Slim Bomb – the little blue diet pill, does it really work?

Last updated on August 13th, 2015

slim bomb in pressThe Slim Bomb has been around for some years now and is a familiar sight, particularly for UK based consumers.

The little blue pill has remained almost unchanged throughout its existence save for a few packing revisions – the use of ‘Advanced Formula’ now adorns the bottle.

We take a closer look and find out if the Slim Bomb is worthy of a purchase

rejected diet pillClaims: To be an advanced formula that can accelerate your weight loss

Positives: A familiar sight, been available for several years

Negatives: Starting to look well past its sell by date now – others preferred

What are Slim Bombs?

According to the manufacturers,  Slim Bomb increases your body’s metabolism to very high levels, suppresses your appetite and burns fat. This is possible because of the pill’s thermogenic formula.

Cha De Bugre in Slim BombsSlim Bomb pills are said to create extremely high amounts of energy using natural ingredients.  Unfortunately, it is unclear what those ingredients are since there is no listing of them on the Slim Bomb website. Further research does show, however, that after a recent reformulation of their product, the pills contain 250 mg of cha de bugre (a natural stimulant that increases alertness and energy – pictured); 200 mg of green tea leaf extract (an energy booster); and 50 mg of caffeine.

[info]These blue pills are taken two times a day—two capsules at 10:00 a.m. and another two at 3:00 p.m. Each bottle contains one-hundred and sixty capsules so you get more than a month’s supply. It is recommended that you take Slim Bomb until you have reached your goal weight. One bottle costs £29.95 and can only be purchased online. There is a thirty-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.[/info]

Does Slim Bomb Really Work?

According to customer reviews, some people have had great success with it while others have not. Some users have gotten unwanted side effects like nausea or sleep disturbances. And if you are sensitive to caffeine, that may also cause an adverse reaction like a rapid heartbeat or headaches.

Those who did experience side effects also noted that they went away quickly after reducing their dosage of Slim Bomb or discontinuing use of the product. Since there are no testimonials on the product’s own website, a more in-depth search is required if you want to see what others are saying about it.

The Pros of Slim Bomb

Slim Bomb is relatively cheap compared with many other diet pills that are currently available. The ingredients, while not listed on their site, are certainly not harmful and any reported side effects were minor and dissipated after the person stopped using it or lessened the amount of pills he or she was taking each day.

The ingredients are all natural and have been proven in other products to work for weight loss. It is also one of the bestselling diet pills in the UK so that has to be worth something.

The Cons of Slim Bomb

While all-natural ingredients and a low cost are both good, there is very little in the way of any scientific research to back up the claims of Slim Bomb’s effectiveness or if it even works. The mixed bag of customer reviews is also cause for concern (not to mention the lack of a full list of ingredients on the product’s website).

In fact, the website itself has no reviews thus far. Dplan, the manufacturer, has tweaked the product a few times which can leave people wondering if they still have not come up with the best possible product or if it is the best—for now.

Should You Use Slim Bomb?

You certainly will not do any harm to yourself, or your wallet, by trying Slim Bomb. If it is one of the bestselling weight loss products in the UK, it certainly cannot be all that bad. However, like any of these pills that promise extreme and quick weight loss, take the claims with a grain of salt. Not every product works for everyone and not every product works—period. If you do begin to experience some of the side effects, back off your dosage. If they still persist, you probably should stop using it altogether.

Many all-natural weight loss products are available and there are several that are probably better researched, better tolerated and better known than Slim Bomb. You may do better trying one of those with more potent ingredients that you can see clearly on the manufacturer’s website. You have to wonder why a product that claims so much has not one customer review on its site. With that in mind, stick with what you know for sure rather than what you may assume to be true based on sales and a lack of proof or evidence.

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Where To Buy Slim Bombs

Can be purchased online form the official website as well as several other reputable dealers such as Slimming Solutions. Not available by in store at Boots, Tesco or GNC

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