems to be working only been taking them a few days and lost 2.5lbs i would recommend these and they are very gentle on stomach”[/plain]

There is an equally unhappy customer who says:

[plain]”After reading all the good reviews about this I thought I would give it a try praying that it would work unfortunately it has not worked for me so £18 down the drain.”[/plain]

Trim-Right Side Effects

Trim-Right recommends consulting a doctor prior to using their supplement and reaffirms the importance of this in the case of pregnant or lactating women.  This is sound advice because the caffeine content of guarana may prove problematic to some users. Caffeine-related side effects can include restlessness, the jitters, headaches, nausea, and heart palpitations.

The Bottom Line .. Do We Recommed

Although Trim-Right contains a mixture of potentially good ingredients—and one tested and proven fat burner (cayenne)—the lack of inclusion rates renders it impossible to judge how effective the blend might be and the finished product has never been tested; so is not a proven aid to weight loss.

The product is also a little on the pricey side, so the lack of a money back guarantee is also an issue and the manufacturers’ reluctance to provide one could be seen to suggest their faith in the product is not as strong as their gift for creating promising marketing hype.

The mixed customer feedback indicates the product may have some merit—for some people—but the overall picture of the product does not suggest dramatic weight loss results are likely, so Trim-Right is not a recommended product.

[error]Not Recommended[/error]

Trim-Right Buying Info And Stockists

The company seems to be keen to tie consumers into their introductory three month subscription, and offers the first month’s supply of pills for just £8.95 to try and bait the hook. The following two months are billed at the normal price of £29.95.

That comes to a combined £68.85 over the three months, which could be a chancy commitment to make because, if the promised results are not forthcoming during the first month, the consumer will have committed to buy two spend a further £60 on more pills.

What Do We Recommend

Capsiplex chili diet pillIf you are considering buying Trim-Right then consider buying Capsiplex instead. Capsiplex has been the market leader since pretty much its arrival in the UK in 2010. Upon its release it completely sold out within just three days.

Capsiplex is arguably the original capsicum based diet pill – quoted a being able to burn the same amount of calories as cycling for 40 minutes (278) Capsiplex is the best selling fat burning available to a UK based consumer.

Read more on Capsiplex here

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