Gastric Band Pill [Updated 2019]

Last updated on January 29th, 2019

Gastric band diet pillThe Gastric Band diet pill is produced in the UK by Clinico. The company also produce a range of other natural remedies, each one designed to target different maladies, including depression, arthritis, and cancer.

All the products are available to buy from the company website, and this is the sole source of supply.

The Gastric Band Pill is their flagship and has been available for several years – the product and the website has been largely unchanged since its inception.

rejected diet pillClaims: To help you lose weight or you pay nothing using a process without calorie counting or feeling hungry

Positives: It has been available for several years, longevity counts for something

Negatives: Only 14 day guarantee period. Not as effective as some recent introductions to the marketplace

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What Is The Gastric Band Pill

Clinico have been producing their Gastric Band Pill for over ten years, but the name is deceptive because the pill has little in common with gastric band surgery. It can, of course, be said to be an alternative to surgery, but the same could be said for any weight loss system.

As an attention grabber though, the name works very well. The term “gastric band surgery” will be familiar to many people who are struggling to lose weight, and gastric bands—a last hope for some dieters—are known to be extremely effective.

Last updated on January 29th, 2019

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But gastric band surgery is also very invasive, and can lead to complications that may make even the dangerously obese think twice about going under the knife; so any product that claims to offer the same benefits in pill form is sure to gain quite a lot of attention.

Gastric Band Pill wesbiteAs a marketing tactic the name works well, but the website offers several additional incentives to buy, including significant discounts for bulk buy purchases, a 14 day money back guarantee, and a free CD that promises to program the listener’s brain for weight loss success by the use of subliminal messages.

The CD’s normal price tag is similar to that of a bottle of Gastric Band diet pills, but “for one day only” the CD is free with every order. This is a typical marketing ploy, designed to install a sense of urgency, and encourage a quick decision to buy. Not surprisingly, the offer appears to be a permanent fixture on the site.

Gastric Band Pill How Does It Work

what is gastric bandingClinico claim their pill suppresses the appetite, while also stimulating the metabolism to encourage more efficient burning of body fat. It is worth pointing that neither of these actions have any similarity with gastric band surgery.

In gastric band surgery a small silicone ring is used to compress the upper part of the stomach.

This makes it physically impossible to eat large amounts of food; it does not suppress hunger pangs; neither does it encourage enhanced fat burning.

The claims Clinico make for their product are, however, very similar to those made for many competing weight loss supplements.

Key Ingredients – Whats In It

Clinico are keen to point out that they believe their product is the best natural weight loss formula on the market, but fail to identify any of the ingredients included in the formulation. The closest thing to a list of ingredients is an overview:

  • Organically grown medicinal plants and herbs.
  • A massive spectrum of minerals salts and trace elements (drawn up through the roots).

Gastric Band Pill Success Stories and Media Focus

Not surprisingly, the company website contains an impressive number of positive testimonials, purported to be written by satisfied customers who wish to say, “Thank you so much!” and who point out they do not feel hungry and are “overjoyed” with the results.

Elsewhere on the internet the product appears to be a very well-kept secret because nobody appears to have anything to say, and the mass media are either ignorant of its existence, or are choosing to ignore it.

Such a lack of independent testimonials, coupled with the distinct lack of interest from the media, does little to support Clinico’s claim that the product has been used by over 100,000 people, is enormously popular, and a “tried and tested method of weight loss that you can depend upon”.

Gastric Band Pill Side Effects and Known Issues

If any side effects have been reported Clinico fail to mention this on their website, but they do state that the product is unsuitable for use by people with eating disorders, and suggest anyone with doubts should consult their doctor before using the Gastric Band pill.

Without a list of ingredients to examine, even the best doctor in the world would be unable to formulate an opinion of what the possible side effects might be, or how the pills might interact with any other medication that may be in use. In a case like this, it seems likely the doctor’s only advice would be not to risk using the product.

It goes without saying the Gastric Band pill should not be used by pregnant or lactating mothers or anyone with known health issues.

Is The Gastric Band Pill Recommended

It is always a cause for concern when a weight loss supplement arrives on the marketplace without an accurate list of ingredients.

Although many people prefer to use, and put their trust, in products that are created from natural ingredients; many herbs are known to cause negative—and sometimes—dangerous reactions in some users.

Some herbs are also known to interact badly with prescription medication and/or aggravate existing medical conditions; so it is impossible to recommend this product.

[error]Not Recommended[/error]

Where To Buy Gastric Band Pill, Stockists

Can be purchased direct from the Clinico website. A one month supply costs £29.99 and there is a 14 day money back guarantee. Appears to be very UK focused but their no high street presence such as Boots, Superdrug or any of the large chain health supplement stockists

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  1. I am not happy to find that, having not been able to start using my Gastric Band Pills until two and a half months after purchasing them, I cannot return them now and still receive a full refund.
    I was only able to take the pills for 10 days, by which time I was feeling very unbalanced and shaky.I visited my doctor, who checked the ingredients, and informed me that these pills are toxic for me.
    I am on regular medication for Diabetes Type 2 and high blood pressure, and I also suffer from arrhythmia.
    All the active ingredients, in very high doses, are caffeine from four different sources. I have to drink caffeine-free liquids to help keep my health problems under control, so to take caffeine in such high doses is tantamount to killing myself!
    Surely, Clinico should make prospective buyers aware of the contents and their side effects, or ascertain that the buyers do not suffer from any of these health problems, before supplying them with the pills.
    I do feel that the company is not observing their duty of care, and that, when the reason for no longer using their product is because of health-damaging side effects, they should be prepared to make a full refund, especially to pensioners.

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