LYMA Super Supplement for Skin, Memory and Immune System

Last updated on February 6th, 2020

LYMA SupplementLYMA is a the new ‘super supplement’ that offers it’s users may health benefits. It is a product created by the Skinny Bitch Collective.

The aim of LYMA is to significantly improve many areas of health by providing best of breed ingredients that have been rigorously tested and scientifically trialled.

Here at SlimmersWeekly we have been privy to many new supplements, pills and potions over the last decade or so but this one has particularly grabbed our attention and whetted our appetite.

Claims: To offer it’s users multiple health benefits – great looking skin, stronger immune system, a sharper memory, less stress, protection against osteoporosis and many more

Positives: Fabulous looking brand, lots of clinical data attributed to it, some talented people connected with it.

Negatives: Priced at £149.00 per subscription. Nothing as yet has surfaced from a negative user perspective. As we also like to give a balance so if anything does we will be sure to publish it.

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What Is In LYMA – Ingredients

HydroCurc (cold water dispensed curcumin) – Circumin is found in turmeric and can help with increasing antioxidant enzymes as well as acting as an inflammatory agaent.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha – Helps to reduce cortisol hormone levels. Cortisol increase has been linked to weight gain

Wellmune – Helps to inprove focus and mental clarity. In the nootropic class of ingredients

Cynatine HNS – A substance said to help decrease hairloss, improve the appearance of nails and help rejuvenate your skin

Lycored – Helps to reduce your bad cholesterol levels

Cognazin – another Nootropic like ingredient linked to improving cognitive function

K2 Vital – Helps reduce cardiovascular risk by 50 per cent

Vitamin D3 – Clinically proven as an aid to prevent osteoporosis by 37 per cent. Also known as the sunshine vitamin.

[info]With exception of vitamin D3 all of the above ingredients have been patented. This alone underlines that the people responsible for LYMA want to create a product with longevity and lasting appeal.[/info]

LYMA Customer Testimonials, User Comments

There are not many customer testimonials as yet as the product is not commercially available. However LYMA has been available as pre market product for a number of months – the feedback has been pretty impressive

Some celebrities who are said be sing LYMA include Victoria’s Secret Angel Roosmarijn de Kok and Actress Chloe Grace Moretz

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Any Side Effects With LYMA

So far there have not been any side effects associated with any of the ingredients in the formula provided they are taken in the recommended dosage

Who Should Take and Who Should Avoid

Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid taking, as should anyone with an existing health condition. If you are unsure the consult your doctor.

[info]How To Use – take 4 tablets per day with water[/info]

Is There A Guarantee

There are no details published yet or available concerning the guarantee. We would hazard a guess and say there will be one at it should be long enough to establish whether or it benefits you.


We give this product our recommendation. It is an excellently presented supplement with a good deal of fact associated with it. Our only caveat is that is priced slightly on the high side at £149.00 per subscription.

Where To Buy LYMA 

LYMA is available to buy direct from the manufacturers website – the order page is not yet live and so email addresses are being collected so when the product launches customers who have requested information previously should be given the opportunity to buy at hopefully a discounted rate

Please include your name and email address to the form below to be kept informed about LYMA and any subsequent promotion.

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