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Last updated on September 27th, 2017

White Mulberry Leaf slimming pillsWhite mulberry has become an increasingly popular inclusion in weight loss formulations since it was featured on The Dr. Oz show in 2013. Oz called it a “new health sensation” and predicted white mulberry would soon be “dominating the health aisles”.

The strength of his endorsement has resulted in a profusion of new health and fitness products being created and heavily marketed for their white mulberry content.

Evolution Slimming’s White Mulberry Leaf capsules are one such product and they rely on the ingredient completely, so let’s hope it lives up to its reputation.

Evolution SLimming website with White Mulberry leafEvolution-Slimmings’ White Mulberry Leaf slimming capsules are made from 100% pure ingredients and contain 500mg of the actual ingredient. Also included with every order is a free downloadable diet plan.

The natural herb that can balance blood sugar & aids carbohydrate absorption.

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What is White Mulberry?

White mulberry is a herb that originated in the Far East and is traditionally used in the silk industry to feed silkworms.

what is white mulberry leafThe herb is also believed to have strong sugar-blocking abilities. Because of this it has often be used as a treatment for diabetes and any compound that can limit the amount of sugar absorbed after a meal has obvious weight loss potential.

Excess sugar equals excess calories and when the body has more calories than it need it stores them as body fat, so any ingredient that can tackle the problem as soon as sugar is fed into the system could be a weight-loss-winner.

Dosage and Proposed Benefits

The manufacturers recommend that one capsule be taken 10 to 30 minutes before a meal and no more than two capsules should be taken each day. They also recommend customers use the capsules alongside a fat burning supplement.

Benefits include:

• Blood sugar balancer (prevents cravings & low blood sugar)
• Naturally helps reduce the impact of sugar & carbs in your diet
• Ideal for use alongside a fat burner supplement
• Contains compounds that suppress high blood sugar levels

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback is extremely positive and with many reviews from independent websites.

Side Effects and Health Issues

White mulberry is a natural product that should be safe for most users, but Evolution Slimming do not recommend the capsules be used by pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone under the age of 18. They also suggest anyone who has known health issues should seek medical advice before use.

The Bottom Line

Evolution Slimming’s decision to restrict their blend to just one ingredient has resulted in a product that is unlikely to cause side effects and may even be the safest weight loss supplement on the market. The capsules may be of particular benefit to dieters who have low tolerances of caffeine and other stimulants.

The lack of customer feedback is a little disappointing, but that may be because the product has not been around as long as some of Evolution Slimming’s other products. Without the benefit of feedback, the main judging factor can only be the potential of the blend and this blend contains just one ingredient so it has the power to make or break the product.

white Mulberry doctor endorsementAlthough Dr. Oz may have been responsible for providing White Mulberry with a big marketing push, it must be remembered the ingredient was a known sugar blocker long before his intervention and has a long history of use—especially for treating diabetes. It is a very credible ingredient because anything that can block sugar before the body has chance to convert it into fat has the potential to produce some real weight loss results. In this case the potential is backed up by a 30 day money back guarantee, so Evolution Slimming’s White Mulberry Leaf Capsules can only be a recommended product.

Is There a Guarantee?

All purchases are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee and Evolution Slimming appear to be a reputable company so it seems likely the guarantee will be honoured.

Purchasing Options – Where To Buy

Evolution Slimming are based in the UK and many of their products are available to buy from Amazon UK, but at the time of this review sales of White Mulberry Leaf capsules appear to be restricted to the manufactures’ website.

Buy White Mulberry Leaf slimming pillsA tub of 60 capsules costs £29.99, but customers who take advantage of the offered bulk buying incentives can make a small saving. The best deal can be secured by customers who choose to buy three bottles and for £59.99.

Evolution Slimming ship worldwide and postal charges are waived for customer in the UK.

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