Fit Chick Fat Burner Review Pros and Cons

Fit Chick Fat Burner ReviewFit Chick Fat Burner is diet pill made for women. How do we know?

Because the company responsible for bringing it to market tells us so is the marketing material.

The company is called Ignite Pharm and the big problem with their diet pill for women is it contains exactly the same formulation of ingredients as their diet pill made for men.

It’s called Insane Burn and the only differences between the two products are the colour of the bottle, the label, and the marketing claims.

Both products are exclusive to Amazon and, working on a hunch, we dug a little deeper and discovered many other companies selling the same product on Amazon, including BioCor Nutrition, who are selling it as a unisex thermogenic fat burner called HydroxyCOR.

Fit Chick Fat Burner is obviously a private label product and the claims that it’s designed for women are only half true because it’s also intended for men.

Claims: To be a a diet pill made by women for women. Thermogenic fat burner that also stops hunger and support muscle and strength

Positives: Contains some good clinically studied ingredients such as glucomannan

Negatives: Contains a lot of ingredients. In our opinion there are better products that will give you a better chance of success.

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Fit Chick Fat Burner: What Customers are Told to Expect

According to the label, Fit Chick Fat Burner is a Hardcore 6 in 1 Fat Cutting System that:

  • Provides High-Quality Thermogenic Fat Burning
  • Boosts the Metabolism
  • Suppresses the Appetite
  • Supports Muscle and Strength
  • Aids Recovery and Focus
  • Burns Fat While Saving Muscle

What Is Fit Chick Fat Burner and How Does It Work? 

Fit Chick Fat Burner is a pill-type supplement that’s intended to help people to reduce their daily calorie intake without being pestered by hunger pangs (appetite suppression), while also causing the body to burn calories faster (boosted metabolism).

The claims that it may improve muscle and strength are obviously intended to make the pills sound appealing to sporty types and gym-goers of all kinds. The truth is, it may do these things.

The fact that it is being marketed towards women and is nothing more than a clone of countless other products is neither here nor there. Ability is what counts. Let take a look at the ingredients and find out the truth about what the product is likely to do.

What Is Fit Chick Fat Burner and How Does It Work? 

Key Ingredients

Fit Chick Fat Burner is powered by three proprietary blends:

Energy and Focus Blend (450mg)

  • Caffeine: A stimulant that provides extra energy. Caffeine is also capable of boosting the metabolism and encouraging thermogenic fat burning.
  • Phenylethylamine HCI: A compound that’s credited with energy boosting capabilities and is sometimes added to nootropic supplements intended to boost the mood.
  • Glucomannan:       An ingredient derived from the roots of the konjac plant. When taken with water, the natural fibres expand in the stomach to provide satiety and a decreased interest in food. High doses are required and there is no way to be certain enough is included here.
  • Fursultiamine: A thiamine derivative that is sometimes credited with energy boosting capabilities. Thiamine is a B Vitamin, and B Vitamins help the body extract energy from food, so it may have value in this role. However, it has to be remembered, fursultiamine is only a thiamine extract and, as such, will be missing certain components. Research does not suggest the ingredient possess much value in any area. It’s experimental at best.
  • L-Tyrosine:       An amino acid. High doses may increase mental alertness, but the amount provided here is unlikely to be much.

Thermogenesis Blend (40mg)

  • Green Tea Extract: One of the main go-to fat burning ingredients of the diet pill industry. Green tea can increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation for up to 24 hours. However, even if the entire Thermogenesis Blend was solely green tea, the amount provided would be a pretty low dose.
  • Raspberry Ketones:       The raspberry ketones phenol extracted from fruit is respected for its ability to subdue hunger and boost fat burning. The value of the synthetic version is not so high. If you are wondering which one is being used in Fit Chick Fat Burner, so are we and we’d also like to know how much is in use.
  • Yohimbe Bark:       A stimulant taken from an African species of tree. It’s believed to be capable of providing improved fat burning capabilities and increasing muscle strength and size as well.

Lipogenic Blend (7mg)

  • Kola Nut: A second helping of caffeine.
  • L-Carnitine: The results of a study conducted at the University of Catania suggest L-Carnitine may have the ability to encourage fat burning, increase muscle mass, and improve cognitive function.

[info]Usage Instructions – The back of the bottle states the dose is one capsule, taken each morning. It then warns against taking two capsules in any 24-hour period or taking the product later than 4pm. After eight weeks of use, a pause of at least two weeks is required.[/info]

Fit Chick Fat Burner Customer Feedback

At the time of our Fit Chick Fat Burner evaluation, we could only find eight customer reviews.

That’s not enough to provide a sufficient insight into what the product can do and most of the women who left a positive reviews admit they were given incentives to leave feedback.

This casts some doubts on how reliable customer feedback is likely to be.

To make matters worse, one woman awarded the product a full 5-star rating on her hopes that it works rather than her experience with it, stating, “I’m trying to lose weight so I’m hoping this product kicks my fat into going away.”

Fit Chick Fat Burner Side Effects & Health Issues

One customer states Fit Chick Fat Burner made her feel nauseous for a week and gain three pounds. That suggests possible tolerance problems, so we suggest all potential users avoid using this product unless their doctor has told them it is safe to do so

Purchasing Options and Considerations

Fit Chick Fat Burner is an exclusive and it’s only available to people who have shipping addresses located in the US of A.


A money back guarantee is offered, but its duration is not stated.

The Bottom Line

The fact that Fit Chick Fat Burner is marketed as a diet pill for women when it’s obviously anything but is not so much of a problem.

The lack of inclusion rates is a different matter. It makes it impossible to get a clear picture of what the product is likely to do (good or bad) and a few of the ingredients, including caffeine and yohimbine, may cause side effects if the inclusion rate is unusually high.

The absence of reliable customer reviews is also a problem.

It’s possible the formulation may do some or all of the things that are claimed, but it’s equally possible it will not. However, unless you are reading our Fit Chick Fat Burner review from somewhere in the US, our findings are unlikely to make a big difference to you either way.

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