Alli Diet Pills Review, The Diet Drug Available Without Prescription, Positive and Negatives

Last updated on August 18th, 2015

Alli diet pillIf you have been trying to lose weight, you no doubt are familiar with the weight loss product, Alli.

This non-prescription, FDA-approved (in many countries) diet pill is readily available over the counter for anyone to use in an effort to lose weight.

Its low cost and claims of being an “anti-obesity wonder drug” have gotten it a lot of attention and sales.

But is it as effective and safe as it claims?

rejected diet pillClaims: To be the only FDA approved diet pill available to buy over the counter

Positives: Contains a prescription only weight loss drug …

Negatives: … which is not necessarily a good thing. Linked to an unpleasant and embarrassing side effect

What is in Alli

Alli websiteThe main ingredient in is Orlistat (its trade name is Xenical) which is usually found in prescription weight loss drugs.

Orlistat is a derivative of lipstatin which inhibits pancreatic lipases. Its main job is to prevent the absorption of fats from the foods you eat so you end up consuming fewer calories.

The manufacturers claim that fat absorption is actually reduced by 25% when taking Alli. And when combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a healthy diet, Alli is said to promote effective weight loss.

The science behind Alli

What in AlliClinical trials have shown that people on Alli do lose weight as long as they accompany taking the supplement with regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet.

As a whole, people taking the tablets lost up to six and a half pounds more over the course of a year than those not taking the drug. It also has been shown to reduce blood pressure (although not significantly), prevent type 2 diabetes and reduce the incidence of diabetes by almost forty percent in people who are obese.

[warning]A common side effects associated with was a sudden need to go to the toilet often resulting in a an oily stool – users coined this the “Alli Oops”[/warning]

Are there any side effects?

Alli side effectsOne of the biggest complaints among people on Alli is the side effects. The biggest of those effects are gastrointestinal problems including oily and/or loose stools, excessive gas, urgent bowel movements and incontinence.

The manufacturer recommends that high fat foods be avoided while on using and that the gastrointestinal symptoms only occur in the beginning of an Alli regimen and wane as usage continues. Another known side effect is that some people have experienced a vitamin deficiency while taking Alli. Some users have even reported being allergic to its ingredients.

Alli Positives

Despite its side effects, people have had success while taking. The fact that it is FDA-approved is a good enough reason for many people to give it a try. It is widely available, highly affordable and there is no need to go to a doctor for a prescription. It can be purchased both in a store and on-line from the company’s website.

Alli Negatives

Aside from the digestion problems that can occur with regular use of and the potential for an allergic reaction to some of its ingredients, their website does not include a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, while many other weight loss supplements do.

The site also does not feature any “before” and “after” pictures of people who have lost weight with Alli showing you that it truly works. Add to that, there are also no customer reviews or testimonials on their site indicating that users liked (or did not like) Alli. For many people, this lack of information on the company’s website can be cause for concern and possibly prevent them from trying the product without any proof that it really works.

It Is Recommended, Should You Use It

Alli advertAlli is recommended for both men and women who are overweight and/or obese. FDA approval is an important factor to consider as not many diet supplements can state that claim.

The product has been around for a while which is also a good sign. However, by no means is Alli a quick fix for weight loss. In fact, it is merely an aid to losing weight, but you still need to significantly modify your lifestyle which includes regular exercise and eating healthy.

If you are not prepared to do that, the product will most likely not work for you. Of course, if you choose to change the way you eat and begin an exercise program, you may not need to take it at all.

One can estimate that perhaps the reason there are no customer testimonials is because consumers figured that out on their own and opted to spare themselves from the gastrointestinal problems that it causes.

If you have tried making lifestyle modifications, but still struggle with trying to lose weight, consider taking only after speaking with your doctor. But if you are just starting on your weight loss journey, try making those changes first and see how it goes before trying Alli. You may just discover you can do it on your own without the uncomfortable side effects that Alli brings with it.

We have rejected Alli on the basis that are better products on the market that are more natural in formula and produce less of a side effect

[error]Not Recommended[/error]

Where To Buy Alli

Can be purchased in many authorised outlets and stockists both online and via the high street. The most high profile being Boots the chemist in the UK.

Alternatives, Recommended Diet Pill

PhenQ what does it doArguably the best commercial diet pill in circulation is PhenQ. Although “Best” is subjective there are not many that disagree with the positive impact PhenQ has made to the industry.

There are testimonials and success stories on the official website that really “sell” the product. These are real testimonials and not contractually obliged from minor celebrities.

Read more about PhenQ

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