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Last updated on August 13th, 2015

Abidexin Abidexin is a rather expensive weight loss supplement produced in the USA by NutriPharm LLC.

It is available to buy from the Amazon market place and from several other independent online retailers, but the company encourages purchasing from the official website and offer several bulk buy incentives to customers who choose to do so.

All purchases are backed up by a 90 day money back guarantee. Seems pretty good at first value, read our full review and decide if you think its worth purchasing.

rejected diet pillClaims: To offer weight on 3 fronts, reduction of body fat, reduction of appetite and increased energy

Positives: One or two good ingredients in the formula

Negatives: Other ingredients have issues, independent reviews are not flattering

Abidexin Review

The manufacturers make three promises on their official website.

  • Reduction of unwanted body fat.
  • Reduced hunger cravings.
  • Increased energy and focus.

difference between Abidexin and ApidexinThis product’s name may sound familiar to some people, which is not surprising because it is a rebranded version of the Nutripharm’s existing—and better known product—Apidexin, which is now being phased out.

All the ingredients are the same, only the name has been changed because the manufacturers were worried consumers may confuse their product with the prescription only drug, Adipex P.

It’s seems likely that substituting the letter “P”, for the similar sounding letter “B”, will result in more confusion than ever, but there is no evidence that the rebranding is due to any problems with their original product, and NutriPharm appear to be a reputable company, so the big question is will Abidexin provide the promised results?

What is Abidexin and How Does it Work

Abidexin websiteThe recommended daily dose is one serving of 1 to 3 tablets a day, but each bottle contains just 30 tablets, so opting for the maximum dose will result in each bottle lasting just 10 days, so serious dieting will also mean serious expense.

According to the manufacturers, Abidexin takes all the hard work out of burning fat and eating less food, but they still recommend taking regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, and the website’s disclaimer notes that any results mentioned may not be typical.

The website also provides a few links to studies that appear to support the benefits of the key ingredients, but, as is so often the case, the links lead to sites that show only a brief overview of the study—which can be misleading.

It is also worth noting this is an untested product, the website disclaimer also draws attention to the fact that none of the information on the site has been evaluated by the FDA. They fail to mention the fact that one of their chosen ingredients has not been approved either, and this is a particular cause for concern.

Key Ingredients

Each Capsule contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (105 mg):  Caffeine in powder form. As a stimulant, it should contribute to the promised increase in energy and focus. May also offer some fat burning benefits.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (100 mg):  Sourced from unroasted coffee beans, Green coffee beans are high in chlorogenic acid, which has proven fat burning abilities.
  • Green Select Phytosome Green Tea (75 mg):  A trademark protected green tea extract. The health benefits of green tea are indisputable, but its reputation for assisting weight loss has never been adequately proved.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis (75 mg):  African mango seeds with a technical name.  African Mango became a favored dietary ingredient courtesy of an endorsement on the Dr. Oz show, but one of the show’s experts later stated that she now finds the results “Underwhelming”.
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 (25 mg):  Although this enzyme is occurs naturally in the body, where it helps convert food into energy, it has not been approved by the FDA for use in supplements. It is also known to interfere with some medications.

Success Stories

testimonials of AbidexinThe official website shows the usual glowing testimonials that are purported to be from satisfied customers. One user claims to have lost 88 lbs., but the accompanying “before” and “after” pictures are far from convincing.

Such a dramatic weight loss would be clearly visible, but the pictures could easily have been taken on the same day. Amazon provides a less biased source of customer feedback and the majority of reviews are very negative. One typical review states:

“Did not work as advertised. I was completely disappointed with the results which were none at all. Save your money do not buy this one”

Side Effects

No side effects are reported, but the caffeine content may be an issue for some users and Co Enzyme Q10 may lower blood sugar levels and this may make it unsuitable for diabetics. It can also lower the blood pressure and its negative interaction with some medications is also worrying, so medical advice is recommended before choosing to use this product.

Is It Recommended

The official website offers consumers several options for contacting the manufacturer. This suggests they are a reputable company, as does the offered money back guarantee, but the product itself looks less than promising.

To its credit, Abidexin does contain a few respectable ingredients, but it is untested and the overall negative response to the product suggests the capsules fail to supply the promised results. The many issues with Co-Enzyme Q10 are also worrying, so this product cannot be recommended.

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Where To Buy Abidexin In The UK

The official website serves al countries including the UK, US, Canada and Australia. There is not an independent supplier or stockist.

Recommended Alternative

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From medical circles to natural health specialists virtually all seem to be in agreement that multiple mechanics of action has a profound effect on overall body fat.

PhenQ is arguably the most popular and effective brand that employs this mechanic of action

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