Trimplex Elite Review – Positives and Negatives

Trimplex Elite UKThe manufacturer’s of Trimplex Elite say their pills can help people to lose weight without the need for diet and exercise. They don’t provide any proof for any of the claims they make, but the promised benefits are:

  • Speeds up the metabolism without stimulants
  • Encourages fat burning
  • Powerfully suppresses the appetite
  • Boosts energy levels

rejected diet pillClaims: Speed up the metabolism without stimulants, increase fat burning and suppress appetite

Positives: Some good ingredients

Negatives: Lack of money back guarantee. The marketing tactic is not something we are comfortable with

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The pills contain raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract. Neither one is likely to provide the promised energy boost, but their combined abilities should be capable of doing everything else that is promised. The only problem is the inclusion rates are not known. If the amounts included are insufficient none of the promised benefits will be forthcoming. The fact that the identity and location of the manufacturer is not known provides a further cause for concern.

How the Formulation Is Designed to Work

Trimplex Elite is designed to cause a calorie shortage in the body. When the body runs short of calories it starts burning fat. Most diet pills are intended to work in this way. In the case of Trimplex Elite the calorie shortage is meant to be achieved by the pills’ alleged ability to suppress the appetite and speed up the metabolism. When the metabolism increases the body burns calories faster. Appetite suppression helps people to eat less food, thereby lowering their calorie intake.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

A full ingredient profile is not provided. This is worrying because anyone buying the product may look at the label and see ingredients they are allergic to. It also means we are unable to get an accurate insight into what the blend may or may not be capable of doing.

The only ingredients the manufacturer mentions are:

  • Raspberry ketone: A fruit derived phenol that has scientifically proven fat burning abilities and further assists weight loss by delivering appetite suppression. The USA diet guru, Dr OZ, says raspberry ketone is “a miracle fat-burner in a bottle”, but there is no way of knowing if this particular bottle contains enough of it to provide good results.
  • Green coffee bean extract: Coffee beans in their raw (unroasted) state. Green coffee beans are a potent source of chlorogenic acid and it can help people to lose weight in several ways. It prevents the blood sugar spikes that may trigger a desire to consume sweet food, it slows the absorption of dietary fats, and it speeds up the metabolism. The volunteers involved in on 22-week study successfully reduced their body fat percentage by 16% and the results were presented at the 243rd National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

[info]How To Use Trimplex Elite – One capsule should be taken before breakfast and a second one before dinner.[/info]

Customer Comments

Some customers say the pills work. Others complain they do not.

A few average comments read:

[plain]”Trimplex Elite helped me to lose 11 pounds in only two weeks and gave me a tremendous energy boost. I never felt hungry at all and there have been no side effects.”[/plain]

[plain]”These pills don’t work. I took them for a month and lost no weight at all.” [/plain]

[plain]”I’ve been losing around 6 pounds a week with this product, but it’s an expensive route to go.” [/plain]

[plain]”TOTAL WASTE OF TIME! Even with diet and exercise, they didn’t do a thing. Do yourself a favor and try something else. Watch out for the hidden strings with the free trial as well. If you don’t cancel within 14 days it will cost you over $200.”[/plain]

Trimplex Elite Side Effects

The manufacturer fails to provide a full list of ingredients, so we are unable to offer any guidance on the possible problems use of the pills may entail. We suggest potential users show their bottle of pills to a doctor and only commence supplementation if the doctor states the product is safe to use.

Where To Buy Trimplex Elite

The English language version of the official website was not functioning at the time of this review. The French version was still operational, but potential buyers are advised to be extremely careful because there have been numerous complaints about the way this product is marketed, a lot of past customers are saying it’s a scam, and there are many things that set the alarm bells ringing.

The first problem is, customers cannot make a straight forward purchase. They are encouraged to accept a free trial bottle of pills instead and try them for 14 days. There is a small charge to cover postage and, on the face of it, this appears to be a pretty good deal.

The second problem is the cost of the pills. The price per bottle is €99.89 ($106), but this information is only available via the site’s terms and conditions page.

The third problem is even more worrying. The terms and conditions page also states customers who accept the trial bottle are also signing up for an autoship program. If they don’t opt-out within 14 days of ordering the pills, their cards will be billed for the full cost ($106) and a fresh bottle of pills will be dispatched every month and charged to the card used to pay the initial postage costs.


The manufacturer states there is a “100% satisfaction guarantee”, but the terms and conditions page says this is only applicable to “test orders”. The only way to get hold of the pills is via the free trial.

The Verdict

Let’s forget the pills are marketed in a very dubious way, and try not to focus on the fact that a full ingredient profile is not provided. Let’s look at customer feedback instead. Some people say Trimplex Elite works, others say it does not. These pills cost more than $100 per bottle. That’s a lot to pay for such a hit and miss product that doesn’t even have a credible money back guarantee.

What Do We Recommend

most effective diet pillsWe never recommend free trials – they are rarely free. We do not recommend diet products that can be ordered from Amazon for eBay either!

We recommend several products that you can buy direct from the manufacturers own official website that are covered by a money back guarantee and without gimmick.

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