Fentrim – fat burner and appetite suppressant

fAlthough FenTrim is not marketed as a Phentermine substitute, the name certainly makes it sound like one. The tablets are also white with blue flecks, just like Phentermine, so it’s hard not to make comparisons.

The fact that the prescription-only medication, Phentermine, can provide such dramatic results has made it one of the most sought after appetite suppressants in the world.

Not surprisingly the drug’s reputation has motivated many manufacturers to produce products that promise the same results without the need for a prescription. Although Phentermine is never mentioned in the marketing material, the distinct look of the pill, when coupled with its name, could still be seen to be an attempt to hook-in customers who are searching for a legal alternative to the renowned weight loss drug.

rejected diet pillClaims: To act as an appetite suppressant and help the fat burning process while providing the user with increased energy

Positives: Does ship the product with zero delivery cosy, one or two proven ingredients

Negatives: It’s a phentermine alternative, does not compare to PhenQ in our opinion

How The Benefits Are Advertised

  • Fights obesity extensively and quickly
  • Curbs the appetite and helps you lose weight
  • Stimulates thermogenesis to burn fat cells
  • Regulates the metabolism
  • Increases energy levels
  • Reduces stress 

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each (1 tablet) dose of FenTrim provides 525mg of a proprietary blend and, as is usually the case with proprietary blends, no inclusion rates are provided for any of the ingredients involved.

The formulation contains:

  • L-Phenylalanine: An amino acid that can be used to manage certain mental disorders including Parkinson’s disease and depression. Possibly included here to provide the promised reduction in stress, but L-Phenylalanine is not normally associated with stress reduction.
  • Caffeine: A powerful stimulant that is usually used as an energy booster. Caffeine also assists weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and providing appetite suppression.
  • Theobromine: An alkaloid extracted from the cocoa plant. Its chemical characteristics are similar to those of caffeine, but although theobromine is a stimulant it is not a particularly powerful one.
  • Synephrine HCI: Easily one of the most promising inclusions, synephrine is a fat burning stimulant. It has proven abilities, but can be problematic if the amount used is unusually high; so the fact that Sutra Health fails to provide the inclusion rate raises some concerns.
  • L-Taurine: An amino acid that has shown promise as a treatment for congestive heart failure. It is a reasonably common inclusion in weight loss blends, but further study is needed.
  • L-Carnitine: An ingredient that is often deemed capable of boosting the metabolism and encouraging fat burning.
  • DHEA: The body can manufacture its own supply of the steroid hormone DHEA, but it is often included in weight loss supplements and bodybuilding blends in the belief that it will enhance the metabolism.

[info]Recommended Usage –  Tablets must be taken on an empty stomach and only one tablet is required twice per day, with the first dose being taken before breakfast and the second before lunch.[/info]

Customer Feedback

The majority of feedback is extremely good, but some customers admit they benefited from discounts in exchange for reviews. Other customers appear to be mistaking FenTrim for a weight loss supplement called PhenApex.

A few sample reviews read:

[plain]”Phenapex really works for weight loss. It maximizes appetite suppression and helps you burn more fat from your belly. I’m losing 3-5 pounds a week!!!.” [/plain]

[plain]“Powerful appetite suppressant! All my between meal hunger pangs have vanished and I no longer feel the need to pile so much food on my plate. I’ve got plenty of energy, feel great, and lost 20 pounds in weight by the time I’d finished the first bottle.”[/plain]

[plain]“I’m not sure where all these positive reviews are coming from but it’s a crock of S#@%. Don’t be fooled like I was. These pills do nothing for appetites suppression, they don’t give more energy, and they won’t make you lose weight.”[/plain]

[plain]“I would really like to say FenTrim works, but it doesn’t. I ordered 2 bottles and 2 months later the scales are still telling the same old story. Time to try something else I suppose.”[/plain]

Side Effects & Health Warnings

If Sutra Health are aware of any side effects they fail to mention it, but suggest prospective users consult a doctor before they commence supplementation.

Manufacture & Distribution

FenTrim is manufactured in the USA by Sutra Health. The company used to have an official website, but it is no longer active so all marketing is now done via Amazon.com.

Each bottle provides sufficient pills to last for 30 days when used in the recommended manner. A single bottle of FenTrim costs $42.95 (£26 approx), but customers who add additional bottles to their order can secure generous discounts, with the best savings going to customers who order three bottles of pills for $89.95 (£56 approx). However, the fact that FenTrim is sold minus a guarantee may make many customers think twice about buying multiple bottles.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ reviewThere are many products that compete in the “Phentermine alternative” marketplace with huge bias give to PhenQ but not just us but many faction of the dieting industry.

For want of a better phrase PhenQ is proper diet pill – it is devoid of gimmick and offers user the closest thing to guaranteed weight loss.

Read our full review on PhenQ here

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