Slimgenix Pro – Cleanse EFX Review, is it a scam

SlimGenixPro is a weight loss product that can only be obtained by signing up for a free trial offer via one of the SlimGenixPro websites (there are several). is the main site targeted towards North American customers – there also specific sites for the UK and Ireland, France, Germany and Italy.

SlimGenix proAll of the sites promise use of the formulation can produce dramatic weight loss, and the main promised SlimGenixPro benefits are:

  • Eat Less, Feel Better
  • Stop Feeling Hungry
  • Lose Your Cravings
  • Retain Muscle Mass
  • Burn Stored Fat

rejected diet pillClaims: To help users eat less, lose their cravings for food while burning fat and retaining muscle mass

Positives: In theory it contains the right ingredients such as raspberry ketone and green coffee

Negatives: There are no inclusion rates for the formula. The auto billing ‘payment method’ is nothing more than a scam according to several reports. 

What is SlimGenixPro and how does it Work?

According to the UK site, SlimGenixPro is designed to work as combined appetite suppressant and fat burner that can provide safe weight loss.

Appetite suppression assists the weight loss process by helping quelling the desire for food. Eating less food should result in a lowering of the daily calorie intake. Fat burners are designed to speed up the metabolism, encourage the body to burn calories faster than normal, and trick it into burning body fat as well to provide extra energy.

cleanse_efx1There is another product that appears to either come bundled with Slimgenix or available to buy separately – Cleanse EFX. This is a cleanse and detox supplement as the name suggests – it appears to be made by the same company and the warnings about the auto-billing payment mechanism applies here too.

[warning]Introducing the automated ordering and billing scam:-

According to the website’s terms and conditions page, the trial period is just 14 days. By this point customers will have used less than half a bottle and, if “the order” is not cancelled before the end of the trial period, on the 15th day, customers will be charged £94.99 for the pills they have already received and will automatically receive, and be charged for, a fresh supply of pills each month. The charges are, of course, made against the card used to make the original token payment.

To make matters worse, customers are also encouraged to buy a colon cleansing product as well. The set-up is exactly the same; a token card payment and automatic enrolment into an automated ordering and billing cycle that will cost customers a further £94.99 per month.[/warning]

Slimgenix Pro Key Ingredients

SlimGenixPro contains unknown quantities of green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones.

green coffee weight loss pillsGreen Coffee Bean Extract is exactly what it sounds like—a compound taken from green coffee beans. The extract is rich in chlorogenic acid and several studies show the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract has the power to speed up the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. In one 12-week study a group of overweight individuals was given monitored doses of instant coffee each day, while a second group received coffee that was rich in chlorogenic acid. At the end of the study the instant coffee drinkers had lost an average of 1.7g. The group that received coffee that was rich in chlorogenic acid lost and average of 5.4kg.

Raspberry ketone does it really help you lose weightRaspberry Ketones is an extract that can be found in certain fruit, but is usually sourced from raspberries. The ingredient is believed to assist weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and helping the body to break up fat and burn it more easily. Much of this is apparently achieved by raspberry ketones’ ability to regulate adiponectin levels (a protein that regulates the metabolism). Raspberry ketones have also been credited with appetite suppressing abilities.

Blend Potential

Green coffee bean is a good inclusion, but the potential of the blend cannot be predicted due to the lack of inclusion rates. It is also possible that other (unknown) ingredients may be used in the formulation. If this is the case it will certainly dilute the green coffee bean content.

[info]How to Take SlimGenixPro

Two capsules should be taken twice each day. No other information is provided.[/info]

Slimgenix Pro Side Effects

Green coffee bean is a source of caffeine, so jitters, nausea, and other caffeine-related side effects are a possibility, but without a complete list of ingredients it is not possible to speculate on the kind of side effects customers should expect. For this reason, all potential users are advised to refrain from using SlimGenixPro without a doctor’s approval.

Slimgenix Pro Customer Feedback

Independent customer feedback is hard to find

Buying Information For Slimgenix Pro

Visitors to the SlimGenixPro Website are offered what appears to be a good deal: “Get the Whole Formula at a Special Price TODAY! Only £3.98 per Bottle!” However on clicking the “buy” button customers are transferred to the BuySlimGenix website. The site provides a little more information about how the product is supposed to work, but lacks an order button. Instead, customers are encouraged to enter their details into an online form to get a fee trial bottle of pills. The token payment is to cover the cost of postage and insurance, and must be paid by a credit/debit card.


According to the terms and conditions page at, bottles of SlimGenixPro that have not been acquired via the 14-day trial are eligible for a 30 day money back guarantee.

This is a pointless statement because it is not possible to get hold of a supply of pills other than via the free trial, and even if it were possible the maths does not hold up.

In order to get a refund, customers have to contact the manufactures within 14 days of ordering the product (not receiving it) and request a “Return Merchandise Authorization” number. They then have just 7 days to return their bottle of SlimGenixPro. Fourteen plus seven is 21, not 30, so the 30 day money back guarantee does not exist.

Looking Elsewhere – Recommended Diet Pill

Garcinia Cambogia ExtraIts a real pity that the people responsible for Slimgenix chose to market this way – products with either raspberry ketone or green coffee are selling very well with both ingredients being highly effective in the correct quantity.

Garcinia Cambogia is another of the superfruits that are being to good effect.

Our recommendation is for Garcinia Extra – containing a high quantity of both raspberry ketone and garcinia cambogia it is the best example of a natural but powerful diet pill that we have ever reviewed.

Click here to read our review of Garcinia Extra

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