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Last updated on February 6th, 2020

Superdrug Diet PillsLots of high street stores and pharmacy chains have their own range of products. Superdrug is no exception.

They offer a number of own brand weight loss supplements, including a fat binder and meal replacement shakes.

Superdrug Appetite Suppressant is a no-nonsense product sold without any of the big boasts and fancy claims that are so commonly used to sell the virtues of other diet pill brands.

It’s produced in capsule format and is intended to for people who are slightly to extremely overweight.

rejected diet pillClaims: Superdrug Appetite Suppressant is designed to create a feeling of fullness in the stomach that helps users to cut back on their food

Positives: Some good ingredients, reputable brand

Negatives: In our opinion PhenQ will give you a better appetite suppressing experience.

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What is Superdrug Appetite Suppressant and How Does it Work?

Superdrug Appetite Suppressant is designed to create a feeling of fullness in the stomach that helps users to cut back on their food. The body is fuelled by the calories it obtains from food so, if the capsules can help users to reduce their food intake to level that’s sufficient to create an energy shortage, the body will be forced to compensate for the lack of calories by burning its stores of fat.

Key Ingredients

No inclusion rates are provided, but the capsules contain:

  • OMTEC 19: A patented ingredient. Other than the fact that it’s a soluble plant fibre complex, we were unable to find out much about this ingredient. It’s also the key ingredient in another appetite suppressant called Obesimed. As far as we can tell it is not being used elsewhere and we were unable to find out where OMTEC 19 was developed or what it contains.
  • Amylum Solani: A purified potato starch manufactured by DFE Pharma. It’s generally used as a binder and filler, but also has value as a disintigrant.
  • Hypromelllose (E464): A semi synthetic ingredient that has many uses and can be found in tile adhesives, eye drops, cement renders, and some whole grain breads. It’s probably added here as a binder or filler.
  • Oleum Helianthus: Sunflower seed oil hiding behind a very impressive-sounding name. It’s hard to say what its intended role is here, but sunflower oil can help prevent constipation and lower cholesterol.
  • Titanium Dioxide (E171): An ingredient that’s often used as a colourant in foods and dietary products.

[info]Usage Instructions – Superdrug Appetite Suppressant is intended to be used alongside a calorie reduced diet. The capsules should always be swallowed whole and the recommended dose is two capsules, taken three times per day, one hour before meals. It’s important to take the capsules with two large glasses of water. A break of four days is required between each 30-day treatment period.[/info]

Customer Feedback

A few average customer reviews read:

[plain]”Can’t say I love the smell, but these pills work well for keeping my appetite under control and I’m finally starting to lose weight.” [/plain]

[plain]”The pills appear to work, but you need to wash them down fast or the smell is likely to make you chuck up.” [/plain]

[plain]”Easily the best appetite suppressant I’ve tried. Really good for taking away my hunger. Highly recommended.”[/plain]

[plain]”These pills smell terrible and repeat on you something rotten. Don’t make me feel any fuller either so I won’t by buying any more.”[/plain]

Side Effects & Health Issues

Some customers complain they do not like the smell of the product, but there does not appear to be a problem with side effects. However, Superdrug Appetite Suppressant is not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child or for anyone who is under 18 years of age.

People who have existing health problems should always consult their GP before using any brand of dietary supplement or making any drastic changes to their diet or level of activity.

The same advice is offered to people who are using medication or planning to use two or more supplements alongside each other.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Superdrug Appetite Suppressant comes in in a 60 capsule pack and can be purchased via the Superdrug website and in Superdrug stores.

The cost per box is normally £12.99. That sounds pretty good at first blush, but six capsules are required per day. That means a pack is only good for 10 days. However, Superdrug often include this product in promotions that allow customers to buy a second “selected product” for half the normal price.

Regular Superdrug customers will also be pleased to know they can earn 12 Health & Beautycard points for each box purchased.


Superdrug own brand products are sold with a “100% happiness money back guarantee”.

According to the Superdrug website, customers who are not happy with their purchase are entitled to a 100% refund, plus a 25% discount on their next own brand purchase.

That sound very good, but the duration of the guarantee is not specified. Nor is it specified how much (if any) of the product customers can use without invalidating the guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Although Superdrug is a trusted high street name and their product appears to have already helped a few people to lose weight, we are not particularly impressed with Superdrug Appetite Suppressant – sorry but that is our opinion and we are entitled to it.

There’s a distinct lack of information about the main ingredient, the formulation contains several binders and fillers, and no inclusion rates are provided.

Even for those who find the product works in the intended way, the level of support it offers is very limited because it’s only designed to suppress the appetite.

PhenQ multi benefit diet pillExperts state the best weight loss products are those that are designed to provide dieters with support in multiple ways, so it’s no surprise that the diet pill that’s presently ranked #1 in many countries provides five benefits including appetite suppression, fat burning, boosted metabolism, and fat blocking.

It’s called PhenQ, it’s already helped more than 190,000 people to lose weight, does not smell bad, and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If losing weight is one of your more serious goals, PhenQ is a much better option than Superdrug Appetite Suppressant.

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