Diet Pills That Work Fast Without Exercise: Fat Blockers

Fat blockers are weight loss supplements that contain ingredients that have the ability to block fat molecules provided by food and make them too large to be absorbed through the walls of the intestines.

This is a very interesting ability because if the fat molecules are not absorbed they cannot release any calories.

Fat is a high calorie food (9 cal per gram), so the use of a good fat binding supplement can help make weight loss much easier.

Fat Bllocking

However, it is worth bearing in mind fat binders are unlikely to be the best option for people who are successfully sticking to a low fat diet because there will not be much fat to block.

It can vary a little from one product to the next but, as a general rule of thumb, a good fat binding product should be able to bind around 25% of ingested fat and some of the better options available can bind a little more.

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How Fat Binders Work

Although powders are available, fat binding tablets and capsules are far more common and, no matter what format they are produced in, fat binders are usually taken with a meal or up to 30 minutes before eating is commenced.

In the normal state of affairs, once a meal had been eaten and entered the stomach, the digestive enzymes would get to work and break down the food so the molecules can be easily absorbed through the intestinal walls.

Fat binders do not interfere with the normal digestion of carbohydrates and proteins, but their ability to attract fat, and bind with it to form a molecular structure that is too large for the enzymes to work upon, is very effective for preventing fat absorption.

Additional Benefits

Fat binders may also have the ability to help reduce cholesterol levels. This is no bad thing, but many people who purchase a fat binding supplement will probably be more interested in a different virtue—fat binders can also help suppress the appetite.

When fat binders combine with dietary fats, the gelatinous mass that results has been known to help create a feeling of satiety that satisfies the appetite and helps the user to eat less food.

This reduces the daily calorie intake still further and can boost the weight loss process that little bit more.

A couple of Negative Factors

Although fat binders can be very good for providing safe weight loss, some people avoid them because their use causes the stool to become more oily than normal.

This is a fact that should not come as a surprise. All that undigested fat will need a place to go and the only place it can go is out.

This may sometimes lead to a little spotting of the underwear.

Bigger problems only arise when people continue to eat a lot of high fat food, such as chips, cheese, cream etc… while using fat binders. The presence of extra fat in the stomach gives the fat binder more to work upon.

That means more fat will pass through the intestines undigested and it can do so with such speed it may take dieters by surprise and, unless the nearest toilet is only a short dash away, things may get messy and could be extremely embarrassing.

Like all dietary aids, fat binders need to be used in conjunction with healthy eating practices.

Dieters who are using fat binders may also need to use multivitamin pills. Vitamins A, D, E, and K, are fat-soluble vitamins. The body needs all four of them, but they are housed in dietary fats, and fat binders will block their absorption. This could lead to health problems.

Fat blockers work better than fat binders- due to the fact that they stop the fat from entering your digestive system. fat binders deal with the aftermath rather than tacking the problem fat initially. If you were given the choice between a fat binder and fat blocker – choose a fat blocker

Popular Fat Binding Ingredients

Most over-the-counter fat binding supplements contain nopal, chitosan or—in some cases—a combination of both.

Nopal is an extract taken from a species of succulent plant. It is also sometimes known as prickly pear, this can be really classed as a fat blocker.

The traditional form of chitosan is obtained from the shells of sea-living crustaceans, including crabs and lobsters and, shrimps. It works well, but is unsuitable for anyone who is allergic to seafood.

A second form of chitosan is also available and does not present the same risk of allergic reaction because it is sourced from a species of fungus (opuntia ficus-indica) and some people believe this is the most potent option.

In Summary

Fat binders are supplements that contain ingredients that can intercept dietary fats when they arrive in the stomach and bind with them.

The resulting combination is not vulnerable to digestive enzymes and cannot be absorbed through the walls of the intestines because the molecules are too large to pass through.

Fat that is not digested cannot release any calories, so anyone who uses a good fat binding supplement should find it much easier to lose weight.

However, although fat binders offer little benefit to anyone who is on a low fat diet, they work best when used with healthy food options and should never be thought of as a cheat pill that will allow people to eat a high fat diet without paying the price.

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