Lipozene Review – the appetite suppressant with Glucomannan

Last updated on May 3rd, 2018

Lipozene bottleLipozene is a weight loss supplement manufactured in the US by Obesity Research LLC, who promise their capsules can help reduce weight safely and effectively.

The majority of product sales are made via the official Lipozene website, but shipping is restricted to addresses in the US or Canada. US-based customers can also buy Lipozene from

A bottle of 30 capsules costs $29.95 (£19.00 approx) from the official site and the company will throw in a second bottle for free. Customers who buy Liprozene from will pay just under $10 (£6.00) per bottle plus shipping, but will not receive a free bottle of capsules.

The official site fails to say where the manufacturers are based, but a telephone number is provided, and this appears to be the only contact method available. All of this suggests a certain elusiveness that fails to impress.

Claims: To reduce excess body fat in a safe and natural manner

Positives: Contains Glucomannan

Negatives: LeanBean is better all round product and appeals to UK consumers.

Read more on LeanBean here

What Is Lipozene and How Does It Work?

Official website for LipozeneLipozene is an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppressants are designed to curb the user’s appetite and cause them to eat less food.

In theory, this should prevent them from putting on any extra weight, and if their calorie intake is reduced enough the body then begins burning stored body fat to provide extra energy.

Lipozene suppresses the appetite by making the stomach feel bloated and full, but the product can hardly be called a blend or a formulation because it contains only one ingredient— glucomannan.

Glucomannan: Lipozene’s One Key Ingredient

glucomannan appetite suppressantGlucomannan is a fibrous substance sourced from the root of the Konjac plant. Konjac fibers are capable of absorbing many times their own weight in moisture and the “soaking up” process happens very fast.

Lipozene is not the only dietary product that uses this ingredient. It isn’t even the only weight loss blend to rely on it entirely, so there is nothing fresh or ground-breaking about the product. The only new thing about it is the name on the label.

Supplementary information

Lipozene devote a full page of their site to several scientific studies that prove glucomannan can effectively suppress the appetite. The page shows extracts from the studies followed by a link to the full study. One study referenced was conducted in 1984 at the Moorhead State University, Minnesota, and it does a good job of selling the ingredient’s benefits.

The fact that Lipozene provide so much information is a big point in their favor because the consumer is not forced to take all their claims on faith.

Unfortunately they let themselves down by stating elsewhere on the site that Lipozene is clinically proven, and link to the same page to support this statement. Konjac [the ingredient] has been tested and proven to assist weight loss. Lipozene [the product] has not.

Recommended Dose and Usage Instructions

Two capsules provide 1,500 mg of glucomannan. Capsules should be taken 30 minutes before meals and up to three doses are allowed each day. Each dose should be washed down with at least 8 oz. of water (to allow the glucomannan fibers to expand sufficiently). For best results the manufacturers recommend taking three doses a day.

Customer Feedback

The Lipozene website has a customer feedback page, where customers can make comments or ask for advice, and it shows a mixed response to the product. Some of the comments are by customers who have bought the capsules and “can’t wait to see if it works”. Other comments report a positive experience:

[plain]”I have lost 20lbs. I am so very pleased with the results so far.”[/plain]

But not everyone speaks so fondly of the product:

[plain]”I have to say I have been on Lipozene for 9 days and I think I’ve lost nothing.”[/plain]

Independent reviews are also available and are predominantly negative:

[plain]“This substance didn’t do anything for me regarding weight loss; all it did was make me a few dollars short!”[/plain]

Potential Side Effects and Health Issues

The manufacturers state there will be no side effects if the capsules are used as directed, but they recommend consulting a doctor prior to use.

The Bottom Line – Is It Recommended

Lipozene is not a particularly expensive weight loss product, and there is no denying that their chosen ingredient can be an effective appetite suppressant, but appetite suppression alone is seldom enough to encourage significant weight loss.

The amount of negative product reviews available to read online leaves little doubt that the product fails to work for the majority of users.

If a fat burning compound had been added to the blend things may have been different, but when it all comes down to it Lipozene is just a single ingredient placed inside a capsule, and the manufacturer’s lack of imagination has resulted in a product that appears to be lacking in results. Many better options are available.

Recommended Alternative

LeanBean Glucomannan pillsAs mentioned above LeanBean is superior product that contains not just glucomannan but essential vitamins and minerals, often lacking when our diet is restricted.

LeanBean can be used either in conjunction with a diet or as a sole diet aid. It is available to buy direct from the official website

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