Nucific CL X3 UK Review with Positive and Negative Customer Comments

Last updated on July 26th, 2018

CL X3 is a diet pill manufactured in California, USA, by Nucific. The company claims to be on a mission to “offer cutting-edge products” that help the body to operate in the “way it was designed to”.

Nucific CL X3 contains a blend of three natural ingredients and customers are promised several benefits:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Faster abdominal fat burning
  • Insulin regulation to discourage the growth of fresh fat cells

Nucific is very clear about the importance of diet and exercise; and CL X3 does not contain caffeine, lactose, glucose, or fillers. All of this is good.

Claims: To help suppress appetite and burn belly fat and prevent the formation of new fat cells

Positives: To the multiple angle weight loss approach

Negatives: Not a negative as such but prefer an alternative product

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What is Nucific CL X3 and How Does it Work?

If Nucific CL X3 provides the promised appetite suppression, customers who use the product should find it easier to eat less food because they will not experience the hunger pangs that often end to so many people’s good intentions.

When people eat less food the body receives fewer calories.

The body needs calories for energy so if the amount of calories it needs exceeds the amount available it has to take action and look for an alternative source of energy. Body fat is the most readily available energy source so it begins burning fat.

The claim about faster abdominal fat burning is not easy to support because the body burns fat in a set sequence that is dictated by the DNA and can be different from one person to the next. But fat burners usually speed up the metabolism and cause the body to burn calories faster.

This causes the calorie supply to run short more quickly and necessitates fat burning sooner than would normally be the case.

The value of any product that can successfully interfere with the body’s ability to form fresh fat cells should need no explanation, but the promised benefits will only make an appearance if the blend contains a sufficient supply of the right ingredients.

Key Ingredients

Each CL X3 capsule contains:

  • CLA Oil (1154mg): CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is healthy fatty acid that is naturally-occurring in certain meat and dairy products. The CLA in the CL X3 is derived from a thistle-like plant called safflower that is cultivated for its oil. Safflower oil is rich in CLA and is often used for preventing heart disease, breathing problems, and many other health issues. A number of studies, including one conducted at the University of Wisconsin, show CLA can be effective for encouraging fat loss.
  • Fucoxanthin Extract (50mg): A compound that is extracted from Japanese brown seaweed. The results of a study at Hokkaido University in Japan suggest supplementation with fucoxanthin may be effective for weight loss, but the study was conducted on diabetic, obese mice. Further study (on humans) is much to be desired, but the ingredient’s potential should not be discounted out of hand.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (50mg): Grapefruit contains a flavonoid called naringin that is often added to supplements because it can increase the power of caffeine. There is no caffeine in the CL X3 formulation, but a study conducted at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea suggests supplementation with naringin can lower lipid fat levels.

[info]Usage Instructions – One CL.X3 “softgel” capsule is required three times per day and should be consumed with a meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).[/info]

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any customer feedback for this product.

CLX3 Side Effects & Health Issues

Nucific warn that CL X3 may interfere with certain medications because the formulation contains grapefruit seed extract, but they state the product is not known to cause side effects.

However, women who are pregnant or nursing a child should always be cautious about taking any brand of supplement unless it has been approved by their doctor. The same advice applies to people who have existing health issues and, of course, anyone who is using medication.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Nucific CL X3 is only available via the manufacturer’s website. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills and the price is $47 (£32.60). Bulk buy discounts are available and customers who order three bottles of pills save 12%. Customers who order six bottles of pills benefit from an 18% discount.


Customers who wish to do so can can claim a full refund if they return their order within 90 days of purchase.

The Bottom Line

Nucific CL X3 contains some promising fat burning ingredients, so people who use the product alongside diet and exercise will probably lose weight.

CL X3 may also be particularly suitable for people looking for a stimulant-free diet pill, but the none of the ingredients are likely to suppress the appetite in the promised manner or discourage fat cell formation.

As for the price, it’s possibly a little high for such a simple product.

The lack of customer feedback is also a problem, but customers who wish to take a chance on CL X3 can do so secure in the knowledge that any money spent can be reclaimed, if need be, via the money back guarantee.

Recommended Product

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PhenQ can act as fat burner, fat blocker and appetite suppressant. It also has ingredients to help reduce the feeling as of fatigue often associated with dieting.

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