Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl Review Positives and Negatives

Last updated on January 29th, 2019

Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl Review

Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl reviewBodyfit Hunger Ctrl is an appetite suppressing diet pill made in England by Bodyfit and, like the company’s other products, it’s at lower end of the market price wise that may appeal to dieters on a budget who need some extra help to lose weight but want to keep a tight grip on the purse strings.

However, it’s often the case in life that you get what you pay for and many cheap diet pills are less effective.

Will Hunger Ctrl be able to deliver the goods where other bargain basement diet pills fail?

Let’s take a closer look at the product and see.

rejected diet pillClaims: To help users suppress appetite and reduce hunger cravings

Positives: Some good ingredients (glucomannan)

Negatives: In our opinion not a good as some of the market leading products

Promised Benefits

  • Our most effective appetite suppressant
  • Contains ingredients proven to reduce hunger cravings
  • Money back guarantee
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Free from soy and gluten
  • Suitable for vegetarians

Last updated on January 29th, 2019

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Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl Method of Action

People who need to lose weight will only do so if their body is placed in a situation where it becomes so short of calories it has to begin burning fat for extra energy.

Although fat burning diet pills can be good for getting the body to burn extra calories and helping support this aim, a low-calorie diet will be required.

A low-calorie diet is basically a diet that fails to provide the body with a sufficient amount of calories per day (around 2,500 for a man and 2,000 for a woman).

The problem is, diets of this nature are really good for bringing on unpleasant hunger pangs.

Hunger Ctrl is intended to make things easier for dieters by taking these pangs away.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Three capsules provide:

  • Glucomannan (1050mg): A water-soluble fibre. Supplements that contain glucomannan work best when they are taken with plenty of water because it activates the fibres and causes them to expand in the stomach. This creates a feeling of fullness that reduces the desire for food. Glucomannan can be very efficient for naturally suppressing the appetite, but it’s usually taken 30-60 minutes before meals. Taking it mid-morning may mean the timing of the dose does not provide maximum lunchtime appetite suppression. It’s also worth noting, glucomannan supplements are usually designed to be taken three times per day, not once. People tend to eat three meals a day and that affords them three opportunities to overindulge.
  • Inulin (150mg): A starchy substance that’s present in many vegetables and fruits, but is normally sourced from chicory. Inulin supports healthy digestion by feeding the good bacteria present in the gut.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus (150mg): A seaweed extract that’s occasionally added to diet pills because it provides iodine. The thyroid gland uses iodine to produce thyroxine and other hormones that help govern the metabolic rate. People who are deficient in iodine may find the presence of fucus vesiculosus accelerates their metabolism and helps them to lose weight. People who do not have such a deficiency are unlikely to notice any benefits at all.
  • Green Tea 4:1 extract (30mg): Although green tea is a respected fat burner, the amount provided here is unlikely to be enough to offer much benefit. It’s provided as a 4:1 extract that been concentrated to 4 times normal potency, but the 30mg provided here will still only be the equivalent of 120mg of normal green tea extract and that’s a pretty low dose.
  • Pantothenic Acid (12mg): Vitamin B5 hiding behind a fancy name. Like most B vitamins, B5 assists energy metabolism.
  • Chromium (120mcg): A diet pill regular that prevents sugar urges and cravings for starchy food. This is achieved because of chromium’s ability to modulate insulin levels and prevent the blood sugar crashes that trigger such urges in the first place.

[info]Usage Guidelines – Three capsules are required per day. These should be taken as a single dose, during the mid-morning, with plenty of water. Bodyfit also stresses the need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Hunger Ctrl is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing an infant. People who are using medication are advised to get a doctor’s approval before use. Anyone who experiences side effects should stop using the product immediately.[/info]

Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews are a pretty even mix of good and bad.

A few average comments read:

[plain]”I’ve been losing a couple of pounds a week since I began using Hunger Ctrl and I no longer feel so hungry during the day.”[/plain]

[plain]”This product doesn’t help with hunger at all. I’m very unimpressed.”[/plain]

[plain]”I find I’m no longer so hungry at lunchtimes so I’ve managed to cut down on my food and am finally starting to lose weight.”[/plain]

[plain]”What a waste of time and money. Did nothing for my appetite. All it did was make me feel horribly bloated.”[/plain]

Side Effects and Health Considerations

A few customers complain they experienced feelings of nausea, bloating, or other side effects.

It’s hard to say which ingredients or combination of ingredients may have caused the problems, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry so we suggest all potential users obtain a doctor’s advice prior to using Hunger Ctrl.

Where to Buy Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl

You can buy Hunger Ctrl from the Bodyfit website. It’s also possible to make a purchase via Amazon.

The price is the same either way. However, the manufacturer’s website offers some bulk-buy deals that are not available to Amazon customers, the best of which can provide a 26% saving.


Although a money back guarantee is promised in the product description, the “shipping and returns” page makes it very clear a refund is not on the cards if the product has been opened and tried.

It states: “Any items which are returned opened, won’t be refunded and will be disposed of for health and safety reasons.”

Bodyfit Hunger Ctrl The Verdict

Although glucomannan is an excellent appetite suppressant, Bodyfit has made the mistake of making this formulation more complicated than it needs to be.

Green tea is a good fat burner, but it may as well be dispensed with because the dose is too low.

The other ingredients, with the possible exception of chromium, could also be removed because their presence does not support the aims of a dedicated appetite suppressing product.

If they were removed, it would make it possible to take three doses per day and benefit from appetite control during all three meals of the day.

Of course, this would mean nine capsules would be needed per day instead of three and a bottle of pills would only be good for 10 days, making Hunger Ctrl an expensive product to use.

Bodyfit is obviously targeting people who want cheap dietary aids and the rock-bottom prices are obviously one of the main things that rope customers in.

Will Hunger Ctrl provide appetite suppression? We don’t doubt it, but it will only do so once per day and the formulation appears to cause some users to experience side effects so it does not compare well with some of the other options available and the lack of a guarantee means this cheap diet pill could still turn out to be a waste of money.

Last updated on January 29th, 2019

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