Slim Fizz – The Gastric Band in A Glass. Its All About The Glucomannan

Last updated on May 3rd, 2018

Slim FizzSlim Fizz is another brand that is getting plenty of positive media coverage. It has been coined the ‘gastric band pill in a glass‘. Its main contributor to its success is of course Glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble natural fibre that is derived from the roots of a one-leaf perennial plant, called Konjac, that is indigenous to a number or Asian countries including Indonesia and Japan.

Although it is sometimes listed on supplement labels as “konjac” the name “glucomannan” seems to be the one most favoured by diet supplement manufacturers, but the name it is billed under matters little, the important thing is glucomannan is a weight loss ingredient that works, and has been proven to work by numerous scientific studies.

Glucomannan appetite suppressantSlim Fizz is the water soluble tablet that it’s manufacturers claim can help you lose a few pounds of just 10 days of usage – this is due to the ingredient moreso than the actual brand.

The Daily Mail along with several other tabloids and health magazines have featured the product exalting its merits.

Glucomannan is highly recommended – it is an appetite suppressant that can swell to many times its size when immersed in water making the user feel fuller.

Glucomannan has been highly studied and above all it has been clinically proven to be both safe and effective.

Our preference is for another brand though – LeanBean – it contains the correct amount of Glucomannan per serving as specified in the clinical studies. It also has Green tea to give an additional fat burning benefit.

Glucomannan: How It Works

Glucomannan fibres offer very little in the way of nutrition, but like other natural fibres their passage through the digestive system can help combat constipation and improve intestinal strength.

Eating plenty of high fibre food is known to offer protection against bowel cancer and gall stones, but there is something very special about glucomannan that sets it apart from other fibre providers—it really sucks!

How Does Glucomannan Work for Weight Loss?

The super-absorbent nature of glucomannan fibres allows them to soak up an incredible amount of water.

In fact the amount of glucomannan that is provided by a standard-size capsule is sufficient to soak up an entire glass of water.

Once combined, the glucomannan fibres and water form a gelatinous mass, and when this process occurs within the confines of the human stomach it causes a feeling of fullness that quickly dulls the desire for food.

Dosing Considerations

A dose of 1g, taken three times per day, is usually sufficient for weight loss, but it is important to always ensure the glucomannan-providing supplement is consumed with a sufficient supply of water (1 to 2 glasses per dose).

If the amount of water provided is insufficient the fibres will not be able to achieve maximum expansion and results may be impaired. Timing is also important.

Glucomannan supplements are usually consumed 15-60 minutes before the three main meals of the day.

Appetite Suppression & Calorie Control

Woman trying to suppress appetiteMost people love to eat, and eating is important because food is required to supply the body with the energy (calories) it needs to continue its normal function.

However, statistics show obesity is increasing on a worldwide scale, so many people love to eat just a little too much and whenever the body receives too many calories the extra calories are stored as fat.

Fortunately body fat is as easy to get rid of as it is gain because the whole process works in reverse whenever the body is starved of the calories it needs.

So people who follow a calorie controlled diet (that provides less calories than are required) cause the body to begin converting body fat back into useable, energy-providing calories. This is achieved by the process that is commonly called fat burning.

However, what may seem easy in theory can, in fact, be very hard.

Many dieters fail to have the willpower that is required to stick to a calorie controlled diet for the length of time that is required to get their bulked-out bodies back into shape.

That is why good appetite suppressants like glucomannan can be such a valuable ally for anyone who desires to lose weight.

Scientific Research

Glucomannan is a well-researched ingredient.

One of the largest studies to date (176 people) was conducted by researchers in Norway. The volunteers were split into four groups and although each group had to adhere to a calorie controlled diet, they did not all receive the same supplements each day.

  • Group 1: Glucomannan only
  • Group 2: Glucomannan + guar gum
  • Group 3: Glucomannan + alginate
  • Group 4: Placebo

Due to the fact that all the groups were following a calorie controlled diet, weight loss was achieved across the board. However all three glucomannan groups lost more weight than the placebo group, and the group that received glucomannan only lost the most weight of all.

The researchers concluded: “Glucomannan induced body weight reduction in healthy overweight subjects, whereas the addition of guar gum and alginate did not seem to cause additional loss of weight.”

Concluding Thoughts

Glucomannan is a natural ingredient that has been scientifically proven to provide weight loss. It is also an ingredient that is a very viable alternative to many of the stimulants that are so commonly used to trigger weight loss.

Glucomannan does not directly interfere with the hormones, the metabolism, or any of the body’s natural processes. It merely provides a “full tummy” sensation that makes it easier to cut down on food.

It’s as simple as it is effective, but the benefits offered can be hindered if glucomannan is not provided in sufficient quantity or is blended with inferior ingredients, so some care is to be advised when seeking an effective glucomannan-providing product.

Recommended Brand

LeanBean Glucomannan pillsAs mentioned above we recommend LeanBean over and above Slim Fizz.

LeanBean is arguably the UK and Europe’s most recognised brand.

All of their products are fully guaranteed with a full money back refund if you are not satisfied.

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