Skinny Medical Review – with Garcinia Cambogia

Skinny Medical reviewSkinny Medical is a diet pill manufactured in the UK.

It conforms to GMP (good manufacturing practice), so customers can be confident they are purchasing a quality product.

The pills contains several good ingredients, including garcinia cambogia, green tea, and capsicum extract. Customers are also given the opportunity to download a free diet plan to help them get the most from the pills and further ease the weight loss process, so first impressions are good.

rejected diet pillClaims: To help suppress appetite, block carbs, and burn fat

Positives: Contains Garcinia cambogia – a very effective ingredient (as long as the correct dosage is taken). It’s not expensive.

Negatives: Inclusion rates are hard to find.

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What is Skinny Medical and How Does it Work?

Skinny Medical is designed to provide dieters with quick, stress-free weight loss and the promised benefits are:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Feel more energetic
  • Blocks Carbohydrate
  • Burns fat
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

If the formulation works in the intended way, its abilities as an appetite suppressant will make it easier for users to eat less food each day and this will lower the amount of calories the body receives. If the pills are successful in blocking the absorption of carbohydrates (the body’s main energy provider) the calorie intake will be reduced still further. Such a shortage of calories will force the body to start burning fat for extra energy. A lack of calories may also lead to feelings of fatigue, so Skinny Medical contains some caffeine to help prevent this from becoming a problem.

Skinny Medical Ingredients

Skinny medical contains unspecified quantities of:

  • Garcinia Cambogia: A fruit that provides hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It’s a good ingredient that provides appetite suppression and also disrupts the body’s ability to form fresh fat cells.
  • Guarana: A fruit extract that delivers a slow release of caffeine. Scientific study shows caffeine can boost the metabolism and initiate the fat burning process. It is also an energy provider and the fact that guarana releases its caffeine so slowly makes it excellent for providing long lasting benefits. It also explains why guarana is often added to energy drinks.
  • Green Tea Extract: Research shows the fat busting reputation of green tea has not come about without good reason. It’s one of the most commonly used diet pill ingredients in the world and it also renowned for its ability to support good health.
  • Capsicum Extract: A thermogenic fat burner that has proved its worth in numerous clinical trials. After one clinical trial, conduceted in Canada, the scientists concluded: “These results indicate that red pepper increases diet-induced thermogenesis and lipid oxidation”.
  • Kola Nut Extract: The fruit of the African Kola tree. Kola is a good source of caffeine and its effects should kick in quite quickly so it should work well when used alongside guarana.
  • Yerba Mate: Another caffeine-providing ingredient. This time sourced from the leaves of a South American tree.
  • Zinc Citrate: Zinc is an essential mineral that can aid the digestive process and smooth the absorption of important nutrients. It has been added here in the belief that it will provide carb blocking. This is unlikely. Zinc deficiency can lead to a lack of the enzymes the body uses to break down carbohydrates so, If anything, the extra zinc will improve carb absorption
  • Maltoextrin: This ingredient is unlikely to improve weight loss, but it is often added to sports supplements because its presence appears to speed up muscle recovery times.

[info]Usage Instructions – One capsule is required before breakfast and another before lunch and it is recommended the capsules be washed down with a glass of water. Users are also advised to drink plenty of water throughout the day.[/info]

Skinny Medical Customer Feedback

The official website contains a number of testimonials that are backed by convincing before and after photographs. One woman claims she lost 9.5 pounds in four weeks. Another says she lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks. Reviews placed at a less biased source would be more reliable, but none are available.

Skinny Medical Side Effects

Skinny Medical says side effects are unlikely, but point out the formulation may not be suitable for anyone who does not tolerate caffeine well. They also stress the product is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child or for anyone under 18-years of age. Skinny Medical fails to mention this, but people who have existing medical problems should always consult a doctor before using any brand of weight management supplement. The same advice holds good for people who are using medication.

Buying Skinny Medical – Price, Stockists

A month’s supply of pills costs £19.99 ($26) from the manufacturer’s website.


Skinny Medical is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Skinny Medical is a cheap and cheerful product that contains a blend of ingredients that should allow it to help improve weight loss results, but it will only work if the inclusion rates are sufficient and we have no way of knowing if this is the case. Admittedly, the on-site reviews from customers suggest it is an effective weight loss aid, but a manufacturer’s website is apt to be biased because its raison d’être is to make products look good and encourage customers to buy. Having said that, there’s a money back guarantee, so customers have nothing to lose if they want to give this one a go

Recommended Diet Pills

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillWe have to position PhenQ over and above Skinny Medical. PhenQ is arguably the best commercial diet currently in circulation across the globe. To conquer tough markets such the United States, Australia and the Uk takes some doing.

It is the complete package of PhenQ that sets it apart – the product works, the customer service is exemplary and the backing of a 60 day money back guarantee ensure it’s hard to resist a purchase.

More information on PhenQ can be found here

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